We use a magazine to record three most important life moments of supermodel Wang Road.

Every choice will take responsibility, from “hesitation” to “calm”, most women will pass such mental changes in their lives, and are not a compromise, and it is more delicate. From Los Angeles to New York, the Bazaar Fashion Group launched for half a year, in the three different style female photographers recorded supermodinal Wang Road from getting married, pregnant to born three important life, she also tells Bazaar to her Life story.


Top left: Embroidery yarn dress long skirt pHUONG MY


Shirt, suit jacket, suit trousers, lead tons, shoes are private

Right page: Half-shoulder dress Delpozo

“How long will i love you, as long estart, and what will last long, as long as the star is immortal, as long as the years will be in the years”) Lu Ping is once “Xiu En Love” The Ellie Goulding is shared with Ellie Goulding.

Refresh: Pleated Gauze Dress Skirt PhUong My

Right page: Veil Viktor & Rolf

“Yes, I do” 2018.6.9 The raging spray is playing in the Unexpected reef in Hawaii, the candle of the “i love u” is in the shape of “I love u”, and many girls imagine the perfect marriage scene. On the road flat This kind of happiness is difficult to say. Whether to replace the classical pilgrimage, or elegant flat and white, “together with you is the beautiful scenery”.

Top left: Decorative Flowers Supreme Skirt Ralph & Russo


Right page dress long skirt maticevski high heels ting yue jiang


Photography / Zhang Jingna

Image / phuong my


Makeup / Kaorl Chloe Soda

Hairstyle / Erol Karadag (The Industry MGMT)

Photography Assistant / NGOC VU, Tobias Kwan

Setting / Espen Gjertzen Øydin


Long-sleeved T-shirt

Good news is constantly connected, then the road will take the Giorgio Armani 2018 autumn and winter garment advertisement, becoming a brand after 2008, and harvested Juicy Couture. She is also in the cause of the rising period, she also welcomes the coming of the new life. At the same time, I have a little doubts while the choice, but she told Bazaar.

“I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t scare, I didn’t think much when I did this, I came, do my favorite things.”

It is obvious that she is calm, decisive.

“Choose a family, don’t mean that I have to give up your career, my family is very supportive to my work, and my home is where you are with a lifetime.”

Top left: Embroidery print dress Tory Burch Slippers

The pregnant stomach gradually rises, and the 悴 and emotional fluctuations caused by pregnancy, and the intersection of the mutual mirror showed the most natural state, and the expectation of the new life in the calm, the husband’s companion care is given her. A needle strong agent.

Top left: High collar sweater Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Right page: Sweatshirt, Casual Pants Chloé




Photography / ELINOR GARUCCI (EDWYNN HOUK Gallery)

Image / shaojun chen

Makeup / Jadyn ngo (The Visionaries Agency)

Hairstyle / Josh Liu



2018.10.6 The new member of the family is a small princess, and her official addition to make the road to pick up the road, which means a greater responsibility. The mother and daughter met for the first time, and the road is in the eyes of the tears. This is the joy of the beginning of the mother. From birth, 32 days, two months, three months, seven months, Lu Ping recorded the life of the daughter’s spiritual treasure, and smiled and said that he became “proper daughter slave”. The big eyes seem to have a sense of natural lens.


Pleated dress Valentino earrings Rachel Comey

Pointed high heels MALONE SOULIERS

Lu Ping will share a person’s life, to the sweetness of two people, and then go to the family of three, and do not fall in life. “


I am more and more adapt to the role of a mother.

Every day, I have to melt, I have to melt my heart, Lingbao is very embarrassed, very good to bring it, the happiest thing is to accompany her to the sun. “Mother’s role is a certain degree of skillful skills. As a new mother, Shaping is immersed in the joy of daughter’s life, and all stress can be thrown.

Left: Claded Wool Signs, Letters Earrings Chanel

Right page: Red evening dress Balenciaga earrings Rachel Comey


Color transparent with sandals Christian Louboutin

“I hope that Lingbao will be a smart girl in the future, and it can be arisen and not to protect himself, grow up in peace and happiness.”


