This summer, “Under the Package”! Can you go back to the street, which is the most worthy of you?

The trend is a reincarnation,




It is the Chinese ancient wind in the reincarnation. Its practicality doesn’t have to say more. It is in the armpit, not only the anti-theft still doesn’t delay me play mobile phones. One degree weighing fashion week and streets, is the sisters who have followed the wind?

The actresses of the entertainment circles are definitely


Fans in many actresses


It is among the super followers, and each time you leave the street, you will not have the figure of the underarm.

Cool can be sweet, it is also good for us to contribute several good

Wear a demonstration



There are very style, but I prefer the U-shaped underarm bag, and some people call it “the moon bag”, and the fashion cite is the highest.

Why is the underarm?

of course

Good looking, no matter



still is

Clip in the armpit

It can be attracted by the unique shape of the body.

Another is the wild property of the underarm.

A white shirt + black wide leg pants, classic

Black and white


Although I don’t have an error, I have a brightest point, and a graffiti under the back is instantly a bad point.


Although I love U-shaped underarm bag, I have also attracted this rectangular armpit package behind the model. It is quite suitable for hot summer.

There is another advantage of the armpit package that it is not picking the season, you can back in summer, it is very suitable for winter with a coat.

Retro style

Plaid coat

With the same mid

I can’t see any sense of sudden feelings together.

Since the armpit is fire, which is the most worthy of “手”? Today, I will give you a grass!

First, longchamp


In 1948, the first tobacco set of smoking pipes was born in Paris, France, and this year created a French national brand in this year –



. In 1993, the chairman of Longchamp was designed.


Le Pliage

(Dumplings) and become one of the best-selling handbags in the world.

The times have changed, and the dumplings are constantly evolving, which is more in line with the aesthetics of contemporary people. And I have to plant grass today is



Series, my hand is white and black (

Official website ¥ 1200 yuan

. The fluorescent green zipper is not very dazzling.


Don’t look at it, just more than the phone, open the bag can be very movable, mobile phone, makeup mirror and mouth red pass. So my daily is back.

The value is too high, and the price is even more no, there is no reason not to start.

This LGP colorful, not only I like, but also

Kun Ling

He Yantu

Heart meat.


YSL Saint Roland



SL Saint Roland

The big name sisters will not be unfamiliar, a famous luxury brand from France, which is from 1936. This is not the focus, the focus is this axillary package today –



“5à7” means in French is “5 o’clock to 7 points in the evening”, a bit of “Happy Time” in English. Its inspiration comes from a 1962 small movie “CleoFrom5to7”, the heroine CLEO in the story is now properly independent women, interesting and charming.

5à7 itself is in order to get off work, the good time is born, the light profit is just in line with relaxation, unrestrained state, plus the classic YSL LOGO package blessing, and other underarm bags more cool than Gather.

With the super-province, you can walk the classic and elegant wind, you can also fashionable modern.

The most attractive thing is that the crocodile skin lines on the body are cool, yes, its official website price:


14900 yuan

(Why is there a pain in the heart?








This year, I really had a new height, and the super star net red has been playing cards. The babies who haven’t started to recommend this cloud.

The new cloud package, the two ends can be buckled, and there is a somewhat like the shackles, with long metal chain shoulder straps. Official website

¥ 10200


The price, although it is a little expensive, but it is worth your own.

I have already started three-in-one hobo, I know that Hobo’s shoulder strap looks like a more. I like to use a white t-shirt + jeans, obliquely this bag, is it cool!


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