Hard merged autumn and winter thief look good shoes! Less than 200 effectiveness, domestic cattle

Domestic old skates don’t have to be internationally branded shoes! Full of teenagers, cheap wear comfortable

Hello, I am a beautiful sister. I don’t know if you have found a problem, that is, a lot of thousands or more, although the price is very expensive, but the price is very low? Obviously, it is not high, and it will not open a special physical store to waste costs, but is it selling? Today, American sister will give you some average price of less than 200 yuan, not only the price is cheap and very nice!


Look1. Cloth shoes

The first is the jelly shoes of Converse Super Fire, starting to fire, Wang Wi’s magic city, when Wang Fei wearing blue jelly shoes, with a white irregular feather skirt jumping, there is always a sudden A netizen. It is characterized by jelly the same transparent sole, the price is 1200+.


The average price of these shoes is less than 200 is also completely do not lose the big name. This year’s shoes are particularly good. The thick bottom can draw the ratio of the legs, for the short sisters, it is more effective than the big name, how is it, is it very like?


LOOK2. Sneakers

Puma can also be said to be a fire this year! When the shoe changed to the tablet basic paragraph, surpassing Rihanna out of such a woman’s sports shoes, the color is very pink, the soles are quite elastic and comfortable, the price is not very close, equivalent to RMB 635, for students The party is coming to say some little expensive.


The old man of Paris is also very good, very low, even if the weather is cold and cold. The Paris family is a decree classic brand. I used to be very small to hunting. It is a small wind. This transformation is very successful, hip hop is full!


The prices of old shoes have some disabilities, then these average price is less than 200 yuan worth you have. All kinds of materials with Martin boots are very nice, leather and anti-fumes are suitable for autumn and winter season, and they can be matched with a leggings or skirts.


Look3. Old woman


Gucci does not have to say more, is a real lady brand, just a pair of shoes 3000+, but also let us not survive our slum girl! The texture of the shoes is also true, the soles are sinking, and the upper needs to be careful, but it is really good.


Is there such a leather shoes that replaced the old shoes? Also have extraordinary effects, and the price of people, the average price is still less than 200 yuan, the texture is not to say, the favorite of each of each, the fourth and sixth, the design is full, completely no big card.


LOOK4. Little white shoes

Puma’s Rihana, I believe that all the sports girls are yearning for a pair, and the flat design is the best, and almost every color is hot, quite good clothes. The price of Rihanna is about 1000, and there are many discounts according to the season.

Nike’s shoes are excellent on the sports style, but it is not so good in the old man shoes, the soles are too low, the shoe is also general, the plasticity is not excellent, and the feet is being put on, it is a disaster! The key is that the price is not good, 700 + a pair sometimes feels a bit expensive.

But don’t worry, these thick and boots can solve increased and beautiful problems. If you like a small fragrant wind, there are no problems on the picture on the picture. If you like sports style, the flattening boots are also your choice. And the price is also average price of less than 200, the mass lever.


How, I have seen this issue to have the payment of my favorite? If you buy something, you will have a lot of force. Don’t buy a lot of shoes for your face. It is best to be your best!


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