Paris woman is too like scarf, just one is super beautiful, you can still look like this winter.

Do you like to wear a scarf when you go out? Scarves are a very good accessory, only winter can wear, but many people don’t like very much.


Wear scarf

It is not good to see the scarf. Some people will change the rustic and swollen after wearing a scarf, which is caused by match.

French scarves are swaying, watching is really beautiful, winter wear is practical, French wearing a favorite costume, everyone wearing a scarf, try a trial


The style of improving the temperament of your clothing wear is very helpful. Paris woman is too happy

Haired scarf

Let’s take it, you will be super beautiful, and you can do so on winter.

LOOK: gray blue scarf with jeans

The color of the scarf is still very much, there is a dark color, light color will not be old, but the brunette is more literate, the gray blue scarf is very retro, and

The high-level temperament in French clothing is very good.

Since I am worried about the color too deep scarf

Old, then

When you look at it, you may wish to try with light-colored jeans, there is also the effect of echo, and temperament is also


. In the French match, the coat is generally more common, and the retro far is particularly obvious. It is also very personal after a dark brown jacket.


LOOK: Black and white scarf with thin section

Thin-style scarves can be more effective



Many people with short neck are worried that wearing fluffy scarves will be embarrassed, so they will choose this more

Minimalist thin

towel. The biggest feature of thin section is to be more practical and unique, so choose black white instead of


Solid color

It is convenient to take a texture.

When you match, you should choose advanced accessories, like Berret and gloves, you can zoom in to wear a literary style, black Berre cap can also make the french style in the clothing better.



LOOK: PA red scarf with black gray costume

The habits of the New Year in the family are more traditional.

New Year

When wearing a red scarf out, the temperament is lively and lovely, and it is quite generous. That’s it

Very red color

, It is difficult to match, the retro fan is more difficult to match.


The simple black gray costume is better, gray adds

Retro temperament

, Black make red scarf no longer exaggerated, the style of the clothing will become lazy down jacket


Changed to the coat will be more important to the Royal Sister Fan.

LOOK: Refreshing Art Blue White Gripes

Designed to be relaxed, blue and white gripped scarf looks at the flowers of the summer, with a full ventricant, dark blue and white combination is quite a winter atmosphere.

Matching way

Also pay attention to the idyllic temperament in temperament, it is convenient to match the effect of more art.

It is like choosing jeans, wearing a blush blue jeans and enhances the clothing.

Senior feeling,

The coat also chooses more lazy gray coats, and the exquisite pockets are very sensible, and they are particularly a sense of feelings. Blue white grilled scarf because of white accounts, so

Dimming effect is also good

. Worried that it is still not enough, you can match a white clothing

The echo effect is

It is also more refreshing.

LOOK: Colored scarves with simple costumes

Simple and simple design

Color color scarf

Compared with the retro grilled scarf, the design of the simple and generous color scarf is different, and it is special.


There are too many color, which is quite eye-catching. Then the way the way is simple, and it is good to choose a little.

, Black coat

Plus a black wide legs or a dark blue sport jacket plus black

Belief, etc.

Colored scarves are very lively, young women can choose light, mature women wear gray, suitable for their age, color matching can be convenient to match

More literate more


LOOK: Gray Green Feeds Brown

In a variety of retro colors, there are several colors of a very difficult



It is like a classic retro deep brown, and it is really easy to wear rustic effect. Gray green, the blue color is also the representative of such mature retro, and everyone must choose colorful clothing to match.


Gray green scarf and dark brown coat together,

Strong retro

I got up and showed an elegant temperament, especially mature. Of course, the light blue jeans is also more convenient than the selection of dark blue jeans.

LOOK: Simple scarf plus black pants


Whether it is a black scarf or a black hat,


The way is to wear other colors of coats, with black pants, or

Black boots,

Rendering the effect of echo, this time, no matter what color is color, it is very good.

Like retro temperament

Selection of gray green, brown

It is good, or more pursuit of aging effects to match the shallow color of light brown costumes.




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