Solid wood dining table, stone table fashion! How to choose?

The table is the furniture used in our daily dining, and occasionally family gatherings will be used when drinking tea. The table is a furniture for each household, and the style and material of the table. Different dining table design, will also have a certain impact on the style atmosphere of space, and different materials table, its experience is also different.

Today, let’s talk about the choice of different table style and materials, you can see which thing is more suitable for your home!

// 1, wooden table //

Solid wood dining table is the most common dining table material, on the wood dining table, different wood and appearance design, the effect is not the same.


1 style match

Solid wood dining table, because it is a classic table material, so it is also relatively comparable to the style of decoration style. From refreshing simple winds, to heavy Chinese style, solid wood dining tables can have a lot of choices.


▲ The solid wood dining table is relatively wild.

2 some suggestions

The choice of wooden dining table is mainly to consider two aspects, one is wood, one is a structural process.

▲ solid wood dining table should look at the timber raw materials and installation processes.

Wood, to avoid the human panel (whether it is a density plate or multi-layer board) and “import” rubber wood in Southeast Asia (saying imported wood, but it is actually very poor), ordinary households can choose walnut, beech, white oak Dining table for red oak, cherry wood and other wood.

▲ The log of the solid wood dining table is rich, and it is necessary to pay attention to the low-cost “imported wood” biased.

In terms of structural process, try to choose the mortuary process, and then the fastening details of the fastener structure have a great relationship to the stability of the table, want to be durable, try to choose a stable style.

▲ The structure of the table is also critical to the stability of the table.


// 2, stone table //

The stone table includes a table of marble, rock plates, and this dining table because of the bright and easy to manage, and the style is more fashionable, and it is also a lot of people’s favorite.


The stone table’s material is more modern, in modern, European, light luxury, etc., the stone table is more appropriate, and the effect is very elegant.

▲ Stone texture is more elegant, suitable for more modern style.

The price difference between stone table is very large, in essence, with wood itself, is a big relationship with stone itself, and marble stone, when you use it, soup sauce will penetrate into stone, so try to Avoid oil.

▲ Marble table table, easy to penetrate, usually pay attention to usage.

Between marble and rock boards, individuals are recommended, and the antifouling effects and appearance materials will be better.

▲ The rock plate table is more advanced and durable.


// 3, metal table ////


The metal texture is relatively cold, and the style is monotonous, so it is relatively rare in the dining table in the family. For example, in the school cafeteria, it is more often seen in the stainless steel table design. If you can encounter a unique style, then you can use a metal dining table in your home and a more durable choice.


▲ Simple styling metal table.

// 4, glass table //

The glass is special, and in the glass furniture of the table, it is generally tempered glass. The glass dining table is more common before 10 years ago. This texture is relatively simple, but the texture is relatively monotonous, and it is more difficult to match the decoration style, so modern family renovation is relatively small. Many people will add a layer of tempered glass as a protective film on the table of the wooden dining table, increase the dirty and protective table of the table.


▲ The glass dining table is relatively concise, and modern home renovation is less.


// 5, custom table //

Customized dining tables can be integrated with basic decoration, with flexible style and materials, generally wood or stone, usually set up design options (including appearance and material) when designing.

▲ Customized table, rich material, structure and hard work, more atmospheric.

Ordinary family dining table, simple Hundreds of choices are solid wood dining tables; general wood dining tables, when purchasing, to avoid inferior wood, rubber wood, etc. mentioned in the previous article. Basic some quality table, the current market price is about 3,000 yuan, and it is good for ordinary families.

1 style match

2 some suggestions


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