2021 Double Eleven USB-C Dock Dock Dock Dock (8000 Words)

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2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

With the arrival of 2021 Macbook Pro, the long-lost HDMI, card reader and magsafe have returned to the body, and no longer have to worry about the embarrassing scenes brought to the dock. But only these interfaces are still insufficient for daily use, especially those with many peripheral connection requirements, and a suitable extension is still necessary.

So, in 2021, what is the easy-to-use Dock is worth choice? Just approaching the double eleven, we have organized several good-use docks in the market, including products suitable for desktops and portable, different agreements, convenient for you to buy bought after a few days.

“Lazy people buy directly” version

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)



Those “pit” you need to know before purchasing

The first step in the purchase extension is definitely not directly open online shopping app search browsing, but to ask yourself two questions – what is the highest supported USB-C interface protocol? What is the need for your purchase of expansion dock? It is necessary to connect to the desktop or portable to the desktop or how they use it, and how they are used, and how much is it used.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Is it a bit? Don’t worry, you can find a form, you can find your own demand for the Dock by listing a form.

But first, we must first know the protocol of the USB-C interface. For example, the USB-C interface of the Mac is full-featured, and the highest can support the lightning 4 protocol, and some brands of computer USB-C interface can only support charging or data connection, you can use it to connect the external display and definitely.

Only use as display, not specifically referred to a product or brand

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

After knowing the USB-C interface of the computer, the upper limit of the purchase should be set on its equivalent horizontal line. It is like I am using the MACBOOK PRO of a M1 Max chip, with three lightning 4 / usb4 interface, then I can set the highest specifications of the Dock to lightning 4.

Next, depending on the type and speed requirements of the device connection, you can list such a table:

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

After you have clear your needs, you will come to the steps to pick the interface protocol. To achieve the above effect, it is clear that USB 3.2 Gen2 only 10Gbps is not enough, and the speed of the lightning protocol up to 40Gbps can also support the throughput of such big data at the same time. And if you usually only have a keyboard, a hard disk or non-4K screen connection requirement, you can consider a more affordable USB protocol.

After completing the above demand analysis, it officially officially arrived at the optional link. However, when you really receive the goods, it is likely that you accidentally step on the “pit”.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

For example, it was originally used with a good Bluetooth button, and it was crazy to disconnect. For example, after you have a full-time gaining to the Dock, I found that the external screen was only 4K 30Hz, or when I was inserted with a hard disk, I found that the speed was only tens of megabytes.

In fact, there are many factors behind these problems. The former is because the electromagnetic shield of the dock is not done well, the USB 3.0 interface has interfered with Bluetooth and 2.4GHz signals; the latter is a different combination of protocols and interfaces, causing many interfaces that cannot be run or run to the highest speed. It does not support the implementation of the expected results.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

An ordinary USB-C interface, can be compatible with the USI 2.0 to the latest lightning 4 / USB4 protocol, with bandwidth is naturally a heavenly difference. In order to let you see their products when you search, you will basically pile up the words you can, make many people who have been misleaded by these “heart-hearted mad” titles (including my own) .

Only use as display, not specifically referred to a product or manufacturer

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

To distinguish the simplest way, first is to look at the price. Obviously, the price of 800 or less is almost impossible to buy an extension of the Thunder 3 / Thunder 4 protocol. After all, a two-meter lightning 3 data line is expected to be three or four hundred. So, if you see the price of the Dock Dock is only two hundred, the title writes lightning 3, then there is no need to doubt,

99% is the product of the USB protocol, and there is no relationship with lightning.


Secondly, it is the supported video output protocol. If in the product details page

Did not explicitly write the dock to support 4K 60Hz video output

, It is only 4K 30Hz, and it is not a product of the lightning 3 protocol, and even the 10Gbps speed of USB 3.2 Gen2 is not reached.

If you are not allowed, please contact customer service is the fastest and simple way, ask what is the highest agreement supported by each interface on the dock. If the customer service is asked after asking the technology, I can’t even answer the problem. I will strongly recommend that you give up the product of this store.

