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Over the years, China has a boom in the sea, and the global epidemic context, Chinese companies have entered a new stage. In 2021, especially the sea of ​​the Internet industry, there is a new climax.

In the past two years, cross-border e-commerce presents a target growth trend. According to customs statistics, in 2020, China’s cross-border e-commerce import and export was 1.69 trillion yuan, an increase of 31.1%. Among them, the export is 1.12 trillion yuan, an increase of 40.1%.

These two years, the new generation of D2C independent brands and complete supply chains, such as SHEIN, Aven, have a high innovation. A large group of small and small sellers also strive to take the global market. According to Marketplace Pulse data, until January 8, 2021, 45% of the Amazon market, located in China, this data is 16% in 2017.

Xiaolin has a total of billion cross-border e-commerce companies in Changsha, Hunan Province, and is also the largest seller in Amazon’s footwear. She found that in these two years, the company has been expanding. It is around 160 people. Now it has been 300, and the company’s performance has doubled 2021.

“These two years, I managed the brand, annual sales increased from 3 billion yuan to 500 million yuan.”

She said to the burning finance.

The “B2C cross-border e-commerce platform” issued in June 2021, “Research Report”, “Research Report” The US dollar rose to $ 4.8 trillion in 2026, with a compound growth rate of up to 27%.

The report pointed out that

About 26% of companies around the world go to consumers (


Cross-border e-commerce transactions occurred in mainland China, China exceeds the United States, Britain, Germany, and Japan, ranking first in the world.

The fire in the cross-border e-commerce industry also drives the development of innovative exquisite service enterprises in the industry. Soldiers are one of the founders of cross-border e-commerce servers “Zi Bi Browser”. He said in the fuel economy. The company has invested in the market in 2018. Now it has settled more than 140,000 businesses, 1.7 million stores, involving Amazon. , EBAY and other platforms.

But the epidemic and other factors also brings resistance to cross-border e-commerce. The soldiers pointed out that due to the fuse of civil aviation, the professional cargo machine is limited. Today, the freight transport is alive, “single channel has systematic risk, the major ports accumulate the goods too much, the ship is not on the shore, caught in a vicious circle, original The 1 month arrived in 4 months. This situation has not been alleviated, except for time to rise, the freight is 10 times higher than before. “

In addition, in May 202, Amazon’s event also triggered industry fluctuations. In this regard, Chinese merchants are also actively transferring a new platform. In March 2021, the Wal-Mart E-commerce Platform US Station officially opened the official investment channel for China cross-border sellers. According to MarketPlace Pulse data, until October 2021, Wal-Mart has added 5,000 Chinese sellers.

Bai Xiaosheng, who specializes in the European and American markets, and two Amazon stores were sealed in 2021. He also settled in the Wal-Mart platform. “Compared with Amazon, Wal-Mart does not need to operate, simpler.”


The boom of global gold rush is still rolling, and China has witnessed the industry’s voluntarily. Opportunities in these two years, there are also challenges, but 2022, the new journey is also open.

Out of the sea

New Year’s Day, small phase found that Southeast Asia’s e-commerce has developed well, and it decided to resign from the company. Together with another partner, began to cross-border e-commerce.

At first, because of almost no experience, they don’t know what platform to choose, nor do they know what products they sell. So they registered a lot of shops and sold various types of products on Amazon. The little phase tells the finance. “At that time, he received a single, just after Taobao, after receiving the goods, contact the cross-border logistics to abroad. Slowly, found that individual categories volume growth is very fast, We turn off some stores that will be uncomfortable, leave two three sales accounts. “

Small phase finds that all products are better, the home class is better, the growth rate is fast, and the product is determined to sell this type of purpose. “Maybe it is our product in accordance with the climate environment of Southeast Asia, such as especially hot, often raining, some Sun protection, heat-resistant products are very popular. “With the gradual familiarity of the Southeast Asian market, they also found that the top two platforms in Southeast Asia are Shopee and Lazada, so they give up Amazon and turn these two platforms.

Nowadays, there are nearly 20 people in the development and operation team of Xiaoshao, and there is a small factory in Shanxi, “We directly purchase goods directly, and then according to the store needs, the secondary processing of the product in the factory, Developed products in line with the market. “He introduced the road.

Now the company operates 6 stores in 6 countries, involving 4 languages, with monthly sales reached more than 2 million yuan

And follow the pace of Alibaba platform expansion, the team also opened South Asia in 2021.

In the European and American market, a large wave of Chinese sellers are also growing gold, and the annual sales of 10 million US dollars are also on the waist seller, and the head seller can reach $ nine million for sales.

Bai Xiaosheng began to enter the cross-border e-commerce industry at the end of 2015, and he hired in Shenzhen, a foreign company, responsible for the development and operation of Amazon stores.

In 2016, he developed a mobile phone data line for market demand by investigating the European and American market. The company found Taiwan’s suppliers produced 120,000 pieces, investing $ 90,000 costs, after the product was on the shelves, he released a promotion in foreign discounts Information, find foreign network red cooperation posts, Thanksgiving Day, 1 hour is sold 10,000 products, and also driven sales of other products in the store.

