Women suspect that sweaters have false velvets with false return bosses instruct quality no problem

The boss is returning to Miss Li.

Miss Li is cheap cheap.

“One hundred pieces of dollars in clothes, selling it to me 600, is it a pothole!” What is this? ! At around 8 pm on January 15, Miss Li, who lives in Huayun, Huayun, gave the reporter called the reporter, saying that she was cheated. It turned out that Miss Li spent 600 pieces of a pure cashmere sweater, but she didn’t feel that this sweater seems to be a little wrong. When I was careful, I sneaked the brand and item number of the yarn when I took the sweater. A check price made her snacks.

Customized sweater

Mr. Li, Mr. Yang, has a black pure cashmere sweater, because of the quality of warmth, Mr. Yang has been wearing more than 10 years. Today, sweater elbow position is slightly thin, “plus our house, raising the cat, and the sweaters have also been caught out.” Miss Li said. So Miss Li is ready to make a pure cashmere sweater.

“Now I don’t know where there is a shop, some people say that Yang Jiaping underground shopping malls may have.” On January 3, Miss Li went to Yang Jiaping Underground Mall to find, and finally found a woolen in a very corner. Store.

Knowing that Miss Li wants to order cashmere sweaters, the boss is very good to receive her, and the boss has an estimated estimation than Mr. Yang’s sweater.

Two prices

“My boyfriend has one meter, and the one is relatively big. He said that it should use a line close to 1 pound.” The boss recommended a yarn named Sansi, “I said that I want cashmere is 100% cashmere.” Line, he said this line is. I don’t know the cashmere line, I feel that the feel is still good. “The boss introduced this line is 450 pounds, buying a wire in his store is 70, if you bring The wool processing fee is 110. “I have a feeling of buying a wire here, the sweaters in the mall are thousands.”

Miss Li, I was going to buy Erdos’s yarn, but the boss recommended the three-legged yarn. “I didn’t hear three-legged yang, so I wanted to go to check and let’s decide to order the sweater.” Miss Li tells the idea The boss and the boss also expressed their own.

On January 5, Miss Li once again went to the wool shop. “I said that I have to choose the line that day. Then the boss took the calculator for accounting, I suddenly heard him muttered 580. I am not right, I said last time Obviously 450. “The result of the owner has changed,” he said how it might be 450, I have never said this line 450, this line has been selling 580! “The boss bite the price is 580 Miss Li is also very certain, the last price is 450, and the two are deadlocked. However, Miss Li did not know where there was a shop that was a sweater, so she chose to spend the price and boss. After a bargain price, the final determination price is 510 a pound, first pay for 200 or 10 days.


“Although I booked it, I started to think that this boss is not very honest. I will doubt that he will give me a sweater with a poor line, so I have left my heart when I received the goods.”

女子怀疑毛衣含绒量有假欲退货 老板坚称质量没问题

At about 6 pm on January 15, Miss Li went to the woolen shop to pick up the goods. The work of the new sweater is still very good, but Lei, who left a heart, “I feel that it is always a little wrong. I will say that the sweater is not pure cashmere, the boss is impatiently impatiently put the hair box. The box is given to me. “The boss let Miss Li go to the comparison, see if it is the same line. Miss Li secretly took a small sign written in the wool box. “I told the boss, I didn’t know the goods. I went back to get to my boyfriend. If I was not pure cashmere, I came back to him. The boss was swearing there. I was absolutely pure cashmere, not to take it back. This will not run. “Do this sweater with 1 pound of 1 two lines, 510 a pounds, plus 70 yuan processing fee is 630, the boss gives Li Miss Zero calculation 600 yuan, so Miss Li pays 400 pieces have taken home with sweaters.

When I returned home, Miss Li entered a brand item number with home in Taobao, and she was shocked. “On the online yarn sold 11 pieces of 9, one or two, one pound is 119 pieces! Too pit. Plus handling 200 less, the most important thing is that the net written on the Internet is only 8%, You said that I am reluctant! “Miss Li is angry,” My boyfriend said that when I was losing to buy a lesson, I didn’t do it, I have to come back! “

Accompany the return

女子怀疑毛衣含绒量有假欲退货 老板坚称质量没问题

Miss Li immediately called the boss of the wool shop. “I just got him, do business and don’t honest, he said not to do business with someone like me, saying that I don’t believe in people. I said that I have to retreat. The sweater, the boss also agreed. “Miss Li, Miss Li is still angry, and I am afraid that I will go to the boss tomorrow and then call the reporter, let the reporter will return with her tomorrow.

On January 16th, the reporter accompanied Miss Li to the woolen shop. The reporter took the price of Taobao to the boss. The boss didn’t look at it. “I purchased the goods and not in the Internet. You have no online price. Meet. “

For Miss Li believes that sweaters are not pure cashmere, the boss takes out the hair box to give Li Miss, “This is not pure cashmere! 100% pure cashmere!” Miss Li insisted on returning, the boss is helpless Some are angry: “I don’t believe in me anyway, I have not been able to think about my business, and the money retires to her, anyway, this sweater is very selling well, and I don’t worry.” I took the sweater of Miss Li. After repeated inspection of the boss, retreat to Miss Li 600 yuan.

Next, the reporter and Miss Li came to the mall and found a sweater with a cedrick with a cedrus, priced at 199 yuan.


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