However, it is necessary to focus, unless it is not supported, I will strongly recommend that you will “can meet the products of 4K 60Hz video output, USB 3.0 data transmission speed and support against reverse charging” as the lowest threshold for the purchase. The products that can be done can generally be less than 10Gbps, which can cover most of the needs, and most of them are more secure.

In summary, if you want to avoid stepping on these pits, you can refer to the next purchase rule:

Determine what the highest protocol supported by the computer USB-C interface is the upper limit of the Dock product protocol;

Determine the number and speed requirements of our own connection, set a lower limit;

Search corresponding keywords, locations between upper and lower limits find products that meet their needs, and determine related parameters through various channels;

Order is purchased.

Oh, yes, you still need to mention it, if your computer graphics card is 10 generations and below Intel nuclear (10 nm and computer, such as I7-1065G7, etc.), then by USB-C The protocol is unable to do 4K 60Hz output and USB 3.0 transmission speed. The reason for this problem is Intel, which casts an integrated graphics card to DisplayPort Alt-Mode 1.3 (you can understand that USB-C can be used simultaneously for video, data, and power transmission) and the above protocol, need to occupy The 4-to-high speed channel of the entire USB-C interface can transmit 4K 60 Hz signals, naturally there is no extra channel to transmit USB 3.0 data.

Desktop product

For desktop-level Dockup, since it is used for a long time, it is basically no need to consider portability, and the factors that should be concerned when purchasing are the number of interfaces and interface protocols, followed by consider the volume.

USB protocol

Since the current USB protocol has a maximum bandwidth only 10Gbps (purely using the USB4 protocol is not listed so far), when the number of external devices, stability and speed will have a big impact, so use the USB protocol The desktop extension is not much. Naturally, high-quality products that can be selected on the market can be said to be a phenomenon.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Here, the product I recommend is HyperDrive 18 in a dock. It uses the USB 3.2 Gen2 protocol, supports 4K 60Hz output and covers most of the interfaces in daily use, such as USB-A, HDMI, network cable interface, and DP interfaces.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

In addition, HyperDrive has a 12-in-C-C extension dock is also a good choice. Although it is not an expansion docking body and cable division design, it is a product that is classified as a desktop level in view of its huge volume.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

It is worth mentioning that some USB interfaces can support dual-screen 4K 60Hz output or even 5K 60Hz output, but also support USB 10Gbps speed, specifications look very exaggerated. In fact, these Docking docks are DISPLAYLINK technology, essentially software and hardware combined, “calculated”, which is indeed possible with a low bandwidth of video transmission.

However, this also brings certain risks, such as the need to occupy small part of the system resources, the new system update driver fail, some user feedback delays are more obvious. So for stability, I don’t recommend the DOSPLAYLINK protocol. Of course, if you are not eager to try new systems, you can also purchase it.

Thunder 3 protocol

After coming to the Thunder 3 Agreement, the selected product range is significantly more, and it can even be said that the desktop expansion is basically the main scene of lightning. This is benefited from the bandwidth and power transmission capacity of the lightning, only one line is needed, and the number and type of external devices can be supported, for example. Double 4K 60Hz screen, EGPU, PCIe SSD, etc.

However, the equipment of the Thunder 3 protocol also has its shortcomings, the most obvious is that the price is highly pulled. For many people, it is probably not imagined. However, the price of Thunder 3 Duwock is basically on this price.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Second, a huge power converter. Since the desktop-level lightning 3 expansion must not only meet the amount of electricity used, it also needs to supply power to the computer and other peripherals, so most of the power converter volume is very exaggerated, and the power has reached 150W, even more than the entire extension. The dock is still large.

Intuitive to feel the volume of the Dock the body and the power supply

But it is certain that the shortcomings of lightning 3 demo dock can be said to be ignorant, if it is an expansion dock that is used for a long time, if not bad, then I still recommend one step to the lightning 3.

Here, I recommend four products are Caldigit TS3 Plus, Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock, Dell WD19TB and HP Elite Thunderbolt 3 Dock.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

If you are using Mac, then Caldigit TS3 Plus and Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock are undoubtedly the best choice. After all, they are all thunder 3 Duildocks of Apple, which is natural to support Mac. At the same time, these two Dock offers a massive interface, especially Caldigit’s TS3 Plus, including 5 USB-A ports, a 10Gbps USB-C port, and even a fiber audio interface, while the front panel also has A 5Gbps USB-C port and high-speed card reader that supports fast charge can be said to be one of the best expansion of the mainland market in the mainland market.

