What are the jade wearing a woman? Start with auspicious meaning, classic and fashion is the focus

On the occasion of our civilization, jade is constantly incorporated into China and even the historical culture of the world. Through these precious “historical wheels”, we have the ability to uncover the mystery of those who have already buried in history. Until the emergence of jade, jade culture gradually moved in colorful jade jade.

There is also a very interesting allusion about jade, that is the legend of the Emerald. Myanmar businessmen believe that jade is the embodiment of the fairy elf, the original model of the Emerald fairy is a Chinese, the most popular circulation in the Emerald Origin of Myanmar.

It is said that the Emerald Niangniang is born in Yunnan Province, China, which is the previous south of the country. She is a famous doctor since childhood, usually reads countless medical books, and medical skills can be called the spring. Later, because of the war, I was in Myanmar because of the war. She has rescued the prince of Myanmar in the Burmese country.

In order to commemorate her, the people in Myanmar and the local emperor said that she is a distinguished person, giving her a jade girl, and even think that the crystal clear jade is her best to give people the best ideas when she is helping people.

Emerald beauty is the beauty of nature. Emerald, have a unique charm. These different shapes and colors of jade bloom in the hands of the sculptor. Elegant and smooth jade, very consistent with the generous wisdom of oriental women. Women wearing jade jewelry can not only illuminate women’s skin, but also improve the gentle temperament.


So, what are the jade of a woman?

First, Emerald Four


Yushu melon is round and full, it is usually carved with full green jade. Emerald wishes measures will have a lot of future generations, it will become smooth. Therefore, girls who have jade wish can bring unparalleled happiness, and have a precious child early, so that the family has become more happiness. We can see from the crystal clear curve on this melon. It can perfectly present the teenage of people moving.


Emerald Fur is a jade wearing, whether it is color or styling. In addition, women are water, and the color of jade is more likely to put down the beauty of women.

Second, the jade


If you inherit the shape of ancient jade hairpin to some extent, it has a variety of expressions, mostly from the extremely rare elements such as clouds, Ganoderma lucidum. In ancient emerald, the identity is very expensive. Now wear the jade, the meaning is very good, that is, all the best.


Women wearing a jade, a hanging pendant can work well, let them do things more confident. The jade is simple, the style is simple, the style is a good choice, no matter what you carry, or send friends to send blessings.

Third, jade four seasons beans


There are many advantageous meanings of jade four-season beans or pods, such as more children and more happiness, four seasons, peace and so on. It is said that beans are often the main basic food in the temple, so the beans become “Buddou”, and the “longevity” homophonic ensures peace! Four-season beans full of images, meaningful, fruit, get good results. After the jade jade is inlaid, you can wear it.


After the girl put it, it fits the blessings. So, it is also the best choice for marriage gifts. The four-season beans are relatively simple, all don’t feel outline, atmospheric appearance, simple outline, highlight it exquisite appearance. What kind of pod is the best? The ratio is consistent with the real pod, can’t be too long or too flat. Emerald Four Seasons Beans are a variety of beautiful meaning and become a favorite object.


Four, jade leaves

Autumn leaves are the most beautiful scenery, a fall of autumn leaves


It has achieved a long-awaited. And evergreen leaves give people a vital feeling, full of vigorous vitality. It is even more fascinating fascinating, and the leaves carved on green jade will continue such beautiful.

The “leaf” of the jade leaves is in harmony with the “industry”, so it means that the cause is booming, the family is large, etc. The girl wearing jade leaves is also a good blessing to “Golden Jade Ye”. Each girl is the princess of his own, and complement with the beauty of jade.


Five, emerald gourd

The gourd is the homonym of ‘Fulu’, and the emerald gourd is also the meaning of the blessing to wear. And it is a round combination of fat and a round combination of a round, such a shape is very good, more suitable for girls, this shape is China’s unique, representing the auspicious symbol of national style jewelry, After modern design, wear more meaningful.


Sixth, jade security buckle


Pingan is also known as “nostalgia” before, is a pendant that has been worn by men and women, and is also a jade with Chinese characteristics. Take the word “safe”, whether it is wearing or gives people. All the security buckles are round, outside the vast chaotic world, the peaceful and quiet in the heart, and the peaceful artistic conception is between this.

Emerald jade is warm and transparent. As the jewelry is very suitable for girls, unique Chinese characteristics plus a modern design makes jade become novel and fashionable, so that you can wear more fashionable. Emerald modeling, it is also very important when choosing jade jewelry, don’t miss it.


For girls, whether wearing jewelery with precious metal gems, or jade, traditional jade, can express their unique side. But jade is more traditional and meaningful, and it is more elegant and low-key, simple and generous.


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