Li Hua Shijiu announced divorce, in fact, everything has a sign

Divide the birthday and black sauce!


On August 21, there were netizens exposed a friend circle of Li, suspected to declare divorce.


Subsequently, Sina Entertainment calls Li-Shi staff, the other party reply:

“The two have signed a divorce agreement at the beginning of this year.”

Point a circle of Li Yong, he wrote:

Separation and typographic (black sauce) have been separated, thank you for your concern.

As early as March this year, there is a careful netizen to discover:

Li Shi and black sauce joint ventures have already conducted liquidation.


Subsequently, on April 20, someone found Li and several strange women to behave intimate in a bar in Shanghai.

One time public opinion is four.

Is this derailed?

Everyone ran to black tail sauce Weibo to leave a message, but found that Weibo has already been emptied.

The status is also “only you can see”.

Blame, do they break up?

The network on their breakup is endless.

They did not reply.

Only on May 22, a backing photo of two people was posted, it is like attacking rumors.

Today, Li is officially responding.

It seems that he and black sauce are really ended.

When I saw this news, most of the netizens felt almost.

“Leave it away.”

There is no meaning to sing.


But it is better than a big pust package on the face, it suddenly burst.

The pus is out, it is comfortable.


In the past few years, in the company’s elevator, there is always a wedding photo advertisement of Liquan and black sauce.

Black-tailed sauce is delicious.

But when I saw Li Yong – small eyes, I didn’t see it, smiled, and smiled, and the dog teeth next to it were not suitable.

I feel that Li Yong is not like a “good person.”


I have seen Li Yushu’s “Drop”.

There is indeed material, talented, more stalk.

He is full of wildfasts.

Not will be bound, it is more unspeakable by marriage.


Li Yushen is not called “Li Yak”.

Call Li Ruichao.

Someone asked him why change the name called “Birth”?

“Two things, one is me in the comedy world ‘born; there is a meaning, is it a bad life?”

He always smiled.

Self-purged coat, tease you, then paralyze yourself.


In fact, the internal core is barely than anyone.


The birthday is inhermond.


The inner Mongolians are not necessarily high, but their character must be enough, enough.

When I was young, Li was relieved.

Dad riding a motorcycle to the street chasing him.

Li Yusheng is running in front and is desperately running.

Then run fainting.


How to fight, how to be, Li is dissatisfied.

Because Dad is a policeman, he hopes that Li Yong can become a masculin.

“But I didn’t expect, I became like this, haha.”

When junior high school, Li was a thief.

Annual results first.

Li Shi feels that this is not interesting.

When he arrived in high school, he began to read it.

Later, I came to the University of South China Agricultural University.

I sent some literary and interesting small sections in Weibo all day, called “经”.

After graduating, he went to the advertising company.


Afterwards, go to Oriental TV, give the “80 Tonight” and write the segment after the show.

After the programs need, Li’s festival began to go on the stage, and the salary also added 800.


“At that time, I made myself and Wang Jianguo.”

There are not many wages, but they are in the dream. Li Shi felt his own cattle.


Li Yong dares to think about his 30 years old.

“Every day I think about making money, marriage, over the day, oh, this is too ‘Soil’.”

Finally, these ideas he think is very Low, he is “realized”.

In 2017, the “Tucao Conference” fire.

The birth of a pink hair, the splendid, and quickly harvested a wave of fans.

“Tucao Conference” broadcasts three seasons.

The cumulative playback volume in the first three seasons is 2.16 billion, 233 million, 2.08 billion.

Ten percent of the flow in the same year.

Source: Sina Finance

The birth is rapidly pushed to the top throne.


The laughter culture is also seen in Wang Song, and the A round financing is 120 million yuan.

Li Yong also became one of the shares.

In those years rapidly rising in Li-Shi, some people discovered a person called “Black Sauce” in his Weibo.

Li Yong always intends to guide netizens to buy things in black tail sauce store.

Later, black sauce was exposed, a woman blogger.


Have your own online store.

As early as 2016, they are already together.

Black Sauce is Sichuan, formerly known as Chen Dynasty.

Graduated from the Academy of the People’s Liberation Army, from a small childhood embryo.


After graduating from military art, Chen Dian jumped in the singing and dancing a few years.


Then resigned and opened its own entrepreneurial road.

How is her and how to know, when to determine the relationship?

Just on the social platform, Li Yong does not leave an advertisement.

Such as acting as a human body.

Wearing lovers out.


Even sacrificed “color phase”, give the girlfriend’s item.

Conscientious, exceptional.


In addition to everyday “business”, Li’s birthday will find a way to be happy.

Interest, also write poetry to blacka sauce.

It’s romantic to death!

They eat together.


Play together.

Live like two live treasures.

At that time, they were a pair of palancomes in the eyes of everyone.

Li Yong Dog is sprinkled and a wave of waves, but he is so big to get married, but he just said with a program.