Many external network of technology bloggers desktop essential products are Caldigit TS3 Plus

Belkin’s products are more like a traditional lightning extension, and the interface and Caldigit are also almost consistent. When choosing these two products, mainly look at which kind of appearance you prefer, or have a connection requirement without fiber optic audio. As long as the price is appropriate, you can go straight.

However, pay attention to it, Belkin’s Thunderbolt 3 Dock can only be used under MacOS and does not support Windows systems. If your daily devices are Windows PC, you need to purchase the Thunderbolt 3 Dockup Project.

Yes, if you have an Apple’s business discount, then I really recommend that you go directly to the Apple Store to buy lightning extension. For example, Caldigit TS3 Plus, the price of non-second-handed in the market is up and down, and in the Apple Store, it takes only 1900 through enterprise discounts.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Caldigitts3PLUS Dock -Apple (Mainland)

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Caldigit TS3 PLUS Dock can be reached up to 15 extension ports in the Mac, which is up to 15 extended ports, and charging your MacBook. Go now to Apple.com online.


Go see

It is worth mentioning that, in fact, Caldigit TS3 Plus has previously priced at 1928 at the Apple Store, if a business discount is used, only 1735. Recently due to the shortage of chip, product price increases.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

For PC products, I recommend Dell’s WD19TB. The interface it supports is more than Caldigit TS3 Plus, but also benefits from Windows to the MST protocol support, can connect up to three displays (including a 5K and two 4K displays). At the same time, it also supports the use of USB protocols to connect to the display, meaning only 2020 iPad Pro, etc., which supports only USB-C 10Gbps protocols, or uses it to expand (speed and supported displays for external devices under different protocols) Resolution, the refresh rate will be different).

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

The HP Thunderbolt G2 Dock is another widely raised lightning 3 extension. The interface supported is similar to Dell WD19TB, but the volume is small. If your desktop space is small, it will definitely be a good choice. At the same time, HP Thunderbolt G2 extension also supports 100W power output to meet high performance notebooks long-term power demand.

In addition, it can also install additional B & O audio modules as the external speaker of the computer. It can be said that it is a difficult issue to solve various peripherals.

The price of these four products is generally more than 1,000 yuan. However, if you say that the budget is not enough, you must also go to the Lightning Dock, then HP Elite Thunderbolt 3 Dock is waiting for it. At present, the HP ELITE Thunderbolt 3 DOCK on a treasure is complete (Dock the docking docking body + lightning 3 data line + power) is basically around 500 – 600 yuan, but the interface and speed are maintained and other lightning 3 expansion Have a high level, did not fall by low prices.

HP Elite Thunderbolt 3 Dock provides two USB-A 3 interfaces, two DISPLAYPORT interfaces, a RJ-45 network cable interface, and VGA interface, support double 4K 60Hz or 5K 60Hz video output, power supply to the computer Also reached 65W. It has been proper enough for everyday use.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

However, this expansion dock has no official selling channels, so some third-party merchants are in sales and after-sales guarantee. In addition, it also needs to be cracked on the MAC to use, once the system is updated, it is likely to have a variety of strange compatibility issues.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Thunder 4 protocol

Compared to the lightning 3 protocol, thunder 4 protocols have no change in total bandwidth and power transmission power, but the bandwidth for data transmission reaches the full blood PCIe 3.0 × 4 level, and also supports dynamic bandwidth adjustment, no longer It is necessary to reserve a bandwidth resource that cannot be occupied for the video output, greatly increases the speed of peripheral connections.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Simply understood, in the bandwidth of the Thunder 3 Protocol 40Gbps, 18Gbps is fixed to video transmission, whether you have an external display device, what is the display device, this 18Gbps must be occupied, so There is only 22Gbps that actually leaves data transfer. Moreover, if an external higher-specific display, video transmission can also take up the data transfer channel, but the data transmission channel cannot take up the channel to occupy video transmission.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

This is better than you have met an overbearing table when I read elementary school. He draws a 38 line, telling you that the line is my site, no matter where I don’t sit here, you don’t ask yourself. When I want, I can also move this line to your side, you can only let me.

