What is the windbreaker? This year’s deep autumn is “long vest”, and the hundred is high and thin,

It seems just a few rain, and the late autumn has arrived. Although many people are not ready, the season is replaced from something to others. I believe that, whether it is the southern or northern sisters, I have added new clothes to my wardrobe.

Speaking of autumn, we first thought about sweaters, sweaters and windbrers. These three deep autumn must be indispensable, but this old three will always be tired, except for the old clothes, we can also grasp The current trend found some “new clothes.”

Today, it is the current popular “long vest”, saying that the vest is not strange, but “long vest” you pass? There are both advantages of windbreaker, but also wear distinctive fans, interested, let me with me, find the selection skills and matching methods of the long vest from the tide wear!

Greatly feel that the selection skills of Changli

Long vest color

In the autumn and winter season, we should pay special attention to the color of the clothing. Autumn and winter season itself


Will give people a pressure, so many sisters believe that choice


It will bring a different feeling.


But some people think that autumn and winter clothing are all




Material is generally not good


, More inclined to choose

Black and white gray classic dark

. In fact, both parties are not reasonable, but we are better as comprehensive opinions, find the most suitable color system.

Through the observation of the tide people, I think the autumn and winter vest color is selected.

Take the best warm color with light coffee color

. Warm tone

The cold feeling of autumn and winter temperatures


Increase affinity

The lower saturation is both dirty and trifted.

Have a colorful impact


2. The style of long vest

Speaking of vest’s style, there is a lot of types, long vest and short vest are the biggest difference.

Intuitive visual experience

On, because the area of ​​long vest is larger, it brings people

Visual impact is also stronger

This also means that if you choose a single color like a short vest, you must work hard in design, a little careless vest is inevitable.

Monotonous boring

. What can we try?

Multi-bag style long vest

, Use multiple pockets to join

Dissipate the overall attention

Also make the overall appearance.

There is also a style to be introduced for everyone.

“One piece” long vest

This is simple and straightforward, which is to use the button or other small design to make the vest look.

More integrated

Such a design is very suitable for long vests, which makes the overall lines more smooth.


Visually eliminate

It is highly slim.

3. Long vest material

In addition to the color, style, the styles of the vest are the secret of the vest

Vest material

. Different materials often can create more effort in style, and the style of long vest makes

Its material is limited

Drops and strong lightweight

Very advanced, it can maximize the “long” of the long vest, the material is stronger, and the material that is stronger is also able to make clothing when acting.

More dynamic

The material mentioned earlier is only suitable for the early autumn, after entering the late autumn, the temperature is lower, and it is more recommended that you choose


Wool-made long vest


. From a practical perspective, this material’s long rigor is warmed; from aesthetic perspective, the material is also


It is more suitable for use in an important occasion in the workplace. Of course, what kind of material should be used, you have to see the scene you need.

The material is to be in style.

Grasp the extra points of small details, the small vest design


Changrhr’s button


The previous mentioned is the choice of the choice of a big atmosphere. Let’s talk about the young details that the long vest is very extra points. No matter what the clothes, the most attractive eye may be


First, the location of the button is very advantageous, and the most popular position is naturally noticed – is that the button is, the better?

I believe that there are so many wear demonstrations, it is not difficult to find that many long people are

A buckle design

This is naturally why this design naturally. A buckle design


It is just the right point of the long vest, and will not have too inclined style.

A hundred people do not pick people

Relative to it is

Long vest of the multi-capsule design

It is a strong style characteristic.


Multi-granular pearl white button

Means long vests are more suitable

Small wind

This exquisite style,

Colorful wooden button

Be with

Senneous wind

More fit. In addition to the material of the button,


Can also bring a different feeling,

Double-row button

More British fashion,

Single-row button

Suitable for commuter winds.

2. Long vest’s collar

If it is my faithful reader, I believe it must remember “

Three small details

“,That is”




“. Long vest itself removed the design, our design points can only gather on the button and collar.

Large lapel design

The windbreaker is familiar, while the big lapel design is more worth picking! it

Sufficient smart

Enough formal

Suitable for commuting is also suitable for daily. In addition to lapeting design,

Unconductive long vest

It seems to be more common,

Maximum extent of white more advanced


And also gender.

Ok, today, about the selection of vest and wearing a sharing here is to end, I hope to read the wearing sharing in this issue, you can help your vest! If there are other content you want to understand, welcome to the following and I leave a message to interact!











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