Enjoy the mysterious European aristocratic court life of these imported lamps

Speaking of European style, we immediately think of mysterious European aristocratic court life, and chic luminaires in the European palace are also one of people who are unforgettable.


享受神秘的欧式贵族宫廷生活 这些进口灯具美极了

Cabinet irregularities are actually carefully determined; it seems that the production process of complicated and high technical needs. The fanatic pursuit of the glass crystal process and the high design acute, which creates Bomma wild and exquisite conflict, with high and translucent crystal texture, and creates a beautiful brand of light.

Tom Dixon

享受神秘的欧式贵族宫廷生活 这些进口灯具美极了

British design ghost Tom Dixon founded the same name design brand in 2002, and the pursuit of anti-fashioned popular design sustainability. Its lighting works uses a sign of brass, marble, plastic to highlight industrial tones, and integrate into the hard-working hard, build a back space future design, matching. Tom Dixon works is more famous for the Well-known Design Museums such as Victoria and Albert Museum, New York Modern Art Museum (Moma Museum).

享受神秘的欧式贵族宫廷生活 这些进口灯具美极了


享受神秘的欧式贵族宫廷生活 这些进口灯具美极了

Manooi was founded by artist and János Héder and Judit Zoltai couple. The inspiration source is the natural light around us, with the main material for crystal, showing the traditional value of the precious material, and transfers the modern luxury, and the light of the light is a modern design. Also attract a lot of distinguished customers in the world, like art lovers.


The Czech Crystal Boutique Preciosa from the Crystal lamp is one of the world famous crystal manufacturers. Brand inheritance in the 14th century North Bohemian crystal industry’s fine skills and production traditions, specializing in high-quality crystal lighting, crystal beads and fashion jewelery accessories, a global fashion circle, has a variety of different shapes, colors and specifications.

You are different from other lamp brands, Preciosa exude strongly rich decorative modeling effect, each piece is the artwork of art, especially the crystal production techniques of the skills and color glass blowing technology, no matter The challenges that are difficult to break through, or the color change of the gradient-level finish, PRECIOSA shows unmatched artistic achievements of lamps.

享受神秘的欧式贵族宫廷生活 这些进口灯具美极了

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享受神秘的欧式贵族宫廷生活 这些进口灯具美极了


享受神秘的欧式贵族宫廷生活 这些进口灯具美极了

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