Don’t be soil! “Bowder” is so popular, high-level is still thin

It’s cold, even if you get up, it is a special torture, and the heart history is

“Get up”



“Sleep 5 min – Simply please leave – I really need this job?”

Especially in the south without heating, no courage to explore the feet in twenty minutes.

When is humanity to hibernate?


I don’t know if you are like me, the picture is convenient to sleep in warm underwear. It will be better in the morning.

When I said this, I have to spit it. For those who have a poor sleep quality, the too thick warm clothing can make me turn over to sleep in the night, really too guilty.

In order to find one


Daytime Warm Online

Sleeping at night

Will not feel feeling because they are too thick

Warm clothing


Warm and comfortable, the key is

The thickness is just shaping

I don’t have more effort to wear a few pieces outside. It is simply in the middle of this fashion. I have a few sets of exchanges. In short, this winter is not cold.

[Color value online, shaped dress better]

I can’t understand the psychological psychology of the fairy who don’t love the warm underwear. It is still good to wear a few centimeters of legs.

But this warm clothing is different, use


Double slim


The strength is coming:

1. Vertical stripes extended lines, visual thin

2. Stretch shaping, gathering fat


If you don’t have a detail of the first point, you can understand the visual instructions. The second point is different, people can really let you

Something 10 pounds

! Our studio’s small partners appear


Why is it so cow? LIYA quietly told everyone, in addition to the fabric, it is still

Waist, abdomen, buttocks, etc.

The fat accumulation site uses a more intensive knit.


The elasticity and parcel of these parts are stronger,

Abdomen hips

, The upper body second GET is good, it is really a good heart!

And the neckline is also a generous and classic round neck, the skin is just right, can showcase the bone and shoulder neck lines, thin and temperament.



In one case

The land is tailored, even if it is not a problem with the bottom shirt.

[What is the boyfriend on the line? 】

Since it is warm clothes, then

Warm is the last word

. Don’t look at it, keep warm underwear on the market.

This is worthy of in it.


Poly hot loop

, Fine and compact fluff can be firmly locked and prevent heat loss.

Preparation process of high-tech yarn


Let the yarn have a much higher density than ordinary underwear, which is more windy insulation.

With this double guarantee, the cold wind is seamlessly drilled! Others wearing a thick layer of plus velvet, it is better to wear this thin one.

In order to make the fairy feel more intuitively to feel its warmth, Liya is tested with the same size ice hockey with ordinary warm clothes and Ayaka Sar warm clothing.


Everyone can see that there is one-third of the left side, the ice hockey wrapped in the right side of the Ayaka Sar warm clothing

Almost all

! Not much to say, I Riss!

(Left: ordinary underwear right: Ayaka SAR warm clothing)

[Quality online, long-lasting is like a new real estimate]


The quality of the clothes wear must pass, the fabric is not good to get the skin, and the mood all day will be very annoyed.

Sensitive muscle

It is even more disappeared by tossing to the flushing bag.

And this warm clothing is used

Combing cotton mixed fabric


, Soft soft, the upper body is really comfortable, slippery, RUA can’t do it!


And it


“Soft belt just”

I don’t easily get the ball, and I’m doing it wrong with it.

Although the tightness is very good, it will not give people a feeling of breathing, high-elastic fabric

Strong delay


85-145 catties

The fairy can wear.

It is also very breathable and quick-drying nice, even if it is sweating, it can remain dry and not sticky.

Not light can give comfort to comfort, more

Reduce bacterial breeding

, My mother doesn’t have to worry about my back to the long acne.

And it is used


Active printing and dyeing technology

The color is very strong, the ability to lock color is also online, and everyone can put one hundred hearts about the problem of fading fading.

There is also a common clothes.

Standing, stick

Waiting for a big problem, this warm clothes will not be, I have been worn for a long time, and I will have the same as the new.

In addition, some very humanized small details:

For example, the high waist is not easy to pick up, protect the abdomen, and will not be so uncomfortable every month.

For example, the width pants will prevent the pants from slipping, and it will not stick to the waist, and the comfort is higher.

For example, the width side of the lower swing can prevent the clothes from swinging, will not appear to be unrestrained, and it can prevent running positions, wind and wind and lock temperature.


(I really can’t find a warm clothes more intimate than it)

having said so much,


Warm and non-bloated warm clothing

It is really uncomfortable on the market, and a treasure is seventeen, and the quality is good.



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