Special “HiFi” I actually grow a Sony SRS-XB23 Bluetooth speaker

Because the relationship between the epidemic I have been very irregular in the last half of the year, I often need to pay at the hospital for two or three days, and then go home for two or three days, so keep reciprocating cycles. In order to ensure the normal selection, it can only take the laptop hospital to run on both sides. When you work, take out the notebook to play a few words. When you go home, you will take out the notebook and then continue your finished manuscript. Casual room, I found that I urgently need a Bluetooth speaker to carry with the notebook. In this way, I can play a few high-quality background music when typing, even if it is not a senior voice, but at least let me hear enough and thick people, and the most important thing is the most important thing. I can no longer endure the annoying “Saw” sound of the notebook.


My requirements are very simple, don’t need how high-end, but at least you should meet the following: 1. The sound must be able to enter my ear, thick, and low frequency highlight but cannot be scattered. 2. Beautiful shape, small size. It is necessary to set up with my ThinkPad P51 notebook, and you can put into my backpack pocket. 3. It is necessary to waterproof, fall, and it is best to be “ball”. Because I need to use it into the bathroom, there is also the possibility of bringing it to the beach. Fat-resistant, the reason is of course, there are many “bear children” at home. This thing will inevitably become their focus. If it is not enough to fall, it is likely to live for an hour.


Not much nonsense, directly announced the answer, the final choice of nine paragraphs is the new product of Dafa: SRS-XB23. Why choose it? The answer is very simple. I spent 30 minutes, I made a very “serious” screening on the Internet. I found that only its voice structure “looks” will be more reliable, yes, it is completely cloud choice, one launch. did not do. SRS-XB23 is the latest wireless speaker product of Sony’s latest listing, compared with early products, the most valued configuration is the use of X-Balanced speaker units. Unlike the speaker configurations of all Bluetooth speakers on the current market, the speaker unit of the SRS-XB23 is not circular, but is set to a non-circular style, some similar to the pattern of eggs. This design I have seen in a Danish price HIFI speaker. Its biggest advantage is to increase the area of ​​the unit diaphragm, so that low frequency is significantly improved. At the same time, irregular shapes have effectively reduced the generation of distortion, so compared with previous conventional products, SRS-XB23 speaker units will have better low frequency and texture, while in the horizontal sound field. Active performance. Of course, it also has a very obvious advantage, compared to the same unit size Bluetooth speaker product, the “egg” unit of the SRS-XB23 can significantly narrow the volume of the speaker. The “Egg” unit of the SRS-XB23 uses a diaphragm material called mica enhance fiber cell “MRC”. I think it should be the Evolution of Sony’s home for decades of “biofilm” evolution. As a loyal “sorghum”, the “MRC” diaphragm of this MDR-E888 biological diaphragm earplug, the “MRC” diaphragm of this SRS-XB23 is still a variety of grass, of course, more “belief bonus” . Finally, the SRS-XB23 arranged a passive unit on the side of the two “egg” units. The two passive units were completely exposed to the fuselage, and Sony did correspondingly in the body of a circle. Protection, theoretically, the two units can be derived from the reverse sound waves from the “egg” unit to the speaker, so that the sound performance is better, and it is also a certain increase in the amount and quality of the medium and low frequency. . OK, the above is completely based on Sony’s web page, how is the end of the sound?


SRS-XB23 first impression is still very “Sony”, with the same black color matching with notebooks, although almost all of the plastic material, but the work is obviously exceeded in the same size of all products. The volume is approximately in the “middle and old-aged grease” standard holding cup with me. It can be convenient for you to be tied to the backpack or hanging in any place you want to hang it. In addition, SRS-XB23 has some very practical small features. For example, it supports the latest Sony wireless series function, you can link 100 Sony’s all kinds of wireless speakers, as long as you want you to use a pile of small boxes in a small show or a video room. The button on the back of the SRS-XB23 can easily connect this speaker to my mobile phone, notebook or even watch. When connecting Android phones, I suddenly found that SRS-XB23 such a cheap Bluetooth speaker except for regular SBC and AAC, the LDAC has also supported this non-destructive Bluetooth coding format, which is a standard Bluetooth 5.0 device. The sound did not let me down, the standard Bluetooth speaker sound (manual funny). . . . . Nothing, the quality of the cattle, has not been able to penetrate the elegant high frequency and air of the cloud. . . . . Don’t touch the HiFi. But my cloud identification is basically accurate, that is, the SRS-XB23 compared to all Bluetooth speakers on the market, pay attention, I am talking about all, not the same price or the same type, the energy and quality of the medium and low frequency part It can be said that it is the most extensive performance. It’s hard to imagine a Bluetooth speaker that sells such a price can make such a strong low frequency, limited to unit volume, it is definitely not the feeling of huge impact, but it is absolutely absolutely moderate, it will not be scattered The performance, this is the first time I heard on the Bluetooth speaker product, of course, the Bluetooth speaker I have also really be very small. At the same time, if you use it to listen to popular music or R & B, Jazz music, etc., SRS-XB23’s hearing can say that it is very inciting, atmosphere, and the rhythm is strength, the only thing is a high frequency part. And the sense of transmissions, or not compared to the HIFI big speaker.


No accident, no hand in hand, my SRS-XB23 was found by his son. Then it became a partner with a bunch of cars and started a new “journey” on the ground of the living room. Fortunately, I am waiting for me to go home, I found this Bluetooth speaker still “health”, and there is no trace on the outer casing, which can be said to be a miracle. Then I went to my text, I would like to share the SRS-XB23 product of SRS-XB23, I have already got it for a week. The middle SRS-XB23 has experienced the son’s ivory, and I have been brought into the bathroom “flush”, it was put into my backpack to my office, and I was hanging on the grandson’s scooter to the Community Square. . . . . It is still very healthy state. It seems that Sony is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof in IP67, and of course, there is also a function of megadownload: salt and so on, it is basically consistent.

By the above, SRS-XB23 is the only Bluetooth speaker in the past few years, because I have given me a very good demand for Bluetooth speakers. Although its sound may not be completely hifi, although it does not have a flower whistle with the wind function, it can be said to be very perfect for a Bluetooth speaker. So I am willing to recommend such an advanced price, completely non-HIFI product to everyone, whether you don’t have a fever, as long as you will listen to songs on weekdays, or the cross talk, or even just listen to “Jiu Duan Qi” This kind of podcast in the direction is suitable, buy one does not regret, um.




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