Small food, know | Electric toothbrush can be cured? American Net red products in a hundred years ago is the ancestors of the atmosphere

Recently, the grassroots army actually sent his boyfriend to teeth behavior, rising to “romantic of straight men”? ? ?

This straight man can’t help but make a hand, call it.

“Do you want to buy an electric teeth?”

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I have heard of the wine bar, the atmosphere group, the Starbucks atmosphere group, do you know that the electric toothbrush is a group?


Open a small red book, shake, Weibo, WeChat and other social apps, the electric toothbrush atmosphere is everywhere, a copy of the ground science, evaluation, fake, then attached the bid link … The price can be as low as 9.9 yuan , Can be high to thousands of yuan, hate can’t hit you all over.

Is it so easy to use electric toothbrush?

On April 13, the Chinese Consumer Association released 25 electric toothbrush products comparison test results. The results showed that the four brands of the four brands, including the Antarctic, including the four product noise, including Oral B-3766, Shuke Saky Pro Sound Wave Electric Toothbrush G22, let Users feel the noise.


Compared with the microblogging big V badges two years ago, the current electric toothbrush is constantly introducing new. For those who have not purchased an electric toothbrush (I), I can feel the trend of a true and false strikes 360 ° without dead angles.

First, this article is definitely not to assess, we are coming to observerate … (This article does not make specific discussions on the electric toothbrush, if you use, please judge it ~)

“Falling, Love Means”

Live “marketing”


In Weibo, many large V have forwarded an experimental video from a dentist from Xiaogan a hospital. The experiment is sponsored by an electric toothbrush brand. The difference between the manual toothbrush and the electric toothbrush cleaning effect is: the cleaning of electric toothbrush The force is higher than the manual toothbrush.

The big V said in the forwarding words. After using the electric toothbrush, “the dark line on the big teeth is smaller”, “the gum is no longer bleeding”, “there is no longer reflecting the era of manual toothbrush”.

Figure 1. The fields where these large V are located are different, guarantee a wide range of coverage

In the small red book, planting the grass will send your boyfriend to the behavior of the toothbrush, and the adjectment has risen to the “romantic” (???), let the straight man scorched the hand and call it.

Figure 2. The reason why the small financial single is found, it turns out that there is no brother paper to send electric toothbrush

In the shake, the net red uses the credibility of the accumulated credibility for a long time to list a bunch of amazing comparison scenarios and data.

For example, when you need to promote A brand, use a brand electric toile brush to brush the salt of salt, brush the anti-open egg, so that the electric toothbrush has been opened for more than 12 hours, saying that a brand electric toothbrush shake 38000 times per minute, noise test 55.6 Decibet, two high-priced electric toothbrushes with a brand of a brand of 64.3 decibels and 74.3 decibels, and the battery life is half a year. The ultimate force A brand’s electric toothbrush is a parity electric toothbrush that does not hurt the gum, strong cleaning force, small noise, strong battery life.

If it is not a yellow small shopping cart on a nickname, I can’t help but give a small red heart.


Figure 3. Named fake, actually promoted

Figure 4. Different bloggers with different scenes with electric toothbrush cleaning

The bloggers of different platforms use their own way to maintain the balance of marketing and content production, and jointly build a qualified electric toothstand.

In fact, as early as more than a hundred years ago, these marketing means have been born when the electric toothbrush is not truly invented.

Some people who have aware of the electric toothbrush may know that electric toothbrush in 1954 by the Swedish doctor Philippe-guy WOOG inventory, in order to make people with defective handfags and people who are doing dental deformity correction more easily.

Figure 5. First electric toothbrush inventor (right one)

But more people don’t know, as early as 1880, American businessmen named Scott launched “Electric Toothbrush” (electric toothbrush), this talent is “electric toothbrush” atmosphere The first person in group.

A brush that can cure bald

In 1842, Scott was born in a small town of 150 miles from New York City, and his father founded a brush factory in the local area.

In the early years, Scott did not showcase commercial talents. After 1861, the young people have joined the army.

