Little high-end is over time! Cased shirt is so worn = very expensive

The cold is too violent, causing me to be in the state … I almost don’t know how to go out. If wearing a thick coat and down jacket,

And worried that wearing and swollen.

At this time you can rely on

Cut shirt to save

! Don’t look at it is flat, but you can win in your daily. For example, it is good to get along the room, and you can match it well.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Display personal taste.

Even if it is a single-through gas field. Instead, the more simple shape is more likely to look at the AND temperament.

Today, Liya share a wave of choice and wearing a bottoming shirt, not only let you wear a good look!

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵


Color choice

Said that it is expensive, then first

Color should be selected

. Common black and white gray is generally no big problem, it is relatively easy to match, it is not easy to go wrong.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

In addition to this, more

Senior gentle

Color, LIYA

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Recommended milk, oat color

. The warmth is soft and not very happy.


Neck selection

Classic round neck is suitable for most faces, especially for

The fairy of the round face is very friendly

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

! If it is an angular face, it can also reduce the corner of the face by a round neck.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

The smoke tube collar means the length of the neck in the neck.

It can reveal a half-high collar of a small part of the neck skin. It is better than the high level, which will look more likely to be more favored than the round neck. Can weaken the bloated feelings of autumn and winter.

So high collar is very suitable for neck

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

, Or fairy that is small. More recommend relaxed stacks than the tight neckline.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵



Bottling shirt + skirt

Even if it is a cold season, our girls will not give up the beautiful skirt!

This set of LOOK is adopted

Summer single item + winter single product

The combination. The floral thin dress is combined with soft sweater, which seems a different attribute, but it is quite “tacit” together.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵


White as an universal inclusive color

, Easily digest the fancy style.

I believe there are a lot of fairy and liya, I bought a lot of beautiful hanging skirts, but I was not sorry in the summer.

Can only be idle at home.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

You can now

Take it out from the wardrobe!

The elegant mint green breaks the dull autumn and winter, and after the white bottoming shirt, it is like a glass of mellow tea milk.

Southern girls can choose some

Light round neck bottoming shirt

. Micro-wide shoulder straps can modify the worry of wide shoulders.

The waist pleat design is also a lot of color.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵


It also highlights the existence of the waistline. The meat between the waist and abdomen is also hidden.

Said so much white bottoming shirt, how can classic black forget?

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

V-neck design

Reduce the crowded feeling

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

The shoulders shoulder design for small amounts of bone, and the fairy where the shoulders is very friendly! Wear an elegant Berret, proper French girl feels only.

Don’t worry, half skirt Look is coming!


This element can be classified as a third pattern other than solid color and color. Will not be too quiet and plain, nor will it hit. The scale is just right. Especially after combining with the single product,

One simple, it can highlight trendy.

Caseshirt + jacket

Autumn and winter season is definitely inseparable from temperament: coat. Especially with classic camel, it is simply

Unmanned gentle killing!

The grille elements mentioned just mentioned can also be applied to the coat, so there is more retro Feel!

If you want to be strong, you may wish to try it.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Double-breasted coat

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

. Select light colors from the outside.

Donned effect double.

Advanced gameplay is three layers. Coat + sweater + bottoming shirt,

The level of warmth is also upgraded!

It should be noted here that the softness of the inside and outside should be balanced.

Lamb hair shared in yesterday, I can’t forget today!

Remember to choose short fur,

More suitable for most body, it is not easy to blook up.

Button sweater

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Can be a cardigan can also be a head sweater. The windshield is stronger. If you want to further superimpose, open the button to show the shape of the inner.

Other styles of bottoming shirts

Beans Green is very suitable for the fairy of the white skin, it is more apparent to the body!

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

Tight + round neck

It is very high-level proud curve. The people are in invisible!

If you want to be in autumn and winter, it is not glare.

Moran Die’s warmth is worth trying

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

. The knit jacket is free to the body, and the lazy feelings are coming.

Striped this long-lasting element, whether it is still the current fashion circle, which is fashionable?

If you want to show your feelings, you can settle stripes.

Color saturation styles

. It’s very good to match a jeans.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

If it emphasizes retro feel, you can directly put on bright color + thick stripes. Peacock green headband + vital redboard shoes,

Pull the sound of the look directly.

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

About the color, neckline, match, all of the fairy people! It seems a simple and ordinary bottoming shirt,

As long as spend a little careful

小高领过时了!打底衫这么穿 = 很贵

If you don’t think about it! If you can’t wear what you go out, try to use the bottom shirt to launch.


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