Epidemic prevention normalization, home cleaning disinfection needs of the outbreak, the rapid development of household cleaning care market

After nearly a year-long impact of the epidemic, many people’s consumer psychology and consumer habits have undergone tremendous change. Before the epidemic, many people are more concerned about goods and high-end brands, such as the purchase fashion products, not only to meet their own needs, but also need to obtain approval and appreciation of others.

But after the epidemic, people are more concerned about the price and quality of goods, that the spent flowers, should not spend the province. Consumer attitudes more rational, more concerned with their own needs, quietly began to lead a new wave of consumer trends.

Under the economic value of the Yen, cosmetics online help participants develop trend gained considerable sales. The arrival of two-eleven chop hand section of leaving the United States ushered in the climax of cosmetics, Ou Teou Consulting released data show that at 0:00 on November 1st to rush to open November 3, Lynx platform retail sales amounted to 108.2 billion yuan.


Among them, a beauty care industry far more than the clothing, household appliances and other categories populous, the market share in the Lynx double 11 over 20%.


At 00:00 on November 1 to at 00:09 on November 11, Jingdong beauty cream / eye cream turnover up 90%.

Seen in this light, the economic downturn at the cosmetics market malaise does not exist, just as cosmetics, daily necessities just to be as strong demand, the Chinese girl Mei Mei is not satisfied with a key to beauty, to look beautiful, delicate pursuit for the industry business opportunities.

During the epidemic of domestic commodities, retail sales of cosmetics rose quickly back to the positive: Since March, Chinese commodities retail sales month for the first time to positive growth reached 0.3%, retail sales of cosmetics 3.5% year on year growth since April, the first positive year.

Overseas epidemic prevention needs of home birth, second quarter sales of daily necessities shopping malls and grocery stores have positive: since the second quarter of overseas crown new data confirmed the epidemic outbreaks, vaccination-related commodities, grocery retail sales grew faster recovery.

US retail sales of daily necessities shopping malls in May to restore positive growth year on year, to achieve an increase of 2%. US grocery sales in June increased by 1% recovery.

4.1, home cleaning disinfection needs of the outbreak, the rapid development of household cleaning care market

Eye of Heaven investigation APP Pro data show that my country’s current disinfection product-related businesses over 191,000 in 2020, February 1 – 14,004 new homes April 13 (compared with the same period last year, the growth rate as high as 175.62%). Which business scope contains “export” companies have over 19,000, accounting for 10.01 percent of the total.

Chinese household cleaning care market is growing rapidly, laundry care and cleaning products is China’s largest household cleaning care market segments: retail sales total value of Chinese household cleaning care industry by 2015, 90 billion yuan in 2019 increased to 1,108 one hundred million yuan yuan, a CAGR of 5.3%, higher than the global growth rate of household cleaning care industry CAGR of 2.5% over the same period.

The total value of retail sales is expected to Chinese household cleaning care industry continues to grow, to 2024 will reach RMB 1,677 billion, 2019-2024 compound annual growth rate of 8.7%, the above-mentioned increase, representing 2019-2024 global household cleaning care industry more than one-third increments.

In 2019, Chinese garment care and cleaning products, personal care and cleaning products and the retail sales value of household cleaning care products were 678,95 and 33.5 billion yuan, accounting for 61.2% of the total value of Chinese household cleaning care products retail sales, 8.6 % and 30.2%.

Procter & Gamble, Unilever global market share leader, Li Bai, NICE among the world’s top ten: As of 2019, the global household cleaning market CR10 60%, of which P & G, Unilever, respectively, occupy 18% and 11% market share.

laundry cleaning l

Clean laundry care industry is highly concentrated market, the brand value of retail sales to rise: in 2019 the laundry care and cleaning industry’s top five brands were Liby, Diaopai, Blue Moon, Tide and secret.

Its retail sales value were 124.9,78.9,65.0,62.1 and 6.21 billion yuan, accounting for 17.1% market share, followed by 10.8%, 8.9%, 8.5% and 8.5%.

From laundry detergent washing powder to change clothes clean laundry detergent market accounted for 44% of the share will continue to upgrade: strong due to less convenient and washed issue, Chinese consumers have increasingly turned to increasingly popular laundry detergent from dependence liquid.


From 2015 to 2019, the value of retail sales to grow at a rapid liquid laundry detergent compound annual growth rate of 13.1% and reached 27.2 billion yuan in 2019, and within that period, the value of retail sales of washing powder places CAGR of 0.6% the ratio fell.

Expected Since 2019, the total value of retail sales of laundry detergent will grow at a CAGR of 13.6%, to 2024 will reach 51.5 billion yuan. In addition, future growth Chinese laundry detergent market has great potential.

As of 2019, China’s penetration in liquid detergent (liquid detergent that is the value of retail sales as a percentage of the total value of the laundry detergent retail sales) was 44.0%, much lower than Japan’s other major economies (79.5%) and the US (91.4%), etc. body, suggesting that Chinese laundry detergent market, there is still further alternative space laundry detergent washing powder, liquid detergent penetration rate is expected to continue to improve, to 2024 will reach 58.6%.