The experience of this explosive model has made Bai Xiaosheng have a famous gas in the industry. He began as a lecturer, giving other teams experience, he resigned at the end of 2016. At first, Bai Xiaosheng used lectures and training as the main business, but in 2018, the company operated problems and fell into trouble. “I decided to return to the employment, and I started the cross-border e-commerce, I started to make Amazon stores with my girlfriend. I am responsible for developing products, she is responsible for operation.”

At that time, they got up at 8 o’clock a day, I went home at 11, 12 o’clock in the evening. Remember.”

Hard work pays off. In September 2019, there were a number of goods, the factory is more, they don’t want to waste, they are sent to overseas warehouses, according to the original rhythm, this batch will sell to the spring of 2020, did not expect the product fire, “only one month We sold $ 1 million, in the past, even if the membership season of Member Day, we are also selling $ 200,000. At that time, plus 3 people requested by the factory, we also have 5 people. “


Bai Xiaosheng team expanded to 10 people, stores in European and American markets, sales include home, outdoor sports, apparel, etc. The annual sales volume exceeds 10 million US dollars.

Changsha’s Xiaolin graduated to enter the cross-border e-commerce industry. In 2016, he entered Changsha, and China’s TOP10’s cross-border e-commerce company Aks innovated. For three and a half years, she participated in the operation of the company Amazon store, From the listing of products to the promotion of all-process management, global goods coordinated, and complete the quarterly sales target, profit targets.

Xiaolin told the fireworks. “At that time, the company only had a Amazon store. The sales growth rate of ordinary products was about 20-40%.” With the listing of the deposit in Deep, in August 20, Anke has sold this year. Delinate the size.

At the end of 2019, Xiaolin left Anker, this has a foreign language plan, but the epidemic broke out, she took place today’s footwear brand cross-border e-commerce company.


As a footwear store, the company has developed three brands, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, children’s shoes, hiking shoes and other products, “2021, I started building Shopify Sublite, no longer managing Amazon shop, but I Have a managed brand, such as this year has exceeded 500 million yuan. “

Climax and trough

Under the epidemic, China’s cross-border e-commerce business ushered in a climax, but the risk caused by uncertainty is also continued in 2021.

“We are the one who benefits. The original Southeast Asian e-commerce penetration rate is relatively low, the epidemic situation is ripening the market, accelerating the development of local e-commerce. In 2021, our performance growth rate is very fast. I can turn two or three times a year. “The small phase told the Finance. In the past two years, the company is in the state of the growth.

He pointed out that the epidemic situation is much better for their business, because people on online shopping have more, people’s demand is diversified, but there are also adverse effects in the happening of the people in the hands of Southeast Asians in the past two years. The consumption capacity has fallen, “overall is growing, but it can also see the phenomenon of weak demand, such as the frequency of some people purchased, or the amount of purchases is reduced.”

It is worth mentioning that,

In 2021, Xiao Xiang also ushered in a major breakthrough, that is, they have opened a company in Malacia, rent a warehouse.

Recruittors, do localization teams, “2022, we hope to do some localization attempts in Thailand, Vietnam.”

However, for China’s cross-border merchants in the US Amazon store, the 2021 seal incident affects huge.

September 17, 2021, Vice President of Amazon, Amazon’s global opening of the Asia Pacific Dai Dai Fei (

Cindy Tai

) In an interview with media, Amazon’s total of 600 Chinese brands were sold, about 3,000 sellers accounts, and these accounts have repeatedly abuse comments.

This incident also directly affects China’s head cross-border e-commerce company, such as proud, there is a tree, but because the store is sealed, many companies have also abruptly abuse, and the industry has a large fluctuation.

Bai Xiaosheng’s Amazon store has also gained great results in 2020. However, in the 2021, they also have two shops “hanging”. In addition, there are two or three stores in 2021, which also declines relative to 2020. “In 2021, Amazon’s Chinese sellers, the overall sales are declining, except for many big sale stores, it is not to brush, the original set cannot be used, this time market can’t do it.” He Said, “This is an adaptation process.”

He pointed out that Amazon’s cross-border e-commerce sales decline, in addition to the sealing incident, and like a small phase, people’s purchase power, demand has declined, and 2021, Amazon’s more intense competition, even played “price war Vicious competition.

“Everyone knows that Amazon is so good, even selling vegetables, sweeping aunt knows Amazon. The competition in 2021 is very fierce. Many new sellers go in to play low prices. Listed, leading to a lot of older sales …” Baiseheng Said, a normal table sells $ 50 in the United States, even if it is in the country, the ordinary folding table is also around 100 yuan, namely 10-20 US dollars, plus shipping at least $ 20-30, “Some sellers enter After the US station, (

a table

10 US dollars or even 5 US dollars, it is impossible to be so cheap in China, leading to market chaos, everyone can earn money. “

An overseas marketing promotion person said to the combustion finance

Domestic sellers in the cross-border e-commerce have been more and more intense than more than a year, and 2021 is “big outbreak”. Many sellers have earned “Basin full”, and more business in 2022 will have more merchants. I want to divide a piece.

