Elegant light luxury, silent home life (internal attached furniture)

Design agency: Jorya Yu Ya


Designer: Xiao Yang

Design area: 68m2

House Location: Atlantic New Town

Household: Two rooms


Decoration costs: 57.7W (hard installation 7.7W + main material soft 50W)


Designer: Xiao Yang / Director: Xu Xiangqian Supervision: Gao Shiqi / Main Materials: Yuan Yi


Apartment diagram


Demolition wall map & new wall map


End flat layout


This house couple lives, the building area is 85 square meters, the two rooms, one is the main bedroom of two people, and the other is used to work, and it will leave a children room in the future.


This house is a simple style.

French style: Refers to the architecture and furniture style of the France country. It mainly includes French baroque style, Luococketical style, new classical style.


Nowadays, no one chooses a pure French, because it is too gorgeous and cumbersome, and some of the french-style elements are used to present – such as some delicate and slim engrave. These simplifies into decorative lines at home, such as these decorative lines appear on the wall, door cover, ceiling, and custom furniture. The lines are tough, making the atmosphere of the entire room uniform, and the designer re-uses furniture and fabric to “soften” room. Finally, there is a gentle and quiet french luxury style.


Real picture

living room


The house is located on the high level without any occlusion, and the light is very good. The entire space color and shape are on this carpet. Persimmon red and turmeric surface sofa, contrasting the plaster lines are tough space, which is soft and quiet, making people feel quiet.

Couples like two people like clean and refreshing environments, do not like to surrounded by too many items, so the whole room can’t find debris filled with life.

Wall decoration If the plaster line is used, the cost is low, the construction is simple, but the furniture is easy to touch the gypsum. This home is to spray white paint directly on the wall with a styled density plate. This is still a perfect.

The plaster line in the vertical direction gives a high visual effect of a room.

In the original, the balcony and the living room are two separate areas, designers put the walls on the ground floor, let the living room and the balcony into a space. The original uneven ceiling also made modifications and improves the temperament of space.


Chandelier # slamp clizia

Comparison before and after the balcony ceiling construction

# 凡 # 音


Balcony’s small wall

Tea table #traditional Lato


#gubi # 18 18椅


The size of the chair and this space are just match.




The kitchen has used four sliding doors, and the slides are on top of the sliding door, usually kitchen, do an open kitchen. Once there is a fume, you can close the push door to avoid the embarrassment of the smoke of the house.




The left side of the door is 350mm into the deep door cabinet, and the shoes are hosted. When you do half your height of the wall, you are doing a colored abstract drawing.


This is the angle to see the right back to the right. When the walls of the door, the walls of the door are relatively narrow, do 200mm in-depth door cabinet, used to store some small items, the top of the cabinet is a funny mirror and retro style hook. They have an increase in the funity of the room, and there is no too much board.

Mirror #seletti

It is facing the door of the bathroom, using a light-core glass, a light transmissive.


On the right is the coat room, the sliding door is matte glass and water ripple glass stitching, the border is retro gold.

master bedroom

#kartell mini bedside table, small size, will not take up too much space.

The capacity of the master bedroom wardrobe is relatively small, and the clothes of the couple have been done by the couple. Decorative lines on the wardrobe doors and brass handles are all equality elements, consistent with other rooms, simple.

The color tone of the master bedroom is all elegant gray, different textured gray reflects the level of the room. The chandelier is sloppy, there is 2 meters long, and the semi-circular pumpkin color lamp becomes the embellishment of the room.


The bedroom squid cabinet is used to accommodate some accessories.



The pattern of original bathroom.

The original bathroom layout is very loose. After the designer is finished, he will not only keep the water heater, but also double basin, washing machine and storage space.


# 卫生间 效果 图 图

The effect of the bathroom transformation.

The styling of the bathroom cabinet uses a completely symmetrical structure, and the exquisite brass handle is a pen. Although it is a custom cabinet, but there is no top, and a decorator is made on the hanging cabinet. This is designed, which is very conforming to the overall style.

The top of the washing machine is a wall-mounted water heater.



The style of secondary furnished furniture is consistent with the master bedroom, and there is a decorative line on the door panel. With the plates of light coffee matte surface, with coffee charted curtains and mattresses, it is more calm. The bed can pull out, the width of the bed is 1.2 meters into 1.5 meters, the single bed is double bed.

group photo

From left to right, it is the owner of the household, and the Director Xu Xiang, the designer Xiao Yang.

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Size plane layout:

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The pattern of original bathroom.


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