Switch socket high price like? The Delixi switch also Tucao

Pacific home network evaluation [channel] a new generation of young men all of them are color values ​​of the party, and product performance compared to the young people will first focus on the appearance of the product is good or bad, pretty beauty. But for household products, it can not be simply made a “face”

It would have the final say. Often also need to withstand years of sharpening, and even bear children wasted. Tiny wall switch is the same, a lot of time to buy a new switch panel is very beautiful, but after a year or two on top covered with scratches and stains can not be removed, yellowing discoloration, and even security issues. Only real choice of high-quality materials to ensure long-term switch to electrical safety and the room beautiful.

Now the market was undoubtedly the most popular style big switch panel switch, not only modeling simple, seamless four sides of the panel is also easier to clean than traditional switch. This issue, we review the central Pacific home network for everyone on a randomly selected from a large panel of West Germany borderless switch, exactly how the performance of this switch, take a test to see it.


[Evaluation objects: West Germany switch panel without borders

[Buy]: West Germany cat official flagship store

[Price]: 12.8 yuan / month


[Evaluation] Address: Pacific Home Network Testing Center


[Evaluation] range: the appearance of packaging, panel design, materials testing

Pacific Home Network Testing Center statement: Pacific home network to uphold the principles of fair and open justice, in order to provide our users with an objective professional home product review information. The evaluation results represent only under experimental environment Pacific home network product evaluation room, the results of this test for test samples for reference purposes only. If you have any questions about this evaluation, welcome readers to give correction.

Appearance Package

West Germany switch packaging with a small, white cardboard boxes, packing can see the front of the words “West Germany · Household Electrical”, is the middle there is a two-dimensional product code. Sweep the two-dimensional code using a mobile phone, you can jump to the official micro-channel electrical household West Germany, but also evidence of this is a genuine West Germany switch.


We can see at the top of the packaging affixed with long product identification, emblazoned with the product serial number, product type and the name and other information. The left side of the packaging printed with the name and content of toxic and hazardous substances, at first glance, I feel this is really kinda brands, on behalf of these harmful substances ○, × means no, that’s not too much.

However, two rows closer look barely see small print: ○ indicates the content of hazardous substances in homogeneous materials all components are in the limit requirement GB / T26572 standard or less, × represents the hazardous substance in the the content of a homogeneous material component exceeds the limit requirement of GB / T26572 standard. Simply put, that is, representatives of these toxic substances ○, × behalf of these toxic substances beyond the limit requirement in the country. Dare to put these excess harmful substances directly marked on the packaging, which is to say without knowing solid, strong brands or psychological qualities.

Open the box of paper, you can see the inside of the switch there is a layer sealed plastic package, two packages quite intimate and detailed manner. Open the package can see the switch panel and chassis, as well as a simple installation instructions and a product certification.


Panel design


The large panel West Germany borderless switch uses a base of pure white without any texture decorative, four sides with a curved handle, style is simple.

Panel PC material, intermediate thickness, relatively smooth surface of the switch, no black spots, bubbles or impurities. But I must mention that, due to the switch without any surface texture, light texture but highlights the deep sense of plastic, so that the switch has a cheap feel the slightest.

Material Testing


Products on this page West Germany switch panel known that the use of high-quality PC material, wear-resistant and scratch, durable and fire-retardant. Internal copper using a high-precision phosphor bronze, but also on the product page does not specify its precision Lintong What are the advantages compared to the general phosphor bronze. Next we will be on the panel material and internal copper are actually measured.

Stain resistance test


Optional white switch panel, many people will first concern is that resistance is not dirt. West Germany this white switch because the smooth surface material that looks relatively easy to clean care. We write on the switch panel with a black pen, over part of thirty minutes and then wet rag wipe “house”, the writing is very easy to erase.


Scratch test

Because the switch panel is often in contact with hands, usually inevitable scratching bump. Therefore, the panel must have a certain degree of scratch resistance, in order to maintain long-term appearance. The light panel, while easy to clean, but it is easier to highlight the scratches. But West Germany this switch is known to use its panel PC material, easy to wear and scratches. We end with a screwdriver in scratching the surface of the switch, the switch panel to see if there will be scratches.

After light across you can see, there have been many scratches the surface of the switch, and after wiping with a cloth, the scratches can not be removed completely, remained in the surface of the panel, the original smooth panel Dunsheng many old sense.

Flame retardancy test

PC material has excellent flame resistance, will not easily ignite combustion or, better able to protect the safety of users of electricity in the electric discharge occurs, and therefore become many high-quality outlet opening of the brand of choice for production materials. To test this West Germany switch is flame retardant, we will switch on the grill alcohol lamp for 10 seconds to see how the situation combustion.

It can be seen that, when the combustion to 6 seconds, the panel appears obvious burning, and accompanied by significant flame, after leaving the flame, switch panel Black smoke, fire automatically extinguished, it does have demonstrated some flame retardancy .

Oxidation corrosion test


Copper is a key component of the switch socket, once the corrosion of the copper core is oxidized, it is easy to switch to cause poor contact socket, ranging from no electricity, also trigger serious security problems. Particularly in humid environments Southern, switch socket component part corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance in particular deserves our attention.


But measuring the performance of a single copper core of a switch, they can not be directly linked to performance and service life, the consumer is not really meaningful. There are only so-called truth contrast, a single measurement is better contrast. We would like to know, in the market price of comparable cases of West Germany switch is competitive? Is it worth consumers to choose it? So we randomly selected a switch Lynx with prices at around $ 12, which take copper core test against West Germany copper core of this switch.


The two beakers were placed two copper core, a unified specification dropper injection water, respectively, and the same concentration of a dropper of a dropper white vinegar (white vinegar to simulate acid corrosion), so that two copper are in the acidic wet environment, for 24 hours.


Can be seen, West Germany was originally a copper red, smooth surface texture, soaked for 24 hours, there has been uneven surface on one side of the phenomenon, and the copper surface has a large area of ​​black, proved copper oxidation has occurred . Other side of the copper conductor surface has shown a significant corrosion, the original glossy surface has completely disappeared.

Let’s look at another switch copper core, had a silver-gray, smooth texture after 24 hours of immersion, gloss decreased, but still remain flat copper surface, the lettering of the original still visible copper, silver copper there has been a small amount of dark matter filaments of on-chip. Corrosion conditions on the other side is a little bit serious, obvious black substance, but still less distributed.


We do not parsed by microscopic test material particularly West Germany copper core of this switch, proportion, or careful study of its manufacturing process. For a product quality is good or bad, too many factors, from the consumer’s point of view, the quality of the final product presentation is the real score items. Copper core from the above comparison test, we can see its copper core presentation of the corrosion and oxidation resistance is indeed not as good as the price is quite another switch products.


PChouse Comments: As can be seen from the above test, West Germany, this large panel switches are both advantages and disadvantages. First, it uses a simple plain white, clean lines, the shape of young people now meet the aesthetic, panel material also does have a certain flame retardant. The only drawback is that some bright panel texture inexpensive, and very prone to scratches. In addition, the copper core with the price comparison test and other brand switch, copper core of its poor performance, durability to be improved. Overall, this West Germany switches and switch some real quality in comparison, there are still some gaps.


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