Death Bleach: The four power systems in the dead god, the power is the key

Among the death, the strength system is large, mainly divided into four kinds, human, empty, dead gods and destruction, each with a unique power system, and in these four systems, human beings are relatively weak.

Moreover, most of the human beings are all mortals, there is no unique force, only a very few people can master the extraordinary power, the power of humans can master “finishing”.



The console’s group named “X-cution” is that after the losing of the Kurosaki, the hair will be hit by the parents, and the virtual power is left in the body, and the child Humanities with certain special abilities with everything.

Finishing is the ability of “love”, it must take advantage of your strength of your own love, you can draw and control it or change its shape.

The earliest is the earliest is “tea” and “well on weaving”, and the film of the tea Thai tiger is the skin of the arm. One hand can change into shield to abstain attack, and another hand shoulder Growing sharp corners can play a powerful attack.

The finishing of the well is “”

Shield six flowers



Six instant flowers


), The ability is “”

Vientiane rejection

“, The carrier is a card left by her brother, with multiple capabilities, can attack defense and treatment, etc.

The leader of X-Cution “Yincheng Air”, the first generation of death agents .


Human death is a spirit, which is the soul body. After a long-term mourning of the moon, or accelerated by peripheral factors, it is ultimately fallen into a virtual monster.


The virtual main life is in the virtual ring between the world and the soul of the corpse, can be swallowed with each other, the more you can’t swallow, the stronger strength will be, the virtual level is higher, called the ethics.

The world is also divided into three levels: Keyan, Yakkas and Wattod, Daxu can tear the sky into the world. In order to set up, the base of the base level must master the death of the mind. Determine, and the strength of the Wazteld level is above the captain.

It is “breaking face” to Wat Todad, and it is broken by the blue dye, and it can be treated into human forms, and there is a kind of anti-aleon.

The same as the dead god, the source of strength relies on the chop of the knife in his hand, the sword is equivalent to the understanding of the death of the god, can obtain the corresponding ability and strength, and there is also a high low in the break, the strongest breakfast is in the “ten blade “, It is equivalent to the captain of the team in the dead.

grim Reaper

The main force system of death is

“斩 魄”


It is the main source of death. Every death has a bad knife. The initial state is “shallow”. This state does not have any ability. It is a simple weapon, through long-term training. Shallow, there is a unique ability.


The second stage is “beginning”, by calling the name of the knife, the chop will show unique ability, the blade will also have a morphology, each of the blade is liberated, according to the holder, The ability and appearance of the chopper knife is different.

The third stage is “卍 卍”, the solution is to be more advanced than the beginning of the more advanced state, which can completely develop the strength of the chopper, and the ability to turn the sky, which is equivalent to an extension of the beginning.

But I want to master the understanding of the understanding, but I don’t have a skill, but a way to explore the essence of the understanding through long-term cultivation, explore more, stronger moving skills.

For example, the understanding of the mountains of the mountains, the understanding of Millennium and the millennium after thousands of years ago; if the little white winter boiler, because the age is young, the body cannot withstand the complete body, so his 卍卍 is semi-finished .


The power of the dead god is getting more powerful “bloating”, which is the mask of death, let the death of the gods, the power of the attack contains virtual power, this is a technology, integration of blue dye creation The power of the dead and the enemy can break the barrier of the dead, evolve into a higher level of creatures.


In addition to the knife, the main combat skills of death are four kinds.


“拳 走”



Just a sword, it is a way to attack the enemy with a chopper. Do not include the ability of the knife.


It is playing, it means the technology of death gods to attack the enemy. Its significance is equivalent to the melee, represents the characters: the head of the mountains, the four maple garden night, and the bee.


Refers to the skill of the body, quickly instantly moving the body, moving to the other side or more, similar to the instant movement, the representative character is: the head of the mountain, the night First, putty, etc..


Refers to the ghost, the death of the gods, transforming spiritual power into a variety of forms to attack the enemy, equivalent to the magic attack, and the ghosts are divided into rules (ghosts destroyed) and binding (with tied The ghosts who are taking the purpose). Representative features: blue dyeing right, grown tie Zhai, there is Zhaoyian 玄, etc.


The destruction is created by the spirits. It is completely opposite to the dead. After the death of the gods, it will deficiency, and the destruction is completely eliminated, so there is natural in this above. Opposition.

The destroying teacher mainly fights from the bow, from the external environment, after strengthening, this capability can break up the material consisting of Libraries, which can be said to be a complete control spirit.

The way to destroy the teacher also has a skill like a dead god, such as a flying feet, through adjusting the movement of the Linger’s flow to high speed movement.

There is also a skill called a chanted Tianjiao, bundles the linear spirit to the unmovable part, and drive it like a mandatory operation, which belongs to the same skill, as long as the body is not smashing, it will be fighting down. .

In addition, there is a skill “destroying the final form” that is lost, but the final form of the division is compulsively absorbed by the lack of gloves, and a strong arrow is issued.

The above is a combat method that belongs to the traditional destruction, and after the beginning ancestors of the marty, Habach was defeated, the immigrants who were destroyed were developed abandoned traditional old crafts and developed new skills.

Static blood, pure blood species, but the people who have come, directly implant the spirit into the blood vessel, greatly improve the flesh defense; The destructive power that plays is greatly improved. After using a blood, it is not possible to use another bloodless.

The final form of the family, the final form of the teacher, the top of the user’s head appeared, and there was a wings behind the head. The specific model details were different from the destroyed division, and the destruction of two hundred years ago The morphology is different, and it can be used in accordance with their own will, but the body will be burden on the same use.

Holy Wen, this is the most powerful power of the invisible empire, is from the death of the ancestors of the ancestors, Habach, put their own blood in the wine, and drink the soul of the blood wine will be on the crown ability. The text, once the text is formed, he can send more powerful souls into the body of the blood wine.

Before the new destruction, the power system of the dead is not the opponent, which is fully suppressed. On the root of strength, only the virtual force can cause harm to the destroy, because the virtual force is destroyed, but the teacher is toxic. Therefore, the destruction is to eliminate the virtual.


These four power systems have the advantages and disadvantages, but the most critical or virtual force, with the three three kinds of power systems or mutual achievements or restraints, and the four power aggregates are spiritual kings, can open the land.

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