As a head brand seller, Xiaolin pointed out that the company will not be affected by the “price war”. She analyzed that the new seller will engage in “low price spiral law”, with low prices to seize the market, ” Improve the ownership weight. But our brand shop is different. There are thousands of REVIEW, we will generally not affect us as long as we pay attention to the big brand. “

For Xiaolin, 2021, she also reached an achievement, that is, push a product to the top five of the Amazon class.

“” The competition of shoes and clothing is very intense, and it is generally the US local seller, Amazon self-selling is better, this is the first place in the third party seller, the company did not do this category (

This ranking

. “

“The company has recruited a lot of Anke’s pre-employees, which is getting better and better in the standard, and the store sales will go up. The market share is improved, and it is not the influence of market changes.” She said, epidemic The impact on the store is in a normal range, such as a party, outdoor or workplace’s nature, but the sales of the home of the home has risen, and the ultra-cold weather will also sell snow boots.

The increasingly white heat of cross-border e-commerce industry has driven the financing of the upper and downstream Internet category. The soldiers revealed the ignifier, and the purple bird browser today valuates hundreds of millions of dollars. The sky-eyed information shows that the Zifei Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is a purple bird browser, has got strategic investment in June 2021. The investor is a high capital, high citizenship, and the specific amount has not been disclosed.


The above overseas marketing promoters believe that the cross-border e-commerce industry is still worth investing, but the blessing period is getting shorter, “Amazon started recruiting Chinese sellers since 2012, 2013-2016 is Amazon’s big outbreak, and the beginning of 2018 These two years are new outbreaks, but it is expected to last for a long time. “

Xiaolin also found that the difficult factor of cross-border e-commerce in the past two years is definitely higher than in 2015, and the colleagues who have started business are returned. “The market is higher than before, and the requirements for products, operations, etc. are higher. Now the resistance encountered by the new sellers is greater than before, and now it is necessary to compliance, refine operations, and products are also competitive. Otherwise it will not occupy the market. “

Starting in 2021, Xiaolin is responsible for helping the company from scratch construction independence station. After the sealing shop, everyone realizes that it is not too dependent on Amazon, putting all things in a basket, let multiple channels, multiple countries There are sales in multiple sites. “Currently, the company still has 90% of sales in Amazon, but after the independent station has established, 2022 will change.

“Cross-border capital” Shenzhen also responded to this. On August 5, 202, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued a notice to conduct financial support for cross-border e-commerce companies that exploited overseas markets through the Sales of Sales Channel: Single Projects Give 2 million yuan funded, the most single project declaration reward can be up to 3 million Yuan.

There is also a tree, which is also disclosed, and the mainstream third-party platforms such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Wish will also actively force Shopee, Lazada’s emerging platforms.

Xiaolin believes that

For China’s cross-border e-commerce business, 2022 is definitely a trend of growth, but the industry requires more, competition will inevitably exacerbate

“Because the strength of China’s supply chain is here, many things are going out from China, but they do look at a seller’s comprehensive strength, like my company is certainly still growing trend.”

It is worth paying attention to the previous series of reports on Tiktok, also pointed out that bytes beat Tiktok’s e-commerce business in 2021. Immediately, a large number of Chinese sellers also began to abandon Amazon and dig the Tiktok’s traffic pool.

At the beginning of 2021, Tiktok was on the small store function. The first batch has opened Indonesia, the United Kingdom, the US site, and in November of the same year, the new seller app “Tiktok Seller” is also online in Indonesia. The fuel economy learned that November 2021, Tiktok Shopping is very strong in Guangdong’s investment policy. For example, the new British cross-border e-commerce merchant, enjoy a total of 90 days, only 1.8% payment fee, and Provide policies such as orders and shipping subsidies.

Small phase judgment,


The Southeast Asian market has a growth period of 5-10, and the shortest will have five years of development, but competition is also growing and fierce. Many branders will be more and more potential markets.

He said that Chinese merchants have strong competitiveness in Southeast Asia, “China’s huge supply chain and product demand, to open the Southeast Asian market to create advantages. For example, Taobao women may have 100 billion styles, count size and color, etc. Good for hundreds of millions of women’s products, 30 million people in Malaysia, one person wears one piece, one year can change a few pieces. This is also a local women’s company, competition but our Southeast Asian practitioners. “

Of course, he also believes that the future wants to get better growth, may need to do brand effects, enrich operational means, optimize supply chain, and even admission to capital, “when the bonus is getting short, the market is mature, and then a low cost stroke It will also be difficult to survive. “

* Questions and the above-inographic map comes from visual China. SMEs, soldiers, Bai Xiaosheng, small phase.

* Disclaimer: In any case, information or opinions in this article does not constitute an investment advice to anyone.


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