Does clothes go to the ball deactivator or a chicken rib?

Source: Chongqing Evening News

With the coming of “Double 11” shopping festival, a recent clothes scraped to go to the ball in all online shopping platforms. Ms. Liu took the sweaters and gave her unsuccessful.

Winter, coat, sweaters, sticky gray, the ups are bored. How do you go to the ball artifact on the online shopping platform? In the past few days, the reporter interviewed several citizens who had different types of different types to Mao to go to the ball, collecting their experiences.

Manual metal slicer

User: Ms. Liu spends: 10 yuan

Satisfaction index: ★★★

Ms. Liu is 55 years old, and a family of four lives in Huayu Sunshine in Jiulongpo District. Two months ago, when Ms. Liu was shopping, spend 10 yuan in a grocery store purchased a manual metal slicer.

“When I bought it, the boss was still demonstrated at the scene. I really scraped the ball and the hair on my clothes. I scraped my clothes like a new one.” Ms. Liu said that she also saw the shave in the online shopping platform. A lot of use of video, I feel very magical, I bought home.

Using experience: In actual use, Ms. Liu felt not particularly satisfied, found that this furder only woolen coats and go to the woolen coat, to sweaters, wire clothes, knit clothes and Not very suitable, but will also damage clothes. A few days ago, Ms. Liu used to scrape the sweater of the ball, but she gave the sweater to hang the line and made her very depressed.

Electric hair ball trimmer

User: Ms. Hu spends: 15 yuan

Satisfied index: ★★★★

Ms. Hu is 28 years old and lives in Huafang Community in Min’an, Kowloon. A few years ago, she bought an electric hair ball trimmer, which was charged with electricity, and she pushed back and forth in the clothes of the ball. The ball can be removed.

Use experience: actually use a few years, it is indeed possible to remove the ball on the clothes, and basically will not hurt clothes. But Ms. Hu, but it is not 100% satisfied, and the ball is too small and too big. Ms. Hu said that this hairy trimmer is relatively suitable for the layout, and the hair ball is not very small, such as a woolen coat, a sweater, etc. However, if the ball is often large after the rough wire sweater, the ball is often relatively large, which is not suitable.

Tear-torn adhesive

User: Zhao Xiaofang spends: 11 yuan

The 36-year-old Zhao Xiaofang used tear-type adhesive for more than ten years. She said: “The usual clothes are bonded to dust, and after the bed is washed, it is sticking cotton debris, and it is sticky.”

Use experience: Only the hair, fluff, dust, etc. attached to all kinds of sheets, cover, dust, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to tear a few lap sticks, and the sticky paper will not be replaced for a few laps. Pay special attention to the purchase of the sticky cartridge, it is better to buy.

Water wash

User: Ms. Huang spends: 10 yuan

Satisfaction index: ★★

Ms. Huang, who lives in Tianrui Road, Yubei, feels that the torn adhesive replacement of the sticky cartridge is too frequent, which is costly and laborious, so I bought a water-washable adhesive.

Use experience: Ms. Huang is not very good to use this water-washing cup. She said that the first stickiness is not very good. If you don’t make a lot of strength sticking up, it is not sticky after washing. Ms. Huang said that this water-washing-shaped ladle she purchased is not sticky, and finally throws away.


User: Meime spent: 5 yuan

35-year-old Meimei purchased a hairbrush, she said: “Not very good, but there is a bit of use. Usually coat, sheets and benessed to stick the hair, you can use it to brush it.”

Use experience: suitable for wool coats and some clothes, dust and fluff, etc. Mei Mei also said: “The effect of the hairbrush can only be said to be a little better than the tear brush.”

Chongqing Evening News – Upstream Journalist Zhang Chunlian Review

Satisfaction index: ★★★

Satisfied index: ★★★★


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