And on the lightning 4, this problem is solved. The speed of data transmission is first increased to 32Gbps, and secondly, it is not necessary to pre-assign 18Gbps to use video transmission. Therefore, when the external card, high-speed hard disk, etc., the lightning 4 can get a closer to the direct insertion motherboard native PCIe 3.0 × 4 slot. And it is full of PCIe 3.0 × 4 speed, the lightning 4 still has 8Gbps bandwidth surplus.

It is worth mentioning that the lightning 4 also supports a new “Hubbing” function, that is, an uplink lightning 4 interface can be divided into three full-featured downstream lightning 4 interfaces, which can be freely hot plugged in multiple lightning equipment. The last generation of lightning 3 can only lead to a downlink interface. When connecting multiple devices, it can only be used in the form of a chrysanthemum chain. When you want to remove the equipment in the middle of the daisy chain, you will receive all the peripherals behind it.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

In addition, lightning 4 has also been improved in security, and support for long cables is also more perfect, and 2M cable can also reach 40Gbps speed while compatible with the past lightning and USB protocol.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Thunder 4 technology is good, but there are fewer devices that currently support the lightning 4 protocols, and the options that can be selected is not too much. Several products recommended here are Caldigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub (currently in stock status), Anker Thunder 4 mini Dock 5-in-1 Duwock, Razer Thunder 4 Fantasy Dock, OWC Thunderbolt 4 Dock.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Razer Thunder 4 Fantasy Expansion

Anker Thunder 4 MINI DOCK Five-in-One Duwand

These extensions support lightning 4 hubbing, providing a lightning 4 uplink interface and 3 lightning 4 downlink interface. I personally is in use is Caldigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub, except for the lightning 4 interface, there are 4 10Gbps USB-A interfaces. However, from the type of interface, Razer and OWC are obviously richer, and there is an additional network cable interface, audio interface, and card reader, etc., can be selected to choose your connection needs.

Caldigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Dock

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Among these products, in addition to OWCs have been listed in the mainland market, they can be purchased in the corresponding official store. The way I want to start the OWC Thunderbolt 4 Dock is basically only Haitao, so it is necessary to consider additional expenditures such as shipping and taxes.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Since the lightning 4 is compatible with all the protocols from USB 2.0 to lightning 3, when purchasing a lightning desktop expansion dock, I recommend prioritizing lightning 4, and preparing for future lightning 4 equipment in advance.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Through lightning 4, you can support two full resolution Run Pro Display XDR, provided you have

From the current comprehensive products, you can buy the best lightning 4 expansion in China, which should be the True snake. Of course, don’t ask my Caldigit, through the good buddy,


Portable product

Although the lightning is good, but the huge external power supply should be put into the package, it is a burden on who is, so its biggest role is still quietly lying on your workbench. Therefore, in contrast to the desktop-level extension, the portable expansion is almost the world of the USB protocol.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

USB protocol

Since there are too many brands and products available on the market, the supported interfaces and protocols are uniform, so we are still mentioned above “Can also meet 4K 60Hz video output, USB 3.0 data transmission speed and support As a threshold for the threshold. Under this condition, there are four products I recommend, namely Caldigit USB-C SOHO DOCK, Dell DA300 / 310, Aenzr 12 combined with a separated dock and Apple USB-C digital audio and video multi-port converter.

From the perspective of work and texture, Caldigit USB-C SOHO DOCK is a well-deserved color value C bit, whether it is in the bag or placed on the desktop, very high-end atmosphere. At the same time, it is plugged in a number of interfaces that can meet their daily uses only more than the volume of the bank card.

Secondly, it is a widely acclaimed Dell DA300 / 310 and the recent Aenzr 12-in-one separation dock that is highly thermally, is a better performance in the type and number of interfaces, and the supported protocols do not lose. other products. In particular, Aenzr, the number of supported interfaces is not only the most in these, but also the lowest price. If you feel that Caldigit is more than 900 yuan beyond your own band, then these two are also a good choice.