Blue Moon: go through channels reforms and return to growth, the fastest growing segments of track – laundry detergent market leader: laundry liquid laundry care accounted for 44% share, penetration is still rising.

Terms of retail sales value, 2019 Blue Moon in the laundry care and cleaning products market share of 8.9%, up 1.3 percentage points, living in third place the garment care industry.


For the Blue Moon main laundry care products – laundry detergent, in 2019, in terms of retail sales value of China’s five major divisions laundry detergent liquid detergent company’s total market share of 81.4% in total, accounting for China liquid detergent segment of the overall market share 24.4% market share in China liquid detergent market for 11 consecutive years (2009-2019) in the first place.

Liby: category diversity, growth and market share stability: 1994 Triumph Chen, Chen Kaichen two brothers founded the white washing Ltd. Guangzhou City. “Liby liquid detergent” is a high-end washing Liby Group brand, its brand appeal are: unity of care and prevent clothes become old yellow hard.

The main products include: natural soap Liby, Liby delicate clothes care laundry detergent, liquid detergent Liby full effect treatment, Liby full effect fragrant liquid detergent, washing machine Liby low sudsing laundry detergent like flexible guard. Retail sales, according to calculations, in 2019 Liby laundry care products market share reached 17.1%, down 0.6 percentage points year on year, ranking first in the industry;


2019 Liby laundry care products in the retail sales of 12.49 billion yuan.

Diaopai: laundry soap, washing powder market share penetration rate decline led to decline: Diaopai for the Nice Group’s laundry products brand, launched in 1991, NICE Group NICE soap, 1992 Diaopai super soap available, 1996 Diaopai to become “China’s first brand of soap,” in 2002 was named the national exemption Diaopai detergent products and Chinese brand-name products.

Retail sales, according to calculations, in 2019 Diaopai laundry care products market share of 10.8%, retail sales value of 7.89 billion yuan.


Tide: product positioning lower end line penetration is low, shrinking market share: Tide (Tide) is a leading global day of washing Procter & Gamble’s famous brand, one of the world’s largest brand of washing powder. Tide in 1946, was born in the United States, the world’s first synthetic detergent.

In 1995 Tide entered the Chinese market; from 1997 to 1999 Tide second generation, third generation and third-generation Enhanced listed in the country; 2002 to 2007 Tide detergent has launched a series of triple success in the Chinese market Tide detergent scouring Whitening series, 360-degree all-round Tide detergent and the new listing of Tide detergent Safeguard soap-containing particles;


France 2010 Tide Tide laundry detergent liquid imported into China; July 2011, to launch the full effect Tide laundry products 360 series. According to retail sales in value terms in 2019 Tide laundry care products market share of 8.5% and retail sales of 6.21 billion yuan.


Secret: the online channel is difficult to improve the weak market share: the secret is a Fortune 500 company “Unilever” s, the world’s leading fabric wash brand. In 1993, the “secret” formal entry into China. In 2009, the introduction of secret automatic high concentration of liquid detergent, the new product line to meet the higher consumer laundry care requirements;

In 2010, secret automatic liquid detergent formulations upgrade and improve product quality, to improve the quality of life of consumers continued efforts; in 2012, the secret net blue full effect of new liquid laundry detergent market, to meet the needs of more consumers comprehensive laundry;


In 2012, secret automatic liquid detergent deep cleansing heavy equipment on the market, to provide consumers with 3 times faster and easier and efficient laundry experience; September 2013, the secret wisdom automatic spin clean laundry liquid – machine washable listed expert, professional machine wash formula, designed specifically for machine washable, meet consumer demand for more detailed laundry, clean and provide the ultimate experience.


According to retail sales calculation, the wonders of laundry care products market share of 8.5 percent, down 0.4 percentage points year on year.

In 2019, with retail sales calculation, the company liquid detergent market in China, hand-washing liquid markets are ranked first, the market share of 24.4%, 17.4% respectively.

According to Chinese brand strength index ranks the company in the market and hand sanitizer liquid laundry detergent market for ten years (2011-2020) rank a brand, C-BPI opened the scoring with a second wide gap.


l Personal Care

Hand sanitizer market has great growth potential, the transition from soap to liquid soap: As Chinese consumers are increasingly using hand sanitizer (it produces less skin irritation compared with soap and lower risk of infection), use soap the amount has declined.

The retail sales value terms, China hand sanitizer market size increased from 2015’s 1.8 billion yuan to 2.7 billion yuan in 2019, a CAGR of 11.0%, while the retail sales market size in value terms of Chinese soap market lowered to a compound annual rate of 0.2% during that period.

Expected by retail sales value terms, China hand sanitizer market size since 2019 will continue to grow at a CAGR of 25.3%, to 2024 will reach 8.4 billion yuan. In 2019, hand-washing liquid penetration rate in China (that is, the value of retail sales of hand sanitizer, personal care and cleaning products as a percentage of total retail sales value) was 28.7%.