In September 2018, Li Shi said in the “Adventure Life”:

“I just got married.”

But then, he added again:

“In fact, I don’t know, I will not work with this girl for a lifetime.”

He doesn’t like to define it for your future.

But it seems to be helpless.


Just two people after marriage, it seems to become more and more unhappy.

First black sauce.


Her style changes.

From the previous “cute girl” image, gradually become “dark girl”.

Will stand in the lens.


Even in INS, you can get your own half-naked photos.

At the same time, Li’s birth is also captured, suspected in a bar and a woman kissing.

But two couples did not explain.


In February 2020, Li Yong took a female underwear advertisement.

The content is “a feature that makes it easy to lying on the workplace.”


A stone aroused a thousand waves.

“What are you talking about? Think of your mind with your mind? How do women lying?”


“Sorry, lying down this word is a problem. If you don’t worry hard to wear a lingerie, you can gallop the workplace? Women are arrested by this words, is it still not letting?”


“Looking for the word to see you bad, you can pick up this advertisement. You are illegal.” There is no smart person filter. “


The public opinion is husty, forced that Li Yong has to apologize.

After this, the black sauce has an accident.

In April 2020, some netizens found that there was a video of “East Asia” four words in the early years of black sauce!

Is it a history of black paste?


Do you know what these words mean?

For a time, the black paste was sent to the air of the public, and the netizen is full of “fine sun”.

Next, May 6, 2020, friend pool in Weibo, complaining with the laughter arrears.

As early as January 9, 2020, the pool found himself and was kicked out of the company.

The cause is that the pool has published some “improper remarks” in the group.


Dreaming of the pool.


After being a shareholder, he apparently felt that the “Tucao Conference” is not as good as a season.

From the Douban Rating from 7.5 to 6.0.

There are too many factors in the middle.

Such as platform restrictions;


Or advertisers “turtle”.

But he is not willing to explain more.

“In short, it is insufficient ability.”

But he can’t stand it out, and it is completely talking to the pool.

In the past few years, Li’s festival admitted that his corner was covered with a smooth.


Fu Jue was on “Qi Qi” and asked Li:

“You brought so many laughs to the audience, you watch them laugh, but you always drink more, are you really happy?”


The time of the time, suddenly silent.

So the birthplace of shareholders, the position has become very difficult.

There is even a rumor, and it is Li Yong to drive the pool out of the laughter culture.


Later, it was a pool, saying “I am very good.”

After experiencing “torn tear”, re-explanation after the Book Hall, the pool and laughter culture.

2020, it is very unfriend of Li.

Negative news with black sauce;

Friends pool leave the company;

The program is made, powerful …

On August 1, 2020, Li Yong released Weibo:

“There are too many things that tears in the first half of the year. I saw Wang, who sang a person in the first two days.”

This is the first time Li’s first tears.

He began to doubt: I can’t do it in the end?

The stage is like this, some people leave, some people insist.

Ok, in Li, you can see enough to wake up.


He always said:

“The core of the comedy is comedy, the kernel of life is tragedy.”

This awake self-knowledge also includes marriage.


As early as in 2013, Li was on Weibo to release a view of marriage.

“Have a friend into a new marriage, a new child, and the road of life, gradually farther.”


The marriage is metaphor, “the road to life, gradually farther”.


It can be seen that Li is not like being bonded by marriage.

As for later marriage, Li Yong said in the “Division of the Show” is “parental marriage”.

I have been married, and the life plan in Li is “arranged”.

How much is a little “forced”.

But truly let this marriage end, perhaps different ideas.

I feel very reasonable to have a question given by a netizen on Weibo.

Li is a shared music.

On the surface, he can eat and drink with black paste, playing.


But there is actually a very powerful business mind.

When graduating internship, I entered the “Southern People’s Week”;

Later, I entered the Ogama Work.

After resignation, I will write a paragraph to “Tonight”, and I have become a partner of a laughter culture.

Li Yong has a very loved and hard work, and there is an excellent mind that is commercialized.

And black tail sauce, has not seen much in the years.


A business is in the rising COO.


One is the net red of the business online store.

Their idea is inevitably disagree.


After the birthday of Li, Li has become a lot of things, it encounters too many things.

Making comedy, has consumed his enthusiasm.


Handling problems have long been exhausted.

Someone asked Li, what is the company’s KPI in the future?


Shi Li said:

“I want everyone to live well.”


If this marriage can’t bring him nourishment, it is absolutely decisive to give up with the character of Li.

What’s more, artists and net red marriages, how many of the economic interests are involved.

So Li-Shi Division, I really feel that there is no problem.

At least, he has never shown the lofty people of “Love Wife” in front of the public.

He loves to drink;

Ai Di;


Also love stinky.


Although there is also a bad time, it has never been concealed.

Because he said, “I am collapsed is people.”


Source: Sina Finance

Source: Sina Finance


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