I don’t know what to wear in winter? Try these cashmere coats, gentle and elegant and temperament

In winter, the warm single product will always be deeply popular. For women, the cashmere coat is called the winter “Bai King”. Its texture is thick and delicate. It will make you easily become The most elegant in the crowd is suitable for all mature women, in the winter, is your cashmere coat ready? Let’s take a look!


First, I introduced a blue coat, in terms of color matching, I suggest that some people will not be out of time, but the blue is one of them, although it belongs to cold tones, but it is very in line with the winter atmosphere. Feeling, it will give people a cool feeling, and it is also very friendly to Huang Haiye.


The tailoring of this coat, loose version, very soft texture, can make you look more implicit, nor will wear too hard feeling, just in line with the needs of the big woman, it is very friendly If you count, you can help you hide you very well.

In the blue coat, maybe before the screen you will entangle what color palette, in fact, white is the best partner of the blue, the combination of these two is the classic classic, will give people very clear and refreshing Feeling, white belongs to the foundation, and it will also play a very good reconciliation.

The blogger is equipped with a white low-chest, its skinnyness is stronger, and the chest is integrated into the design of V-neck, so it can expose a small part of the skin to show fashion, but also prolong the neck lines, the prosthetic face type Role, suitable for mature eyebrows.

It is a white straight nine pants, even if you look at this single product, it is also worth it, because it has a good modification of the legs, not only the legs are thin, it seems very clear, afraid If you are frozen, you can match a pair of boots so that you will not show your ankle.

Next, a light-colored coat, for you in front of the screen, if you want to choose a white coat in the winter, try warm white style, after all, the cold air of the winter, Taibai’s coat will give one Pale-cold feeling, but warm white will be tempered in visual.


When the blogger was selected, the blogger integrated into the “bright and dark”, and chose a brown coffee colored sweater, so that it can form a contrast with the shallow coat, create a colored face. Feel, but it will not make people feel awkward, but it is very harmonious. After all, it is close to the big earth.


This coat is incorporated into the style of the hood, which can improve the model of this coat to a certain extent, especially suitable for recess, when you feel cold, you can put the sweaters, so The wind will also be improved.


If you are a more mature big woman, you should like the following camel coat, this color is the classic of the earth, it is a perfect match with the coat, especially suitable for mature Lady, even if you have 40+, wear it is still Can show charm.


It is also the most in winter, and the inclusiveness is strong, the maturity is stable, and it can wear a full texture and high level. It also has a strong reference for our ordinary people.


Autumn and winter simple wool double-sided coat, using wool’s material is thicker and warm, and the version is very large, and it is more difficult to wear, wear more practical and intellectual. The temperament is super good.


Suggers and loose wear neck, choosing this design, you can set out the inside, add a feeling of sprinkling and gentle and fashionable atmosphere, choose some color contrast, more impact, temperament is more Pick.


As usual as a daily leisure, you can choose a knitted sweater and a skirt as an inner, more gentle, if it is dressed as a workplace, then you can choose the knit shirt and suit pants. Produce too many cranes.


The coat of the coat is unique in the blogger. It integrates irregular tailoring in the neckline, the cross-coverage design of the cloth looks like a small cloak, which can close the neck skin of the blogger. Very warm role, and greatly enhance the overall design, especially suitable for the slightly fat eyebrows.


This coat is already very strong, so everyone can match the foundation of the foundation, white bottoming shirt + black straight pants is not greasy, with everything is fashionable, the most important thing is that it will not win the main, grab Go to the wind of the coat.

For women pursuing “buying fine, don’t buy more”, I suggest you try black or blue coats. Both are more classic atmosphere, although it looks deep, but it is white, thin, applicable Very wide.

If you feel that there is no fashionable feeling, then you can match the color, more points in the printing design, so you can have echoing with dark coats, which can improve the overall coordination, will enrich everyone’s visual effect How to wear it will not be wrong, it is worth learning.


The above cashmere coats are very suitable for you, if you feel, go more, you can accompany you for many years, and will not overtime, too fashionable.

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