Much lower than other major economies, such as Japan (42.2%) and the US (54.8%), which indicates that there is potential for further alternative hand sanitizer soap in China.

Meanwhile, the liquid soap in Japan and the United States will continue to grow penetration, penetration is expected to hand sanitizer in China in 2024 will reach 55.8%.


Calculated on the basis of retail sales value, Blue Moon last five years (2015-2019 years) in the first place hand sanitizers are the industry market share, 2019 Blue Moon hand sanitizer retail sales value reached 760 million yuan, accounting for hand sanitizer market share of 35.8% .


Walch: high-end positioning, the main foam hand sanitizer: 2004 Walch foam hand sanitizer to enter the market, and create a precedent for domestic foam hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer Walch in the same year won the “China market product quality customer satisfaction, consumers first a brand. “

After Walch committed to social welfare activities, the country donated million bottles of detergent-free hand lotion. By 2016, health care for mothers choose One Foundation was established, its “Mother Love Hands of Health” has sent out public projects worth more than 20 million of Walch hand sanitizer, so that 5 million children nationwide from bacterial damage.

2019 Walch hand sanitizer market share of 20.3%, up 0.7 percentage points, second place industry; Walch hand sanitizer retail sales value reached 428 million yuan.

Dettol: disinfection liquid soap brand concept: In 1993 Dettol to enter the Chinese market, in 2013 Dettol foam hand sanitizer market. Dettol antibacterial hand sanitizer is healthy for the hand sanitizer brand positioning concept, antibacterial ingredients including professional antibacterial ingredients, can effectively inhibit bacterial 99.9% of the hand, lasting protect hands clean and hygienic, daily use for the whole family .

Retail sales, calculated on 2019 Dettol hand sanitizer market share reached 6.1%, up 0.1 percentage points. Dettol hand sanitizer retail sales value reached 128 million yuan.


Safeguard: Procter & Gamble is one of the daily necessities brand. 1992 Safeguard enter the Chinese market, in just a few years, with its high quality and accurate market positioning, and achieved great success, personal cleansing products market has become China’s leading brand.

Safeguard also vigorously promote hygiene education for all, working closely with the authorities the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, the Red Cross, UNICEF China and the Chinese Medical Association and other health science education held a variety of activities, we are committed to building a healthy China Great Wall. 2019 Safeguard hand soap market share of 5.3%, retail sales value of 111.8 million yuan.

l Family care products


In 2019, the blue moon family cleaning care products, the surface cleaner (disinfectant, washing fine) retail sales value is 774 million yuan, accounting for 5.4% of the surface cleaner market, home in the top five in the industry;

The retail sales of the toilet cleaner is 364 million yuan, accounting for 12.6% of the toilet detergent market, down 1.1 percentage points year-on-year, and the 2019 Blue Moon Light Toilet Cleaner Market Share Rank 2.

Mr. We will is the brand of the United States Zhuang Chen. Zhuang John is founded in 1886 Ruixin, US Wisconsin, mainly engaged in the world’s leading manufacturers of family cleaning supplies, personal care products and insecticidal products.

In addition to the fastest brand of American Zhuang Chen’s growth, Mr. Wei is a global professional cleaning expert with professional cleaning capabilities.

In recent years, due to its support of TV commercials and store promotion activities in the country, they will be the title of “China’s well-known trademark”, most of the China Environmental Sign. Product certification, and became the first home cleaners brand. In 2019, Mr. Mi Meng’s surface cleaning agent has a market share of 20.4%, and the market share of the cleaner is 32.9%.


Wei Wang is the high-end cleaning brand that Chao Yun Group, the Weili brand emphasizes “Decaling”, product covers the kitchen clean, ground cleaning, glass cleaning, toilet clean, cleaning and disinfection, etc. Home cleaning products, professional sterilization 99.9 %. In 2019, the Wild Surface Cleaner Market Shared 5.7%, and the toilet cleaner market share is 13.9%.

Wei Duco disinfectant: In 2000, Weidis brand, who was home to home, entered the Chinese market; 2003 Will Dish disinfection drugs received the Ministry of Health of the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. In recent years, the market share of Weidi’s surface cleaner has gradually improved, and 8.9% in 2015 is raised to 10.6% in 2019.

According to the rankings of China ‘s branded index, the company is ranked in the top three rows between the 4 years of 2011-2020. During the 10th year of 2011-2020, the company has gradually improved in the dishwashing market, in the past three years (2018-2020) stabilized in the fourth place.


During the epidemic, the traditional big brand Wiki, the lottery, Shujiao, etc. As the stability of the epidemic is gradually returned to normal, the various brand supplies are gradually tiered.

In the face of the “Red Sea” market and the possibilities may face, the industry believes that the domestic epidemic is stable, but the cognition of daily disinfection has been mature, and people do personal protection and disinfection. The awareness will not be weakened.


Note: This article is mainly taken from the Industrial Securities and Finance Research Institute, the retail capitalism


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