If you are less than 160, it is recommended that the “length” of the boots will choose these three, and the fashionable and thin legs are long.

It is the season that is best for wearing boots! This time, we must not only wear the most trend of boots, but also wear the best boots!

Sisters with less than 160, when wearing boots, do you often have such confusion: in the middle and long boots on the bloggers, it will become a boots here; it seems like a suitable boots, buy it back and find yourself There is still no boots long …

A “rollover” site, let the small children who are less than 160 are getting extratrial when buying boots. Some sisters don’t even give up the easiest boots and knee boots.

When children are buying boots, they can do so much week. Today, I will teach you how to choose the best for you.

Let’s go!

>> The focus of chooses is to choose boots according to legs.

Choose long boots]

* Key Summary

Choosing boots should be cautious, whether it is a knee boots or a knee boots,

It is necessary to avoid the length of the two parts of the lack of the calf belly and knees.

Need to pay attention when selecting a style,

The snowfree, the more you have a shorter, the more simple design is simple, the color of the color is.

Use the smooth lines of the boots themselves, minimalize, and increase the sense of visual vertical extension.

* Select knee boots

Boots don’t choose too much texture, velvet, elk skin, and soft skin are very good texture. The width of the boots at the joint point is about one centimeter than its own leg.

This can avoid excessive pleat generation, or may have a certain activity space to the leg.

The length of the boots needs to be selected according to the long legs of each person, picking out the knee boots, to look at the boots long, then compare with your own legs.

Let the end of the boots are just about 2 to 3 cm above the knees.

* Chun medium long boots

Even if it is a boot, for a small child with a height of 160, the chance of the long boots in the knee is far less than the knee boots.

The knee boots only need to choose three points:


The length is above the calf belly, the knees are below the knee; the V-wide boots are more thin than the completely close knee; 2 to 4 cm high heel is more high.

[Short boots]

As long as the length does not exceed the boots of the calf belly, it will not step on the small child.

When picking boots, you just need to remember:

Short boots no matter whether the style or color, the more the foundation is better, the more simple, the more advanced.

>> I don’t have to think about it, I can wear a good effect. “Perfect boots long”

[First] After the knee, just cover the knee V-boot boots of the calf belly

* Boots


Like the length of the long boots above this, it is necessary to choose a material having a certain hardness, so that the shoe shoe has the effect of being thinned.

The legs and legs are not beautiful, they must try to choose a V-type design;


The overall boots present the V-shaped V-shaped V-shaped, and there is a role of correcting leg type. It is best not to bring any decorative solids,

Prerequisites brown and black, then white, finally naked, try not to try other colors.

* Mat with dry goods

It takes note of the knee boots to pay attention to creating the skin of the lower body and a certain contrast.

If the jacket is loose, then, it is recommended to use the legs directly to wear long boots, or with leggings, yoga trousers, etc.

Let the overall vision have a significant broad narrow contrast.

If it is a big skeleton, or a fever-tempered girl, then you can try to use solid color tools or a thrust trousers, beam pants, put the trousers into the boots, create a handsome street fan ~

* Match example

Not exaggerated, this year, the windbreaker down jacket, who has just been popular with the western cowboy, and the long-term knee boots, combined, is completely a king card with a small child!

With the white-colored windbreaker down jacket with small-sized khaki stitching, just with the brown of the knee, the brown of the boots, the foot of the maple, the romantic style, people can’t help but look forward to your next time ~

[Second] Mid-length boots near the calf belly

If it is a crude boot

Similar to the style of the pipe boots, cowboy boots,


Then choose the length of the boots just have not passed the length of the thick calf belly.


If it is fine boots

Similar to the styles such as bare boots, slim boots,

Then choose the calf belly below and is in the length of the neck.

The medium and long boots are longer than the length of the boots, and it is shorter than the knee boots, the overall length is near the calf belly, and it belongs to the polar boots.

When matching, choose a small feet, or have a partial body line, will make the matching more out.

The overall gas field of the medium and long boots is more clean,

Suitable with some contour clamons, simple clothing. If you use it to make tightly, proper skin care, go and neutral wind monophy,


It will be very attractive!

Like this length of long boots near the calf belly, it usually makes the styles of smoke tube boots or cowboy boots. This self-bare boots, with a suite of the air field, is entirely the same.

Brown white contracered elk leather skin wear jacket with handsome leather shorts, wide mouth denim long boots just cover the largest calf belly of meat, the exquisite carvings above, put the warmth in the details, put this combination, This winter, no one will be more fanless than you!


[Third type] Short ankle boots near the ankle


Short ankle boots of 2-3 cm above the ankle

It is one of the best-looking boots that is best to wear, it is completely lazy benefits ~

If you are also a child who is worried about picking boots, this

The texture is delicate, the line is smooth, and the short ankle boots are very decorative.


You can close your eyes.

Booties on the ankle are usually a comparable style, with feet pants, pipe pants, straight pants, etc.


When the trousers are polarized, it is best to expose a small shawl skin.


With a skirt, the wide-leg pants must have a significant width and narrow difference. Regardless of the jacket, there is a high waist line with a relatively highlighted high waist.

Will get on the top floor on the high-grade road ~

The short boots in the ankle, the style of being able to control is also unclear. If you want the gas field, you can highlight the temperament, you can highlight the tangible short boots, match, and wear, wearing the same color.

Made in the milk white sweater, seemingly frightened, but still has a gentle and charm of women.


The short is not your fault, and the body is not good or not with fashion. Before, you will always wear an unsuitable boots, which may just be used because there is no way.

Try this year’s knee V-shaped boots, the medium and long boots, the boots on the boots, maybe you on the boots on the boots, you will usher in the end, in the new world, you can usher in new beginning ~

* Key Summary

* Boots

* Boots


* Mat with dry goods

* Mat with dry goods


* Match example

* Match example


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