Chongqing Dadukou store – there is such a warm small corner in the “mountain city”

“There is a mountain, there is a city in the mountains. The city has not gone to the old group of Chongqing people. The male is straight, the female blackba is, the hot pot is not available to the sea, they never eat …….”

Chongqing, a city situated in the Yangtze River and Jialing River. In the city, Baashan is stretched, the water is long, the historical source is long, the cultural accumulation is deep, the terrain is inherently, and the grooves are steep and strong. .

It is also because of this unique terrain, Chongqing has become the “8D Magic City”, and the Li Zi Dam’s wear light rail. It is the wrong way to Chongqing Day Tour, the red land of China’s deepest subway station, can Calling the second long crown escalator in Asia ….. No one is to show the charm of the world to Chongqing.

Initial Chongqing was attracted by his outside, calm down and slowly feel his inner, and he would completely fall in love with this city. The weather of the sun, the ups and downs of the terrain, no spicy taste …….. Create Chongqing’s hot, let the people living in this city have become very cool.

There is such a small corner in this enthusiastic city. He is full of tenderness and warmth. He will raise every child with your mother. He is Milk Family Mijia imported maternal and child living hall.

Brand: Milk Family

Shop: Milk Family Mijia Import Mother and Baby Life Hall

Address: No. 150, Xingtong Road, Dadukou District, Chongqing

When I came to Milk Family, the small facade made you think that just this, but I don’t know if I entered it.

Warm and cured Makarone color decorated with the whole room, when you seem to be returned again, the era of a happy people, just this time has a warm intimate response.


And the most beautiful response is the high-quality and fully equipped maternal and child’s good object in the store, which is the love of the storeman and the baby for every mother and the baby.


Milk Family Good Amway

Daily 吖 咪 脆


This corn is crisp with high-quality corn grinding in Australia. It is baked with natural salts, full of rich corn sweet breath, taste fresh and crispy, finely squeezed vegetable oil makes corn brittle sweet and delicious. In addition, daily sterilization milk is added, and a pack of corn is equivalent to a bottle of milk, and this calcium content is as high as 125mg! In order to help your baby’s brain, there are 22mg DHA, which can enhance your baby’s memory and is essential for intelligence and vision development.


There is no preservative, no pigment, no additives only choose natural raw materials, and the corn is only used in heat and pressure, so that the nutrient and taste of corn, makes the cornflakes fresh and crisp, green, and light Chemical.

Small yellow duck bomb music piano


There are four modes of this musician, which can be swapped at will, let the baby learn more happily in play.

With 8 cheerful music, it is equivalent to a small music player.

After pressing the piano button, the cartoon doll will stand up, and the five-pointed star on the side will start to shine, flash, and super attractive. High-fidelity sound quality is clear but not harsh, softly cares for the baby’s hearing, the overall color is simple and soft, which is conducive to baby perception and discrimination of colors.

360 ° rounded corner smooth and delicate, no more, don’t worry about scratching your baby’s little hand, the cute cartoon small animal model is the baby’s favorite, every time playing the piano, I am talking about my friends.


Dolly Thane doll

Upgrade the pluck joints are more easy to set, 60cm height integral injection does not splicing, and will not scratch the doll. Neutral wind, leisure wind, princess wind, retro wind always has a style to grab the baby’s heart. Can be changed, rehabilitate, modified, dress up, and meet any imagination of the princess in your heart.

The original court retro costume, the layer stacked, the satin smoothly high simulation imported high temperature hair, easy HOLD live in various styles. The exquisite lace sidelines are mixed with dreams of fluffy mesh, and the real dense three-dimensional eyelashes are hand-painted. It is not a cheap doll comparable texture, and it is more realistic.


The doll’s clothes can be cleaned, only the balcony can be naturally dried, but the doll’s hair and the body should not go directly to the water, and only use the wet cloth to gently wipe it. I must remember not to be exposed.

Iisbei ​​organic food osmaton

This rice noodle is suitable for 4 months or more, the main component is organic brighter, organic rice bran extract, has also added some of the birth of flutinol (vitamin E), also natural organic food, no gene crop food, no salt and sugar, No food starch, no concentrated. The rice coarse particles are not allergic, easy to digest is not too allergic, easily care for the baby’s gastrointestinal health, the entrance is the sweetness of the cereals

Best’s rice noodles raw materials are grown in an organic environment, and there is no insecticide, herbicides and fertilizers, in Oregon, the US USDA Organic organic certification approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the United States. It is the supposent food for mothers who are absolutely assured.

Disney & B.BOX Joint Drug Cup

Baby always likes to lying on a bottle, in order to facilitate the baby’s various postures, drinking water in the cup, the drinking of the cup can drink water with the baby, drinking water without the dead angle, the gravity ball is also style, the Mickey’s cup gravity ball is Mickey’s shape, gravity ball of the mermaid cup is a small shell of powder.

The absorber is unlike the leak-proof design and the traditional open straw cup. The baby can adjust the size of the water by light bite, you can adjust the size of the water, and you can exercise better through frequent water absorption. Oral muscle. The four-leak-proof design allows the water cup without water without water, close silicone gasket and straw ligation balance valve, can effectively control the sealing of the cup, and the straw slider is directly overlay the straw directly in the cup, and the sanitary clean and water leakage .

Food grade PP material plus food grade silicone straws, excluding BPA security non-toxic, Bao Ma can rest assured that the baby bite. However, it is recommended to load a warm water of 45 ° or less, and the appropriate water temperature will not damage the cup and will not scalding the baby.


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