Just like all my mother’s expectations for the child, Lu Ping has already prepared for the role of “mother”. From friendship, love, to now more deep affection, Lu Ping is perceived in love and grows in love.

Left: Red printing lace dress Alexander McQueen

Earrings, ring Karen Walker

Right page: Sniring Corset, print dress hanging earrings Altuzarra


Photography / Tierney Gearon

Image / Gaelle Paul

Hairstyle / DI DUSTING


Fashion Assistant / CYNTHIA ZITTER

“This group has contributed to the first trip of our family, so that my family also participates in it. It is an unforgettable experience. Thank you all those who have paid for this group,” may now confirm the two The sentence shared on Weibo ago

“The love is around, contentment, thanks!”

“Growth of Love” May 2019

Planning / Bazaha

Editor / Wang Wei

Production / YE FAN



-growing up-

There is also enough precipitation before it occurs. Just like many show girls, Wang Luping was also discovered in a chance. However, the starting point is a Burberry exclusive show model to walk on the spring and summer of 2015, and the beginning of the international stage will take a 27 show, and then Between 15 autumn and winter, in the spring and summer, the spring and summer of the spring and summer has become one of the “Xika” characters in nearly 40 games. This is not only the result of “luck”, and she is quietly grinding every shooting and walking. Own.

Left: BURBERRY 15 S / S: ARMANI privé Spring 2016 Right: Tommy Hilfiger 17 S / S

“Stability” is a full-time puzzle for models. These years have changed the mentality of posts, and she told Bazaar:

“From the beginning of the suffering, it is very calm now, his mentality is constantly changing.”

As one of the representatives of the newborn generation model, she also tells the empirical education to tell the girls who love this job.

“Some people have a red pole, and some people have not fallen, but the mentality must be good, but also have a lot of things to learn and plan.”

Giorgio Armani 2018 F / W

“Thank you for your beauty, so you should shoulder the beautiful”

This is the words written in the social media six years ago, it is difficult to “truth” and “sincerity” from beginning to end. In addition to work, travel must be a very important part of the road, whether it is the natural scenery on the tropical island; the colorful neon of the charm is not night; the early autumn warm sun shines under the Paris architecture … on the world, from the north From the east to the west, the sunrise at different moments from the west, and Lu Ping is usually recorded in social software.


Perhaps because of these little, Lu Ping also was crowned “Tour Supermodel” by the fans, she told us that I am very happy to call her. In the shared photo, the highest image rate is the sea and blue sky. She also tried to be in Weibo. “When I can not love the sky and the sea,” she told Bazaar I like to stay at the beach, she is very Enjoy this quiet feeling.

“I will seize every job will learn about the local area when I am leisure, so many fun”

Every time you record is not official rhetoric, it is the reveament of true feelings. She is grateful to every work details, grateful to every inch of land that is over. The finger has a lot of life, and the inexplicable will be extraordinary, and it feels happy with her happiness.

These years, Bazaar also accompanied the growth and progress of each time.


A new year’s Beijing city compose, a reality, a new year.

“Beijing Story” January 2015

Infit some fade in reverse with a playful trendy new house girl, redefine home wardrobe.

“Trendy House Girl” January 2015

Classical collision with modernity, using fashion interpretation of “Heroes Tenderness”.


“Nothing is invincible” October 2015

In the vast desert, you are not afraid of the happiness.

“Continue Dance” July 2017

Witness the female charm of self-service.

“Shuguang” September 2017


Every life is not the same, maybe marriage and fertility are not an inevitable mission of women, I hope that you can find your own life trajectory, bloom belonging to your own female charm.

Planning: Bazahashing Group

Leon Chang

Text: ming

Shirt, suit jacket, suit trousers, lead tons, shoes are private



Makeup / Jadyn ngo (The Visionaries Agency)


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