Custom calligraphy and free creation

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In general, any calligraphy creation is the specific embodiment of the book’s free creativity, and even some extent, no freedom has no calligraphy art. Therefore, Du Fu was sigh: “Ten days painted a water, five days painted a stone. You can not be promoted, Wang Zaimi will stay in the truth.” Sun Hui will have “five” “five” .

“Custom Calligraphy” has long been a common phenomenon

It is this freedom to bring the huge imagination and performance of calligraphy, but also give the work that unpredictable mystery is also aesthetic, which makes people feel that it is inexhaustible. This free art creates the mystery of the belt, or it is also called “heart residence time”. With this kind of aesthetic calligraphy work, people always look at it, I don’t want to see, I don’t want to look at it, but I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to see it. That is, the soul will not leave it.

Although freedom is the wings of art, limited is the art of art, but unfortunately, calligraphy creation is far without other artistic creations, it is often subject to the writies in words, books, rules, shape, specifications, etc. Restrictions required. For such calligraphy, we call it “custom calligraphy”. The “custom” concept originated in Savil Street in London, England, which means to cut individual customers. Later, its significance is gradually rich, used to various fields of production and life, reflecting the psychology of modern people to pursue quality and personalized consumption. . In fact, this “custom” phenomenon has already existed in calligraphic fields and calligraphy creative activities, and is a common phenomenon.

If we divide calligraphy creation activities into active and passive words, custom calligraphy is the work created by calligraphy based on the text content designated by others, even specific requirements such as books, shapes, specifications. It can be said that the creation of custom calligraphy is to “dance with shackles.” It is conceivable that it is difficult to create freely than the books of books. This is not difficult to understand, why do some calligraphy masters usually increase moisteners when they have designated writing content, or they will entertain things.

“平 石” is the most ambitious custom work in the history of calligraphy

Calligraphy originated from daily writing, and it is a long period of time. Different from painting, calligraphy, this inevitable tool nature and its most straightforward propaganda efficiency, like a double-edged sword, on the one hand, makes calligraphy have a higher position than painting, becoming a literary doctor must Skills; on the other hand, it is always in a “custom” state that is difficult to get rid of, and the free creative space left to calligraphers is very small, so still so.


During the Eastern Han Dynasty, with the rise of the monument, custom calligraphy was pushed to the extreme. From the emperor, the calligrapher Cai Wei, asked the calligrapher Cai Wei to lead the team, and the “Book of Songs” “Shang Shu”, “Merry”, “Lussen”, “Zhou Yi”, “Spring and Autumn”, a total of more than 200,000 words, use Lishu written in 46 stone monuments On, then engraved out; more than a small number of people, four feet wide. Cai Wei and his team took a total of 9 years to complete this vast project – “Qi Pingshi”. It can be said that this is the most grand custom work in the history of Chinese calligraphy. It may be that this hard experience, Cai Wei will feel in “nine”: “The book is scattered. I want the book to scatter, let’s help, then the book; if it is forced, though Zhongshan rabbit is not good. “” Qi Pingshi “is” forced to “, but it is a customized work. Cai Wei must go all out, so that the best work is written.

However, Cai Wei’s feelings call for the appearance of calligraphy aesthetic consciousness and the emergence of calligraphy freedom. At that time, Hongdu’s calligraphy student teacher Yiguan became famous in the National Calligraphy Competition. Because the wine was drinking, she was a lot of money, and they were free wall book on the wall of the wine. Then he heard the fans They can pay for a payment, making the money. The company’s official freedom of “such as Pengxiang’s inconsistency,” Liang Wu Emperor) is like a wonderful calligraphy exhibition, won the full house. The calligraphy is free to create, with its random, uncertainty, attracting the “heart residence”, unlimited imagination.

Many of the history of the art in the history of the art are customized works

In this way, do you have a custom calligraphy that there is a lack of artistic charm, don’t you have a beautiful art? But in fact, it’s not. Many of the world’s art history is customized works, for example, Michelangelo is the top painting “Genesis” created by the Vatican West Cut Church, and Da Vinci’s oil painting “Mona Lisha” is customized. Similarly, when the “Qi Pingshi” was erected in front of the Tai Xue Hall outside Luoyang City, he was standing in the city. People came from all directions to watch or editors, and more than a thousand carriages blocked the streets. Therefore, for artistic creation, freedom is always relative, not free is absolute. The key to the success or failure of artistic creation is to see the artist’s attitude, create inspiration and creation level.

From the audience psychology, custom calligraphy is not a self-conscious creation of books, but invited passive creations, which is created according to the specific requirements of customists and the aesthetic effect, so it has free creation. Works, there is an unparalleled “suitable”. It is precisely that it can meet the aesthetic needs of the customists in a great extent, which is understood and accepted. That is to say it is “suitable”, in the eyes of the custom, just as the British Mental Judyz said: “No matter what it looks like, it can be satisfactory for great purposes. Therefore, you can not please people. “This cannot be ignored, because any calligraphy home does not want his own work to be appreciated and accepted, but do not want to go dark, see it is always buried, no one knows.

Of course, only “suitable” is still not enough. Custom calligraphy requires more subjective creativity of books. It is necessary to play the creation to the ultimate in a multi-faceted space, that is, to look at everything is clear and destined. It is still able to create an unpredictable art effect. If you can’t do this, it is destined to have a mediocrity of artistic charm. Undoubtedly this is a test. The specified text content, it tests the characteristics of the book, the shape of the shape, the deflection of the shape, the degree of brushwork; the specified shape specification, it tests the clever conception of the book of the rules; the use of the works, it tests How to properly deal with the aesthetic and practical relationship, seek balance between the two … So, for the calligraphy, if you don’t want to pay casually, then write a custom calligraphy, this is compared to free creation. It is more difficult to test the artistic creativity of calligraphy.


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