Dell da310

Aenzr 12 in one separation dock

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

As for the Apple USB-C digital audio and video multi-port converter, I have used the first USB protocol portable dock that can reach “threshold”, and is also the smallest in the three. It is more worthy of expressing the application of Apple, which is also well compatible for PC, IPAD, and other USB-C equipment, and can be connected at the highest protocol speed in the supported chip.

Apple USB-C Digital Video Multi-Port Converter

Thunder 3 protocol

Portable Thunder 3 Duzzle Although the number of interfaces may not be as follows, it is definitely in the interface specifications. They basically do double 4K 60Hz / single 5K 60Hz video output, and can also run 10Gbps USB-A interface.

Under this class, it is not possible to choose a product. I recommend three types of Caldigit Thunderbolt 3 mini-Dock, Belkin Thunderbolt 3 expansion pedestal core board (officially used “board”, even though I think they are wrong) and Akasys Thunder 3 hard disk box extension dock.

Caldigit Thunderbolt 3 Mini Dock

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Extended Slute Core Board

These two have no longer have to introduce, after all, Caldigit and Belkin have frequently brushing in this article. Assicis may have heard of many people, but as the good lightning 3 peripheral brand, its product quality is still clearance. Moreover, it also cleverly combines the hard disk and the Dock, except for a USB-A and DISPLAYPORT interface, it also provides a slot of M.2 SSD to facilitate our extended storage space.

Here, I have to remind you that there are some extensions directly on MacBook on MacBook. They will write their own support for lightning 3 (this is also the same, but the price is only a few hundred). Even tens of dollars, I suggest you don’t buy – they are not the lightning 3 protocol.

If you carefully observe, you will find this type of expansion of “Support Thunder 3”, you need to connect two USB-C interface, and the greasy is here: they only extend a lightning 3 interface, then Run the USB protocol with another lightning 3 interface to do expand, no function of any lightning 3.

In essence, it is a USB-C extension, and most of them can only support video output from 4K 30Hz. In addition, many friends who have purchased this type of product have been fed back, they have caused loose or unsuitable problems with the Dock’s interface or Mac’s USB-C port due to long time.

A small problem

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Here you may find that a lot of domestic well-known brand expansion docks can also reach the threshold above, but they have not appeared in the recommended list, why?

According to the experience I have actually purchased, although the prices of some domestic brands are attracted, they can meet the connection needs, but the various small problems have been continuously connected, and there are few less impression that I have impressed the impression of these brands. . For example, I have bought a USB-C extension for the previous company’s colleagues, but only 3 months old, and some interfaces and cable connections have appeared. Can be replaced by after-sales.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

Such a USB product, thousands of lightning extensions are no exception. For example, I have purchased a “parameter ceiling” lightning extension launched by a well-known domestic brand. However, when the power supply is used, the annoying electric inductance is immediately coming. After the contact customer service is changed, there is still the case, indicating that the problem is that the probability is that there is electromagnetic shield (or possibly circuit design), in addition to pushing the product to heavy, there is basically no other solution;

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

More free, I have even encountered my own extension dock and the hard disk cabinet. Either there is no prompt at all, either it is either, find can’t be running, and read and write the progress bar to half the inevitable discriminant. However, these issues have not appeared again after I changed the Caldigit TS3 Plus.

In some digital forums, even someone reflects that the Over the Dock is burning the MAC motherboard when connecting the external power supply, and has to spend a high-priced “painful experience”. I can’t guarantee that these problems will never happen to me, so consider the level of data security and economic losses, there is a conditional as possible to add money, one step to select the international brand of products.

2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)


2021 年双十一 USB-C 扩展坞选购指南(8000字长文)

A small extension, but there are many “routines” behind, and the light of the interface and the agreement is sufficient for a confused. If you buy a product that is not suitable for your own, frequent returns is not only money, but also valuable time. Therefore, I hope that through this article, try to help you step on the pit that can step on, reducing everyone’s test error in the purchase of expansion dock, try to buy their own efforts once.

A wide range of products, it is inevitable that there will be some omissions. If there are some mistakes, please refer to it.Or if you have anything you have used by Dock Dock products, you are welcome to share in your comments.

# 得 买 才 才 双 11 #


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