Silk leggings, thin and warm, wearing two pieces will not knee

Cold for a while, the weather is a little time. Many people can’t wait to change the clothes of the single, I don’t want to wear more.

It can be in winter now, and the temperature is very thrown. Don’t pay attention to keep warm, one does not pay attention to the cold, cold invasion.

Especially the knee, the waist these, once it is cold, it is easy to fall into the root, and it is not good.


Warm is still very important!

Most people will wear a leggings in jeans, wide legs.

Don’t say it well, “Pants bushing”, too thick, really cards, etc. are uncomfortable, and the operation is inconvenient.

The choice of leggings is really a homework.


In order to save you some energy, I have studied hundreds of leggings in the market, and finally pick it up.




Silk leggings


High quality silk interlayer

, More than wearing two autumn pants

Keep warm

. and




It is like wearing it in the bottom.

Soft and comfortable

It is simply winning all leggings in our wardrobe.

Don’t look at it, it is very cold for a few days. I wore it. I found it that it was warm than wearing two autumn pants, and I was close to the body temperature, and I didn’t take the kind of cold feeling of the skin. Just like keeping your legs in the blanket.


It turns out that the secret is it used.

Silk silk

Slip of the woven. Many rich people like the silk quilt in winter, very warm, and it is enough.


This is because it is unique to porous fibers, which is filled with air that is not easy to dissipate, blocks the transfer and loss of heat, tightly welcoming the temperature, so it is often known as

“Natural thermos bottle”


It is “fear of cold stars” in winter super love fabric.


But it is not just a selection,

The better the silk, the better the warmth.

The silk silk silk is coming from the capital.

“Silk Township”

The beautiful Tongxiang. Here is a temperature and rainy, soil fertile, especially suitable for silkworm babies, the silk is more delicate, and the woven fiber density is higher, more beneficial to keep warm.

What makes me surprises is that today, this leggings still insist on the machine operation.

Handmade, brushed

Let the layered sandwich, don’t have a hard group, very gliitive, high quality.

There are two-layer cold-resistant fabric, which has two layers of cold-resistant fabrics, which are strictly blocked, just like the legs in the greenhouse, always warm.

Don’t look at the five floors in the outside, each layer selection


The high-quality fabric, it will not feel dilight all day, very uncomfortable.

And the silk fiber has a “hydrophilic gene” in silk fibers, allowing it to hygroscopicity than the cotton cotton, can quickly absorb the extra moisture of the human body, sit for a long time, the butt, the knee joint will not sweat and sticky, very


Since I have it, I threw most of the leggings in the wardrobe. There was an enough in the winter and spring!

Speaking of silk,

Soft and soft

It will also emerge in my brain immediately.

If you don’t, when you touch this leggings, you will feel slippery, such as Dove Chocolate.


. After putting on, the legs are just in the clouds, very


Add to fabrics

31.3% acrylic

, The upper body is firming, perfectly outlines the curve of the leg, visually stretching the legs, and more legal length.

High waist design


, Tightly hit the waist, the small waist is worn. The waist is long, and the boyfriend is not turned into the eyes, it is full of praise.

Plus the fabric

7.7% spandex




There is no binding sense. Even if you wear it, you can do squat or yoga, it’s not hard, comfortable is like wear.

Going to work, shopping, exercise, jeans, wide leg pants, casual pants, don’t look good, but also feel very comfortable.

This leggings are basically the same as men and women. Only the feet of the trousers are different. The female model is with stepping, and the body weight can be easily put.

Two have dark gray options

Girls can use it directly as pantyhose, with spring skirts or long sweaters are good choices.


Boys still have

Tibetan blue

Optional, highlighting mature temperament, girls can also choose

Red wine

More feminine.

This thin-warmed leggings are warm than wearing two autumn trousers, making you no fear of winter. Wear and love people, and do hand together to live with each other, not afraid of wind and rain.


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Binkacigan silk men and women with leggings


¥ 249


















Silk silk


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