Short shirt + high backing = summer wear king bomb combination! Very high temperament, hipster fried

Summer wearing thousands of tens of thousands, big to a fascinating skirt, a handsome short t, small to a blingbling career accessories, every active trendy single item may make you confident full . Dress it every day to go out, the mood will also make it clear, so everyone must don’t miss every opportunity to make yourself beautiful ~~~


In recent years, the show is really too hot in the fashion circle and the entertainment circle. Many stylish spermathers are very stressed when they are looking for the LOOK.

After the slim waist line, the whole will become high.


, In the summer, there is a good figure, there is wood!


Today, I’m looking for you to re-push the summer wear knot combination:


Short shirt + high backing

Let you fry the audience, and the return rate soars.


Short t must be bought every summer, but you must have a T-shirt with an umbo bar, it will not only go, but also very well. When the sisters are choosing clothes, they can prefer a strong style. After all, the flattened T-shirt is too common, I want to leave a deep impression, the trendy feeling of the shirt is very important.


The short t that chooses the print is mixed with the high waist jeans, and the small fresh ages are tonized. White big V collar short coat with high waith leopard wide leg pants, a word: 飒.


Shirts + high waist loading combination can be sweet and salted with wood!


The solid color short top can choose different material fabrics depending on the needs of wearing. However, pay attention to the fabric that the upper and bottom is as unified as much as possible, such as your shirt chooses the smooth fabrics of the satin, and you will be unified as possible to choose the smooth skin. have to say,

The solid color short top is more high-level, and it is more resistant to see if it is too obsolete.

Top-colored wear method is more advanced


It has already said ten million with the girl. It is also a hard-free, white-style short top on the short coat + high waist box, breaks the traditional pure white short t boring, and the high waist sputum is also an unhappy, and then with a rice white The bag, the overall look is really comfortable.

If you think that the white short T is too monotonous, you can try the bright colorful short coat, will let the whole person shine.

Summer is hot, if there is a cool short vest, it is really good.


The pendant vest is a hundred artifacts that will be fired every year, and you can create a sense of cold wind, so that you secondly supermodel.

, With a high waist straight split pants, the summer is striking. When you choose, you should choose the style you can cover the milk.

The bevel style vest is really good to look again, and the supermodel is coming.

But don’t choose the shoulder width and the shoulder thick, it will be more highlighted by the shoulder’s strength and deficiencies.

The vest is a wild basic paragraph, and the high waist trousers in the wardrobe is very OK. The style can be arbitrarily converted according to your mood.


The old shirts also know that I have said before. and


Short suit shirt is a bit like the upgraded version of the old shirt, the version is more expanded, and the casual feels have fallen a few degrees. It looks more suitable for commuting to go to work.

Preferred collar: suits, under the kit with hierarchy, more suitable for workplace women.

Short jackets in the bowl of umbilical models are more feasible. If you are a small sister with a relatively small bust, you can try it, you will make your eyes bright.

Many of the more fearful sisters are afraid to wear a strong, you can take a vest, open the short suit shirt outside, this will be more leveling, you can extend the shortness.

Sisters, if you haven’t had a Get Shirt + high-keepings, you can rush it ~

I hope everyone will wear it every day, happy every day, happy, know if you are yourself, you are a big winner! ! !

I like some praise, 嘻嘻 ~


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