Liu Wen’s new model is too stunning, wearing a suit show in perspective and cool, rare big red lips.

Although it is a must-have, it is a different style of clothes, but I want to put this workplace single. The choice of the style is really hidden. First, the first version style should be selected. Don’t be too cautious, it is easy to give people a feeling of going to work, and at the same time, there is also a matching match, and it is necessary to meet the current aesthetics as much as possible.

Wearing a suit must be good, look at the whole entertainment industry, the big cousin Liu Wen’s body is really outstanding, and her style is also very suitable for wearing a suit, and the beauty is both very good, plus the tall figure. Even if the basic wear wear is also not lacking.


Wear analysis: pure black suit classic wild, low error rate

If the suit wants to be wrong, the foundation is the most suitable, such as black, black and generous, brightness is not high, the most important thing is that the error rate is low, and it is also very in fashion. High, wearing a fashion feeling is completely incomprehensible, it can be said that it is a bit of a bit of high level.

This appearance of Liu Wen is the traditional version of the shoulder suit, pure black style low-key is simple but not very popular, there is no cheap and simple feeling in the big cousin.


Wear analysis: in-line-in-life, use open clothes


The basic color suit is almost a classic, but it will be restricted by the style of the style, so it is necessary to work, especially in the inside, it is necessary to open it. After all, today’s suit wear it likes to open Wearing, using the inside to attract the eyeball and then appropriate, such as the perspective bottoming shirt, which is full of sexy elements, the passage of the faint approach does not appear serious, while also enhancing the attraction.

The big cousin is really a rare show. Under the traditional suit, it is very sexy in a perspective chiffon shirt. Although there is no “material”, it is instantly improved. Cooling rate, can’t help but look at a few eyes.

Putting analysis: “One loose tight”, the best CP in the suit clothes


The best match in the suit is undoubtedly trousers, but for women, in the trousers, the tight pants are the most suitable, on the one hand, the tight dressing method can greatly improve the visual effect, and the contrast can be put down. The advantage of the admission, but also improve the use of basic items, open the clothes to swear, and highlight the perfect body ratio in minutes.

Liu Wen this dress also chose such a dress, which seems to be black and simple, but from the fashion point of view, this sexy eye-catching dress is really a good figure of Liu Wen’s good body.

Putting analysis: makeup accessories to put down personal charm

Women’s clothes, makeup accessories are indispensable, it can take out the temperament and charm of the driver, so make up for the clothes color too simple or a single effect, especially like a temperament, these Small details are more important, Liu Wen this makeup is also deliberately dressed up, micro-roll biased long hair, with a beautiful makeup of the skin whitening, painted black nail polish, extravagance.

QS: The private style of the big cousin is very rich


Choose TIPS: High picking

I want to put the basic knitted sweater to take a different feeling, torn off a single label, the easiest way is to design the umbilical style by scissors, only less than the traditional style, a few umbrella sweater obvious Being sexy and cool, the effect of wearing is also a woman’s taste, but also optimizes the size of your body, showing your own body advantage for women’s outstanding women.

Choose TIPS: Leisure and Simple


The upper body rate of denim jackets in daily life is very high. It can not only be used to keep warm, but also make the styles of cool, especially for girls, wearing a tight-fitting clothing model. , Change the taste is also a choice, the profile version allows the cowboy coat with a comfortable dress style, driving difficulty, easy to get started, and directly select loose trousers and skirts are good choices. .

Select Tips: Sexy Woman Van

Navel knitted sweaters are good, but it is too sexy in the clothes. It is a bit unacceptable for conservative women. In contrast, they tend to choose a styles, boost attractive, or choose different decoration, Liu Wen lying on the sofa, the appearance of the private service is more beautiful than the big piece, the sweater is deliberately less than a few buckles, although there is a white bottoming shirt and leather pants, this full of embossed It is very amazing.


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