From the housewife to “The Queen Queen of the World”: Cao Mei Lili lives into Chinese women’s example

Zhu Delong said: “A single woman is of course beautiful than the housewife, because she takes care of the man’s time to take care of themselves.”

For housewife, everyone’s statement can be called

mixed reviews


Some people think that the occupation exists as a male attachen, and women who are addicted to this role are ultimately in a weak position and cannot live their own life.

Some people think that the role of the housewife can bring her happiness and relaxed life, the husband and the child’s smile is her only 缱绻.

For example, Li Yuzheng, who has been boiling in recent time,

She said in the text: “For women who have been heavy in the long run, there is no work, if there is no mistake, but because the man is forced to divorce, it usually does not know what it is …”

It is true that for ordinary women, the housewife means passive, the family’s chains are shackles, especially older housewives. Whether it continues to maintain life is your choice. therefore,

Women must be independent, whether they have to learn to jump out of life in how old, live their own life.


And the theme of our current period has such a grandma.


She did not compromise the fate, nor did she believe that there is only one living method.

From the 17th year of housewives to “the Queen Queen Queen”, Cao Mei Lili is actually an example of Chinese women, and come to her story.

Talking about the housewife, many people first thought of it is the image of the aunt. It has been busy with the family, and there is only a firefish salt in life. When you are leisure, you will jump in the square dance.

Of course, Cao Mei Lili’s 17-year-old housewife has not experienced how many women live in life.

She returned to the 49-year-old, which is also a critical period of her transformation.

Like most women, she did not immediately swindle, she could only spend the life of 浑 浑, while the square dance and play mahjong also became the game of her time, but the god of fate The coming is just in the mahjong table.

In 2007, a large-scale literary evening was held to celebrate the return of Hong Kong. However, in the past two days from the beginning of the party, the cheongsam team has teammates who can’t participate in the performance, and their captain thought of “Ma You” Cao Mei’s grandmother, so She walked T-stand with the substitute. This will make her dream because Cao’s grandmother has a stage dream.

Imagine, when you look back in your life, will there be a beautiful beauty, will there be a regret?


For the dream, it is not the class of Cao Mei, who insists on exercising the flexibility and coordination of the body, and even the toilet is walking with a table. And we must wear the charm of the cheongsam, get out of the elegant typhoon, which is far less than enough. Therefore, she insisted on practicing the form and the body every day, and even the performance day should also carry the trunk walking exercise and refuse to take the car.

In order to enhance your temperament and elegant talk, she even insisted on practicing Mandarin every day.


Slowly, she integrates her own and cheongsam, even wearing a cheongsam to the world stage.

She has taken a lot of awards, such as:

2013 World Huadu Mrs. Mrs. Final Champion, Best Smile Award

2015 Sino-US (New York) Cheongsam Talent Contest Championship, Best Looks


2016 (painting people) China Cheongsche Culture Inheritance Gold Award

Now she is called China by my friends.


Carmen. Dell. Oletc, even the British director saw her show, called “China’s Audrey. Hepburn


Now Cao Mei Li is 63 years old, she turns a cheongsam into a fashion.

She said: What kind of thing is what kind of thing is originally a big lie, and she will insist on chasing her dreams. As long as you still have a dream, don’t stop chasing, life is never only a firewood salt.

Because of the dream, Cao Mei Lili and cheongsam have begun, let’s take a look at how she is performing cheongsam.

Cao Mei, which wears a cheongsam, perfectly explain what is the beauty of Dongfang women,

Flower embroidery embroidery, drip-shaped tray, the package of curve is difficult to say is that the flower is more than a flower. The combination of velvet material and dark blue color not only

There is also a typical.

Bilateral fork, hips are treated by width to narrow

I can’t help but think of the tail of the mermaid.


Gray high-level feelings have a vision, and light gray is more likely to play this high level.

A little older woman should be shallow gray, retreat, and then elegant.

Water waves pass without trace, it is a flour, which depends on the person who is watching. And when I saw Cao Mei Grandma on gray cheongsam, I saw a kind of person as a kind of child, and the years were quiet. Silver bottle is broken, it is probably.

The planetary design, the flowers of the two sections are not showing her elegance, while the decoration of the lipstick is just a good place to blend her elegant temperament, add a bright, colorful

2. Fashion is personal


The cheongsam is good, but it will have a greasy,

Personality in a timely style


. Just like Cao Mei Lili




The winding design of the waist replaces the effect of the belt, plus the silk fabric, the cuffs of the lantern sleeves, elegant and not lost atmosphere. With the red lips of the hat and the boot, it is a dotted, modern and retro.

Black and white is a classic forever,

Long black suit, leather black gloves and black silk on the legs don’t have a charming and cool handsome. The most eye-catching is the white choker on the neck, and the silk scarf is different, this white choker is more sensitive.

Can you imagine a 50, 60-year-old person wears black? Maybe some people think this is very good,


But I think this is another acknowledgment of the new era of women break through the imprisonment.

Write to the end, the story about Cao Meili Grandma is over, if you have questions about fashion or dressing, welcome to leave a message in the comment area, thank you for reading, qy ~

Disclaimer: This article is originally created, the picture is from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact it, thank you!

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