This summer pants feet off the assembly line, this year’s popular short-sleeved T with five skirt, both by age and significantly higher

A summer temperatures to rise day by day, more and more hot, fairies are still bad street wear pants feet it? Today, getting so hot muggy summer really is not suitable to wear tight pants feet a little small and short-sleeved dress is now the trend. It was the summer wearing a skirt, the little fairies can put the closet various skirts are out, and it is by now popular short-sleeved T-shirt to match. Short-sleeved T-shirt itself is a very practical joker, is the annual must-have item, use it with a variety of skirts are very young by age, incredibly good-looking, here we take a look at it.

A first, short-sleeved T + Fairy Skirt


Summer, fairies can close up the pants, to give themselves a few nice little skirt, not heavy like to go out every day, every day, Mimi. With respect to the dress, skirt plasticity more, different types have different styles. Many girls like a fairy skirt is the love of my heart, a simple skirt upper body, beautiful moment, keep them coming back too much, become a compelling full of fairies.

I think every little fairy closet has a beautiful fairy dress, pure solid color sweet, this colorful and very colorful, people no resistance. Because the skirt color enough, so we choose a simple basic white T with a short enough. Such gorgeous color pink skirt upper body is full of a sense of the girl, I do not want to tender have significant difficulty.


Second, short-sleeved T + pleated skirts


Wearing a skirt pleated skirt for little fairies are certainly not the least bit strange, this is a short section of high waist pleated skirts A word, classic design and short in front long skirt umbrella skirt, the overall effect is very was thin significantly tall and youth by age, hip width of little fairy very friendly, white T-shirt with a short paragraph College wind turned, out of primary school is soft Meng lovely girl.

Pleated skirts short paragraph invincible youth, for the growth of money plain black pleated skirt, it was extremely quiet and introverted, with a hint of dramas. Most girls are pear-shaped body, legs fairly thick fat, it is particularly suitable for this skirt, black is the color most thin, loose skirt long section of a large extent of hidden fat, help you modify body type.


Third, short-sleeved T + Check Skirt

Comes retro plaid skirt, looks are more visual layering, upper body is very beautiful, in the skirts is also a good look at the fashion element, has been popular in fashion circles. Plaid pattern size thickness varies, dotted skirt surface, it can help you modify the ratio of leg length. This one belongs to the basic models, with red short-sleeved T with up feeling very summer.


A fourth, short-sleeved T + denim skirt

In the past winter and spring fairies who wear more jeans, is not it already feel boring, then quickly try it denim skirts, jeans, and it is the same as the practical joker. Simple and short-sleeved t-shirt or shirt with, simple and capable, cool and comfortable, with a pair of sneakers to wear very casual by age, youthful.


Fifth, floral dress jacket +

Skirts sweetest by age will belong to the floral dress, no girls can refuse such a fresh and elegant floral skirt. Skirt and shirt with the same color of yellow, a little taste of leisure, yet careful machine, add a little more sense, with a pair of white Mary Jane shoes, sweet and pleasant.


There is no natural capital, but we have the ability to rewrite fate. Every beautiful and good woman can find their own charm by trying to find their own.

Thank you so good, you can also see the parsley of the article, I hope that some of the insights of the small breasted can add bricks to your wear, so you get closer and closer to beauty.

If you like your baby, you will pay attention! Each of your support is the driving force for creative creative. work hard together! Thanks!


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