In 1866, only 24-year-old Scott retired, and he took over a company in Massachusetts and received a patent authorization of “Directly bonding the bristles directly to the brush”. Follow his father’s footsteps to make a career.

In the decade, Scott continued to improve the brush process and won two patents in the United States.

In 1876, Scott was traveled in the UK and founded the Pall Mall Electric Association of London in London (London Parm Electric Association, hereinafter referred to as the Parmi Electric Association), which made him loaded into the history.

An American ran to the UK to create a business, on the one hand, for the love of the United Kingdom, on the other hand, to make himself returning to the United States more international. Interestingly, many people think that Scott is a British.

In 1880, Scott officially launched the first product of the Parmi Electric Association, a “electric brush”.

Figure 6. Electric brush of Scott “Invention”

In advertising and publicity, Scott said this brush can

Treatment of headache, prevents hair loss and bald, treats dandruff, preventing hair whitening, etc., can also treat slope, paralysis and constipation this eight-riped disease.

Figure 7. Dr. Scott’s brush advertising

Subsequently, Scott launched an “electric toothbrush”, and hundreds of US newspapers and magazines published this electric toothbrush advertisement.

Figure 8. Skot Dr. Electric Toothbrush Advertising


Advertising, the handle of the toothbrush is made of a new material of the invention with a permanent electromagnetic current.

The action of the user brushing the current directly acts on the neurology and tissue of the tooth and gums.

And there is no vibration.

The current is injective vitality and vitality to each site of the oral cavity as water on the teeth.

Seriously, who saw such advertising words do not want to be a thunder-saving king?


However, the truth is that Scott is just a magnetized iron rod that is magnetized in an “electric toothbrush” and “electric headbrush”. It is not possible to generate electricity, and it is impossible to become artifacts that are grouped, and the patents he apply are not involved in treatment.

He played a slap in the patent manual.

“The object of the present invention is to secure one or more natural or artificial magnets in the inside of the brush, according to the belief of many people and a wide popular magnetic therapy theory, these magnets have the use of the brush to relieve headache, prevent baldness and other similar purposes. Effective effects “.


In addition to brushing, toothbrush, Scott also launched a brain coat, saying that corsets can provide “vitality” as required by natural rules, which can be treated extreme obesity or extreme thinness.

Figure 9. Skot Dr. Schott’s Advertising

In addition, Scott’s products include electronic cigarettes, phypsum, insole, rheumatoid ring, shoulder sleeve, throat protector, nerve and lung power, body belt, wristband, bone pain, ankle, leg Ministry of equipment, office caps and other special electrical appliances.

Figure 10. Scott Dr. Cyprint

Almost at that time, Scott could plug in a hand, and the goods can always play magical effects. Only you can’t think, no Scott can’t do it.

Figure 11. Scott Dr. Co-Comb

He publicly said

“If our products become every lady and gentleman, as well as part of the baby and children’s wardrobe, the United States will not have a patient (except for accidents).”

Seeds from the 19th century

In addition to boasting of product features, Scott also understands grass.

In his electric toothbrush advertisement, “The UK Royal Dental Association strongly recommends using this toothbrush that can bring benefits, many experts say we have the greatest toothbrush manufacturer.”

At the same time, the author of “outstanding electrician”, the author of Esk, written to the Palm Electric Association, “Mr. In the year, I have never seen which products like Dr. Scott let so many people enjoy the benefits of electricity. You have won my respect, our family will never use other toothbrusses ” .

Of course, the backbone of the media cannot be less.

“Dental Comments” said that this electric toothbrush meets people’s long-term needs, we are confident that it will prevent tooth decay and can quickly let the teeth returned to whitening. For such a toothbrush, we can only congratulate everyone, and believe that this toothbrush will sell very well. In fact, this toothbrush has entered the washroom of the upper people in London.

In addition to “Professionals”, Scott also “please” came to the social celebrity, and I have evidence that Scott is in Versailles.

