There is a very attitude lattice suit in the Korean little brother life, you also make yourself

We generally choose a suit to choose a solid color suit, and think that the suit is very formal, very old. In fact, the casual small suit is very casual, and it is very handsome, compared to a lot of jackets that make people feel more temperament!

Today, I will introduce you to the proper wear of the lattice suit, let you become the most embarrassing of the whole street.

First of all, I am still embarrassed, I am not full of tightness, no matter what your body is good, don’t wear too tight, a little loose dress will make you more temperament, very milky.

Two buckles suit is actually very casual, can be very casual, not necessarily the whole plaid suit, of course, actually very foreign. But it will look too grand, and casual with a slim Korean version of nine pants, it is very casual, and it is very elegant.

The buckle can be very casual, of course, it is not recommended to be a bit old, but it will be a bit old, but it is open, very handsome, it is really bad.


This set of matches is very successful, first, from the head to the foot, there are only two colors, black and gray. Black t 裇 and black trousers have black shoes, which is already very dazzling.

Plus a silver necklace, as well as silver belt buckle, very eye-catching, this point of metal feelings look very advanced. The color of the suit is also a dark, black grid suit, with a black, very handsome. Compared to a black suit, more fashionable, more personal temperament.

Plaid suit is a very foreign fashion item, which is very easy to put a noble elegant temperament, very nobility.

The first set of matching a very gentleman, very elegant man feels, and the second set of matching shows another kind of youthful taste.


Very fresh oxygen wind, the color of the suit and the color of the trousers are very commensurate, which is a gray, this is a very spring and summer color, revealing is a fresh, nature style.


This classic monarch pattern is in a suit, who can be controlled, and it is very simple. But I still remind you not to match too much pants, because the low-waist small straight nine pants is really a special identified leg, which will make you feel extraordinary.


Black hand-caught and inside black t is very commemled, Korean little brothers are very understanding of color matching, so that the color is very highlighted, very elegant.

This light-colored suit is very suitable for wearing in spring and summer, the whole person is very sunshine, compared to a jacket, plaid suit will always make people more spiritual and practiced.


Double-breasted clepped suit can also be very casual, wearing very simple and casual, with a flavor with jeans.

Still pay attention to the color of color, this lattice suit color is also light-colored, which will not be dull. So it is recommended to match light-colored jeans, and it is of course a white t, which will be beautiful. Of course, if it is a black T 裇, it is also possible.

With the white t, I’m still less than a pair of small white shoes, very refreshing, very sunshine. If it is a black t, it is recommended to wear a black casual leather shoes and is also very handsome.


Plaid suit with jeans If you want to catch your bag, in fact, any color can be, because the jeans are very casual, you can control the accessories of various colors. Of course, the color of the hand is still trying to take into account the color of the shoes and the inner t 裇, such as the above match, the last taking a light-colored (khaki or gray) hand, the black is very temperament, black is slightly weak A little bit, but it is also worth it.

In fact, the double-breasted suit is really tasteful, wearing very eye-catching, fashion is very high, especially with jeans than a more temperament with casual pants. If it is a deep lattice suit, you can choose a little color when you match the jeans, so the entire tone is very harmonious.


These three very handsome lattice suit is today I want to share with you, I hope everyone can like it, remember to pay attention to mad, will have more fashionable and life fun and share! I like friends remember to collect and share it!


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