The most beautiful but “hair semi-skirt + short boots”, autumn and winter seasons should be so like this, temperament taste

Today’s temperature is gradually tending to stabilize, and I feel a bit cool, I don’t know if the fairy in the north, is it very warm?

When I entered the season of autumn and winter, women worn more than men’s “heart”

After all, they can keep warm, and they are not bloated, and the key is to take into account the beauty and fashion.

Even dressing is so beautiful and charming


A feather half dress is equipped with a booties, just like a landscape in winter.

have to say,

The autumn and winter seasons should be wear, highlighting the temperament, and emits elegant women’s taste.

, Really a group

The most beautiful match

! In this issue, we want to share with you, how to make this group of classics, do not hit the model,

# What to wear today?

# 秋冬 技 #

Flaw dress:

If you are also tired of the boring of the solid color, you may wish to try it.

Classic lattice skirt with distinct line

, Outline clear lattice texture, equipped with different tones, deduct different styles.

Milk tea color griller dress + light apricot sweater

: When warm and delicate

Milk tea hue

Hit a touch of plaid texture

, Texture is fresh and fragrant,

The upper body may wish to choose a lower tone of saturation

For example, a high collar sweater of a light apricew, simply use the clothing to completely hide the skirt, come to a comfortable and natural match ~

Pure white boots

: In this gentle color match,

Not suitable to add color sensation

But can be combined with the same shallow tone

Just like this pair of pure white boots stepped on the little sister, there is no color to embellish, and it is better to highlight the warm temperament of the whole, and it is not unprotected!

Gray griller dress + dark brown boots

: Extremely rigorous plaid wool, slightly

Strong gray color

Can be appropriate


Add some colors

To reduce its old gas, just like a fresh fruit green coat,

Take a light jacket to increase the transition


And the three places have a light brown little vest, bringing a light brown small boat, bringing a fusion with the same color waist, making the color matching, become smooth and natural, this set of cartridges is too beautiful ~

Deep purple griller dress + pure white zipper boots

: Silea prefer this group of “hit color” with this group,

Deep purple woolen skirt

The grit texture is more clear.

Pure gray sweater

To reduce fancy vision, use light purple coat to increase color sense, instantly a little bit of generous, more than a small woman.

And the feet


Booties with zipper detail

, Compared to the usual version


Agent, injecting different styles of charm, more exciting and unplanous ~

Solid color hair skirt:

Single items of the solid color, no matter when they don’t quit the stage of the fashion circles

Conversely! They will re-attract our attention with different temptations, and they are re-attracting our attention. It is like this basic model of solid color hair semi skirt, and the version is simple, and there is a rich matching style ~

Dark brown half skirt + dark brown boots

: Playful

Wooden Ear Edible Texture + Strong Dark Brown Tune

, Very bright and charm,

Match small sexy V-neck jacket


, More evergasting of the ultimate woman, and the little sister chooses to take a casual style


Flat boots


To reduce the mature feeling of the shape, even slightly a bit of handsome neutral beauty ~

Floor color half skirt + bright brown boots


Sleeping skirt in touch

Tailor with a high waist line, the woman is more rich, and

Collect thick matte sweater

, Let the petty lattice look high,

Stepping on this pair of bright and high-heeled boots

It is not only a body type, even the whole matte shape adds a few highlights.

Pay attention to the details

, Fruit, true, eye-catching.


Big land color half skirt + big land color booties

: Too much love three woods, this group of classic colors,

Single color of different glossy levels

, Carefully arranged together, but it is not a stable boring!


Dunk textured semi skirts are combined with short boots



Sandy frustrated gloss

, Especially when standing under the sun, watching quite gentle and soft, good outside, and matches

Color belt

Resulting in “X” open lines, slowly deepening the hue arrangement from top to bottom, too beautiful ~

“Hair semi-skirt + short boots” this beautiful match, you can show the charm of women without blowing the ash, the autumn and winter seasons should be wear, I think there are few people to reject its charm ~


Hey ~ This article is hit by MINI Siri, all the above pictures come from the network. If there is any infringement, please contact, thank you ~

If you also like these fashionable and beautiful wear, you may wish to point “attention” and “little praise”, look forward to getting beautiful with you.





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