“Science Americans” published on December 18, 1880 published an advertisement of Scott Electric brush,

Really said that Dr. Scott has got the British royal family and the British Prime Minister.

In their office, there have been more than 7,000 people from the recommendations from all over the United States, but also known as the Mayor of Saratoga, James, also said that the comb is cured in a few minutes.

At the end of the advertisement, it also added a sentence. This newspaper will not deliberately publish any deceptive things. As a honest security, the comb has been handed over to the head of New York Mayor and Postal Secretary.

Scott did even play the assessment early.


In 1881, New York’s “Medical Abstract” (instephology) published five priests for Dr. Scott. These user assessment experiences include “”

It is troubled for many years of headache, “

“Use this brush to clean up with soap”, “this electric brush is the problem of my hair loss, now my hair is secret again,”

“Electric brush is cured my bald”.

(Take a look at this testing, is it a feeling?)

If it is not a result, it is too incredible, I also want to save my hairline with this comb.

Real marketing master


After being promoted and “product”, the rest is the real business war delivery, there is a member of the relevant needs group, you can do some notes properly.

In December 1878, Scott Brushes used pre-sale form before still not official sale, and the user’s appetite (referred to the note).

Magazine of American History (American Historical Magazine) published this brush advertising, Schkot’s brush sold in 1877 Christmas, won the favor of thousands of best families in the United States and Britain . However, in the end of advertising, it announced that this brush will be sold in 1880.

In order to avoid refund or complaint, Scott thought of a wonderful approach, he was printed in advertising “In any case, it should not exceed one person using a brush. If it is always used by the same person, it will Keep all of its therapeutic capabilities. “

This can increase sales, but also in the consumer that there is no effect when the brush is not effective, and the other half is scattered the effect of his toothbrush.

Of course, Scott is not always smooth.

After the establishment of the Palm Electric Association, Scott once hired a man named Harnes to be responsible for the UK. Harnes is in accordance with Scott,


Established an electrical company and the Palmai Electric Association playing Taiwan, attracting customers through the false competition between the two sides

(Business experience from more than 100 years).

This is a perfect marketing, but Scott has been betrayed. In 1881, Harness threatened Scott, requiring Skott to sell the Palmi Electric Association in the United Kingdom to him, otherwise it will cut off the links between the two companies. So in August of the year, Scott sold the company part of the United Kingdom to Harnes, and then removing the “of London” in the Parm Electric Association gradually from the product introduction.

Scott’s propaganda is very strong. At that time, the newspapers in the United States were published by Skot Dr. Series products, even in New Zealand and Australia, they were launched, and they were called Skot’s factories.

However, the theory of magnetic therapy did not receive extensive recognition. After 1890, the magnetization gadget gradually replaced by galvanized galvanized galvanized tools.

When Scott realized that he did not catch up with the trend, it has been opened by other companies, and the Skot Dr. Series tools that have been popular in Europe and America also disappear in the advertising column of the newspapers.

Going back to reality, I have seen many electric toothbrush advertisements, still don’t move, there is no traveler who wants to save money. And another straight male colleague believes that when the electric toothbrush launches “” “vibration from the mouth, it will make people think of lying on the chair of the dentist, it is afraid (don’t say, The picture feels too strong I have felt that the cold is erected).

Today, Skot Dr. Series has become an antique, and the advertisement has also become a collection, which is probably the highest realm of the atmosphere. Nowadays, the atmosphere group of electric toothbrush will be remembered in ten years or twenty years later?



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“Do you want to buy an electric teeth?”

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Image Source

Figure 5, the first electric toothbrush brand BROXO official website commemorating electric toothbrush inventor Philippe-guy woog articles with map

Figure 6, eBay seller selling the antique display

Figure 7, the original display of eBay sellers selling this advertising

Figure 8, the exhibition of eBay sellers selling this advertising

Figure 9, the display chart of the copy poster selling the advertisement on the Wal-Mart line

Figure 10, retro advertising website Periodpaper sells the original display of the original

Figure 11, retro advertising website Periodpaper sells the original display of the original


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