How to sit in steady chair from aerospace microwave to “Cosmic Kitchen” Galanz?

On September 1, CCTV integrated channels broadcast “The First Class in the University”, three Chinese astronauts gave a vivid space course in the country in China Space Station. It is worth mentioning that in the “three rooms and one hall” of astronauts, the astronauts focused on their diet in space, and the ancient space equipment of the aerospace microwave was first disclosed.

On June 17 this year, when the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft was successfully launched, the aerospace microwave oven to the China Space Station in Galanz. After January, Galanz also released the concept of “universe kitchen” and introduced new air fried microwave new products. From the aerospace microwave to the “universe kitchen”, Galanz once again laid its position in the microwave industry.

Why can I “Get Tiantiao” in ten years

Different from the past, China astronauts used to cook aerospace microwaves, the first microwave oven in the history of human space, and the use of hot air installations in space and the use of hot air units, the use of microwaves make them easier to enjoy in space stations China’s taste. The microwave oven reaches a super-level energy efficiency, and a meal staple food of three astronauts can be cooked within 7 minutes.


How does Galanz, how is the universe-and-universe environment that successfully and adapted, providing delicious dishes for astronauts?

It is understood that the Galanzer microwave project is in 2011. After accepting the R & D task, Galanz initiated the research and development of special magnetron. As the core component of the microwave, the magnetron is facing a very different environment in space. Galanz integrates innovation through parts, so that the space microwave oven reaches a super-level energy efficiency, saving the valuable energy of the space station, and three in 7 minutes can complete three An astronaut’s meal.

However, to successfully send the microwave oven to the sky, let the microwave can withstand overload and high frequency shock during the rocket launch, and work ten years after entering space, it is necessary to redesign its structure and core components. And R & D, while there is also strict sizes, weight and power consumption on process design.

In order to mitigate the volume of the microwave oven, the reliability requirements of space homeware are reached, and the Galanz R & D personnel continue to optimize the product structure, strengthen the mechanical strength of the product itself, and create a fastener, integrated molding, etc. Innovative processes. At the same time, Galanz also specially made a variable frequency microwave power supply instead of the traditional high-voltage transformer, greatly reduced product weight.


锅 铁 换 “” Heart “Technology Galanz relocated China Space Station

The industry is generally believed that Galanz microwave furnace can go to the Chinese space station, become a member of the space kitchen, relying on strength to talk, then why only Galanz can develop an aerospace microwave?

Because, innovative space microwave ovens is the work efficiency and structure of the magnetron, which is the core technology of Galanz. More than 20 years ago, when the Galanz microwave oven did the first of the production and sales world, in the face of the “card neck” problem of the microwave oven heart parts magnestick pipe, Galanzhe is under the determination of “锅” . Subsequently, Galanz jointly bought a group of domestic experts and partners, and finally successfully completed the independent research and development and production of magnetron, realizing the independent controlled control of the whole industry chain, laid the Galanz comprehensive leading white appliance brand status.


After breaking through the core technology of the magnetron, Galanmen began a self-lend, a change in the leading industry, and an item of innovative technology in Galanz.

Decades, Galanz continued to innovate, breakthrough in the field of microwave ovens, from the technical revolution to color revolution to the opening of the microwave oven circular era, Galanz has established difficult competitiveness in the microwave industry, and the role positioning is also “popularized to China” Turn to “New Directions leading to the development of the microwave industry”.

In 2021, Galanz continued 11 consecutive ranks of microwave industrial brand influence, and in 2021, he also ranked first in the 2020 Chinese customer recommendation index SM (C-NPS) microwave recommendation list, 2020 Chinese customers Satisfaction Index SM (C-CSI) Microwave Furnace Satisfaction Leaderboard

This year, Galanz once again leads the frontier of the microwave industry technology. At the 328 China Market Annual Meeting, it released commercial microwave and integrated microwave ovens, with professional innovative cooking configurations to provide consumers with more efficient cooking solutions.

Today’s Galan is not only mastering microwave crescent technology, but also has absolute leading microwave oven industrial chain and core self-supporting capabilities, from the development capabilities of core components such as magnetron, transformers; at the same time, Galanz is in the absolute leading microwave independent innovation On the basis of self-core supporting, the development and iteration of steam tanks, oven core technology is continuously, and the status of the first brand of microgravages is further constructed.

Create a “universe kitchen” to make space black technology into the national kitchen

The introduction of Galanz aerospace microwave, which makes people have great interest to space appliances. As the latest scientific and technological achievements such as the National Brand, the latest scientific and technological achievements such as the space microwave, recently launched the concept of “universe kitchen”, and released the new “Food Task” DR air fried microwave oven, so that space black technology moved into the national kitchen .

It is reported that the Galan Shiji kitchen aims to spread the technology of space microwave oven to the public, the kitchen mount program setting, data, program, process, implant the microwave, etc., users only need fingertips Operation, you can implement one-touch automatic cooking, which is really satisfied with the imagination of the new era smart kitchen.

Not only that, the Galan Shiji kitchen can solve three meals cooking, “Food Future Cabin” – DR Air Frying Microwave is the first microwave oven in the market to achieve air-fried microwave, based on frequency frequency microwave function, innovation has increased Airfront and stereo roasted function, can be both microwave, can also be barbecue, baking, roasting, etc., can cook hundreds of food, is a real gourmet treasure chest, which can meet the diversified cooking requirements of various people.

Move the kitchen scene in the space to the future kitchen, undoubtedly Galanz’s imagination and conception of our future home life. The “Cosmic Kitchen” of Galanz, is a subversive innovation and breakthrough to the traditional kitchen. It advocates a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Traditional cooking is upgraded to an uncivilized, no smoke cooking, and this Smokeless, efficient, wisdom, and all-round cooking methods are the common expectations of users.

In the past 43 years, Galanz has continuously accumulated the strength of “Flying” in the field of home appliances, and there is a “height” of the world champion. The fact that has been used unfailed to prove the value of innovation and become the leader of the technology and product of home appliance industry.

Cover Journalist Zhao Ping

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