The choice of the young, my Blancpain Baoper Black and White Fifty Watch

Multi-character multi-character in front, high energy carefully

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To introduce Bao Po, you must first talk about the Swatch Group.

Swatch Group Ltd., also translated as Shi Huawu Group, Switzerland, is currently the world’s largest watchmake manufacturer, with several famous watch brands, such as swatch, Omega. In 1983, the two Swiss companies were combined with SSIH. In 1998, the original name Swiss Microelectronics and Watch Manufacturing Industries (SMH SWISS CORPORATION INDUSTRIECTRONICS AND WATCHMAKING INDUSTRIES LTD), renamed Swatch Group Ltd.). The founder is Nikola Hayek, which is currently led by his son Nikola Hayek II (G. Nicolas Hayek, Jr.).

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Swatch Group is the world’s largest watch company [2] and has accelerated the pace of acquisition of watch brands in the past few years. These brands include:

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Swatch, BREGUET, BLANCPAIN, Jaquet Droz, Glashütte-Original, Léon Hatot, Omega, Radod (Rado), Longines, Tissot, Calvin Klein, Certina, Mido, Pierre Bal-Main, Hamilton Watch, Flyphi (FLIK FLAK) and An Dura (Endura).

Swusch Group has the world’s largest blank movement manufacturing and supplier ETA SA, the movement produced by the latter is commissioned, grinding, modified, or modified, and is used in large numbers of gear and medium mechanical expressions. Where ETA2824-2, ETA 2892-A2 and ETA 7750 are the most widely used movements for ETA. Not only is it used by its watch brands, but the movement has been improved after being improved, it is also applied in the watch of high-end brands such as Tenklake, Holya, Hao Ya and Emperor.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

In 1992, Swatch acquired Bao Pain. In 1999, it was acquired. In 2000, German brand Glasi

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

, One of the oldest historical workshops, Jacquelo. At the same time, Swalli Group also cooperated with other fashion luxury goods group to launch a watch product, such as Calvin Klein, Tiffany et al. At the beginning of 2013, Swatch acquired a famous American jewelry watch brand Harry Winston. This series of acquisitions has greatly enhanced the strength of Swatch Group in top brands. Swatch also controls the largest movement manufacturer ETA, parts producer Nivarox-Far, etc. from the market. Swusch Group also attaches great importance to market promotion and retail layout, which has two major retail chains of Tourbillon and Hour Passion, and also in China and the Middle East share of Hengdi (20.4% shares) and Rivoli Group (40 % Shares). In this way, not only on the high-quality low-cost coverage in the brand layout, it also covers the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain vertical integration. Swusch Group has been in absolute monopoly in the Swiss watch industry, not only in the Swiss watch industry, but also in the world’s watchdog industry, and often with its own upstream core components production capacity, Other competitors cause or small threats.

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小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Fifty 噚 (XUN)

In the 1950s, the BLANCPAIN Mr. Jean-Jacques Fiechter, who is keen on diving, and Mr. Jean-Jacques Fiechter, who has been acquired in their daily diving, and starts to create a performance reliability, toughness, and energy. A diving watch that explores the charm of the ocean. After research and development, the first modern diving watch was born in 1952, which was named “50”, and 50 噚 was considered to be almost the suite depth of the diver. At the same time, in the fifth year, two French officers – Robert “Bob” · Robert “Bob” Maloubier “and the Navy Claude Riffauts And the watch is one of the essential tools required for divers. They visited the market in Paris and tested the search to the diving watch, but they could not meet their requirements. The situation is not optimistic. After the French officer and Jia Khan – Jacques Fishert have taken the 50-stop table to test. The test is extremely successful, and 50 噚 has also become a French navy’s manufacturing equipment. In 1953, this fifty 噚 released a listing and became the first modern diving watch. From the date of birth, it has many leading advantages such as safety, reliability, robustness, readability, anti-magnetic and aesthetics, and the founder of modern diving watches.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Equipment – 1

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表


Equipment – 3

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Equipment – 4

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Ended and children who didn’t have a short and not short of each other and did not leave, and finally registered last month. The mother-in-law adults have always been a cold, saying that it is a commemorative gift for you to buy a table, although the mouth is twisted, but the heart is burst, there is wood! ! !

