This winter is a kind of boots called “square boots”, and the girl with thick legs can also control, very thin.

Don’t be stupid in this winter, I still wear cotton shoes, Martin boots, don’t think that only pointed boots can lose weight, this year’s new fire is better than ever popular boots, while also The girl with a wide leg also enjoys a happy happiness …


Square boots, this year’s fashionable people’s first choice, don’t say more, hurry to know!

Understand the square boots

(1) Brief description of the advantages of square boots

Direct and square boots, the most common small round boots and pointed boots in our daily life.

The round head boots is small, but for girls with thick legs, it is more profitable. Although the pointed boots can extend the leg lines, it is too worn for a long time, it is too worn!

Such a contrast, the advantages of square boots become extra obvious:

* The wider shoe is more friendly to the wide feet girl.


It can also be comfortable for a long time.


Keep the slender shoe shape, can weaken the thick leg lines visually


* The overall shape maintains a personality in elegance

(2) Basic choice for square boots

1 Select the foot area according to the foot type

Whether it is a wide girl, according to your own foot type, choose the right shoe area, it is more comfortable than the blindness to choose other people.

The overall foot type is straight, and the flattened level of the flat head is large; it is obliquely or the A type of foot type, and the small square boots are selected.

2 Degree according to the color of the style

The most influencing overall style is the degree of bluntness of the square boots. This kind of line is smooth like on the left, as well as the square boots that are generally stretched, wear more knowledgeable and elegant and temperament.

More suitable for the ankle slender sisters.

On the right, there is a significant straight line and blunt angle, which belongs to the sluggish square boots, which typically, the boots are often strong, more neutral and tooling winds.

Side of sisters who are suitable for cool or neutral style.


3 according to the length of the height and leg

And the length of the boots is directly linked is your height and leg.

Small children and short legs choose a high degree of short square boots below the ankle, the calf belly


Never make an error.

If the calf line is long, or the size is 5 or more points, then you can try the left.

The length of long square boots below the calf belly above the knee. Children don’t easily try to have a long boots!

<2> Legs of the square boots


(1) For different legs

1 calf belly

Legs belly

Select a micro-loose boot to decorate,

Mask the most fatty calf belly.

The above slightly loose boots can play a good cover,

Try to choose black or brown, the ankle position is subject to slim, and can also modify the leg shape!

2 crude ankle

The crude girl with an ankle and the foot neck must do not choose the short-selling short square head.

Like the left side of this full outline of the ankle line, the bare boots will expose the defects at the ankle, and the leg is short!

The long or medium-long square boots below the knee should be selected as much as possible, or the shoe of the small and loose short square boots in the boots are V-shaped.


When matching, try not to show ankles,

Choose to match with straight pants or wide legs.

3 thighs thick calvester

The thigh is thick and calved, and the part of the line will be placed in the ankle and calf position.

Select a loose line with a loose line.


Long black silhouette is a good choice, stacking a three-dimensional black pleated skirt, with a slim length of bare boots, wear, who can see your thigh thick girl?


4 elephant legs

Elephant legs for whole legs,


The best way to match is “cover”!

Choose a textured jacket with a textured jacket, and the legs are strict and strict.


However, you have to choose a square boots that are slid in the ankle, let the skirts and the boots of the boots at the ankle form a wide narrow contrast.

Elephant legs can also counterattack for small bird legs ~

(2) Skinny ideas applicable to all body

Idea 1 increase highlight

When a person looks higher, he will also become slim. When we match, we don’t just lock your eyes in size, and it is also important.

Move with the center of gravity, like this little sister, using the darkness of the rust red stitching baseball jacket, foot blunt square, Martin boots, the whole attention is concentrated in the upper body, who will pay attention What about your thick leg?

Ideas 2 will focus on the thin part of the line

Use and the same way of wearing the same way,

Will focus on other more advantageous parts

, Can do a thin effect.

For example, in this set, the focus of the highlights of the line is in the most advantageous ankle and shoulder neck position. It is easy to make a blurred leg and waist hip position, which is too charming!


Thoughts 3 exterior is more thin than one dark color

Of course, it is very important to master the right color tips. Don’t think that wearing a black or other dark color can be slime, compared to black,

Shallow color combination of outer depth is more obvious.

Fresh elegant white with deep black silhouette,

Leg keeps the same color

, This is not better than a black look ~


square boots can also shape the temperament

Method 1 Select a material with a texture


The best way to use the square boots, the best way is to start with the material.

As the coat of the main body, it is best to choose natural material, which is natural texture, more textured than artificially blended materials.

On the choice of square boots, the same reason is

Keep away from the highly reflective patent leather, multiple choice of matte textured leather often can wear more advanced gas fields.

Method 2 Accessories adhere to the principle of “less than fine”

Some sisters often choose a large-scale stacking accessories to match the costumes in order to cut out unique gas fields of the square boots.


If this is the case, then you will walk into another misunderstanding.

The more, the better, the better, and the selection of the selection will,

Only one of the simplest silver necklaces is used in black down jackets, and it is handsome.

Method 3 bags and shoes to keep color unity


It is best not to have too much color contrast between the bag and the square boots.

Like this

The bag and the square boots keep the same color, slightly there are some brightness and deep shadow differences.

It will be beautiful and temperament.

<4> Full text

(1) Dry goods review

The sisters of the foot should choose a square boots, the larger the square boots,


Different degrees of legs are suitable for differently designed square boots, and they should be concretely selected.

It is to be slim, it will be high, and the outer depth is shallow color matching, focus on the advantage. To be temperament, choose high quality, low-key, and streamline accessories.

(2) Conclusion

The cold wind is entry, the whole winter is coming, at this time, there is a pair of comfortable and warm boots that can be thin and temperament is too happy.


Full of women’s feet full of feminine, but also handsome, most importantly, all legs wide girls can find the most suitable for themselves, what are you waiting for, hurry to arrange it!


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