I feel that I will take the opportunity to buy a block, I feel the feeling of reeling. ! ! With the husband of the mother, the DS of the DS, I burst into a search tour.

There are a lot of tables, and the eyes are spent, but they can pair, the children like less, I will pick a few pairs of tables, after the exclusion, and I have been killed by children. · ·

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

, My heart is very mulberry,.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Here I share my pairing results, I hope to help friends who have planned to buy tables.

In fact, there is a 29mm female life, helplessness is nothing. ···

These two are the highest similarities, and the pairs of Easy, they have been hurt by the children in the counter.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

It seems that I want to die for all.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

20,000 Portuguese series

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Men’s Portuguese 7 IW500114 Gold / IW500107 Blue

Select these two money, I also fight on the small abacus

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

, Portugal Seventh but the legendary god table

I have been a long time.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

, Take this opportunity to income in the capsule, you can save money to buy money. The little basins feel that the play is more good, but I don’t think it is a bit stuff, it is not so harmonious, maybe she is too thin. Finally give up. Baikino series

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

This child likes, the girl is still very nice, but I am not so intellectual men, although the eight-day chain is very good, but I have fun in the heart, I can’t install it.!

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

4 Bao Po

These two three models are true, the month, the date, the week, the moon phase, all have, the counter is tried, and the temperament does not match, and give up.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

5 true

6 Baopin fifty, finally arrived at the protagonist

In fact, I found that these two goods were purely, and the children worked in the store. I saw it in the store, and then I saw the fifty bonus of the counter exhibition, then the grass in the heart was full! ! !

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

The place where the Nato strap is displayed in the counter, and it is really love to release it. Children get started, really beautiful bags, children like it very much! Suddenly be determined.

A large shadow is coming, the left is a men’s steel, and the middle is a men’s titanium. On the right side of the woman, the lady is tit titable.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Two documents

Small black white. How matched one pair.

After trying to do it, I went home and waited for my mother. The process of waiting for the money is not idle, and I understand the history of the fifty, and I will understand the probably price and have a number in my heart. I am going to go to the table on the weekend after getting the money. If the price is appropriate, I will prepare directly.

Going to the table, just go straight to the subject, up to 92% off, no less, you can’t.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

One thousand 10,000 grass mud horses in the heart, other places can do 20%, even lower, do you only give me 92%?

After grinding a half-day mouth, there are countless calls, the price is not moving, just 92% off.

I discuss with the children, forget it, go to HK to buy it.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

After another weekend, I will kill the last two days of vacation, and go to HK to buy.

I have already contacted in advance, I am sure that there is goods, my luggage is on the first thing after the hotel will go straight to the table, inspection, swipe, and leave.

At that time, there was no Nato table with a model, I took the nylon.

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

In the future, I will go to a baby to buy a Nato strap.

This is to see the mother-in-law when eating. The mother-in-law adult is very satisfied ~~~

This box is too powerful, like a small toolbox, no one is tired from Hong Kong back home …

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

These two boxes hit the foot finger fracture, and they will kill the dead.

Little white ~~~

Black ~ ~ ~

To a couple photo

To use the effect of children, is not slim ah

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

White table with the most troublesome thing is to keep the scrub has been, it will be very easy to dirty

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

This next year to see the strap has yellow ???

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Luminous than in the cinema, I feel lighter

Favorite back through, there is a doubt in the back of the glass will not be pressed underwater high-voltage burst it?

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Finally come two couples posed for the end of this article

With the dive tables, diving is not the school?

小众之选,我和小朋友的BLANCPAIN 宝珀 黑白五十噚 腕表

Hopefully the above table can give that six students in need help.


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