The British lost the briefcase, solving the case within the deadline, Qingbang Dasai Yunqing, to go to Sanjiang to recover the boom

In the spring of 1928, the sky fluttered in the sky, fell on the water surface of Huangpu River, white.

At noon, a luxurious cruise from the big Britain is slowly driving into the Bund Pier.

From the crowd from the boat, young British government diplomat Henry came to the Shanghai British Consulate to send an international private. He took a beige coat on his left arm. I came to this East, and he didn’t feel new.

The car in the UK station in Shanghai, waiting to be next to the terminal, see Henry, greeted him before. Welcome to the staff, say enthusiastically: “Mr. Henry, the road is hard! Mr. Consumer has prepared for you to pick up the feast. Come, get on the bus.”

Henry said with a right hand, a pier, said: “When I come to China, what is the Oriental Paris, like? Color monotone, how can I compare with our British Empire, it is not enough!”

Said, I was drilled into the car. He just sat down and suddenly shouted: “Pack, my briefcase is not seen! It is unlucky, just arrived in Shanghai, how to have a briefcase?”

Henry said, I heard that Henry’s briefcase was invisible, and the consulate staff was also anxious. In his briefcase, there is a British government, a policy document on China’s trade, is an international confidential document. If the file is lost, the British government will be very unfavorable.

The consulate is asked Henry: “Mr. Henry, have you determined that the briefcase has been with you?”

Henry did not say: “What do you say? I just sent a document, and the damn Shanghai. I put the briefcase in the left hand, and I took this dress on it. Damn …”

“The bag on the left hand is not, have you not feel?”

“I feel, will it make the thief? Don’t say it, let’s go back to the consulate.”

Back to the consulate, the general conference took Henry’s lesson, the people of the entire consulate, the seriousness of the matter, and the urgent hand was helpless.

Finally, some people put forward the patrol room for the British concession to deal with this briefcase.

The concession patrol house inspectors Hua Lev, received the command of the national consul: limited they to detect this case within seven days, chase the stolen briefcase, will be dismissal.


Injury Hua Lev, sitting in the inspecting position, is high, and has a fear of the bosses of the local area, is a mouth-watering fat.

Now, this is now, and there is an accident and it is your own area. He is anxious, and the patrol belongs, all of which are all dispatched, and the top street explore.

However, the investigation has no hair, there is no hair; Waliv understands: in the city of the three-school collection of the three schools in Shanghai, relying on dozens of concession patrols, I want to find a reversed briefcase, which is undoubtedly the sea rose needle.

There is still a week left in the deadline, think of this, Waliv smokes the cigar, is uneasy in the office, the mouth is in the mouth, the diplomat of the Bank of China: “Stupid goods, idiot!” I can’t even see it! “

骂, things must also be found. Only because there is a secret in the bag, I don’t dare to ask the Shanghai government and come out. Only Chinese detective relying on the patrol room to capture the case.

Wallace screamed the Chinese to the office, ordered him to catch the thief of theft in five days, otherwise took off the clothes, including all Chinese employees.


Sand Army listened to the inspector, I felt the seriousness of things, the British, explained that the stolen briefcase is very important to them?

He didn’t dare to pay attention to the stay of all Chinese employees in patrol room. He had to come to the Chengdu Road Seasonal Mansion, find the young man who is worshiped, and Ji Yunqing report, ask him to find a way to find out the thief.


Ji Yunqing’s ancestral home is Wuxi, is a famous figure in Wuxi Gang, second only to Shanghai’s golden, Du Yujing, is a “pass”. Its son is raised; the father and son are in Wuxi, and the disciples are all in all walks of life.

Ji Yunqing has a production house in Wuxi, but he sells, mostly in Shanghai. Therefore, Wuxi’s industry is talented by his son, and he is in Shanghai for a long time with his wife Jinbao.

Sand army is the Ji Yunqing’s grand apprentice. Hand, Sand Army, you send a private agent, divide the seasons, including all the small leaders in the navigation, Zhabei, Pudong and other places. At 8 o’clock this evening, come to the quarter gallop collection. “

Ji Yunqing’s arrangement of his wife, nothing, he plugged in: “Golden Rong, Du Yue, I will know them, let them also help. I can’t let the British smashed our China. people.”

Sand army stood up and said: “The apprentices worshiped Master Niang!”

This day, the quarter museum lights are clear, and the Jinbao Migster is especially carried out in the kitchen, preparing a sumptuous middle night meal, preparing for the next study.

At 8 o’clock, it is distributed in the small head of all places in Shanghai, and it has come to the quarter.

The patrol room explores the Changsha army, the departers, all the people, and the Chinese exploration, and the living room of the quarter gathering is full, the smog is linger. Everyone first tried to the old man Ji Yunqing and the teacher Jinbao, and found a seat to sit down.


Sand Army first made the situation to everyone, and said that after the British lost the briefcase, he was anxious to have no Lord. He said that people in the seat have guess the things of the briefcase, some people say: “The British is so anxious, will it be a few HSBC cash check?”

“Lost cash check, as long as the bank is not redeemed, do you rush into such a cavity?

Sand army saw that people guess, they said loudly: “The UK is anxious to have a secret document in the briefcase. It is the British government to the consulate. As for a document, only their own is well.”

The sand army explained this, and everyone guess what the file is in the package? Let the Britain are so anxious.

At this time, Ji Yunqing stood up: “Everyone checks up from the house, in these two days, have a small foot in the Bund to do ‘business’, is a briefcase of a black sheepskin. Don’t surprise the gold first Rong, Du Yuezheng’s gang. Below each other “

Everyone listened to the old man, so they were self-rowed; for more than a hour, everyone stated that in the area of ​​their own, they extended to the streets, no one got this briefcase.

Because the helicand gang rules are strict, do “business”, no one dares to conceal, do not deceive the ancestors, otherwise “three knives six holes” will never feel.

For this point, the old man can absolutely trust, knowing that the size of the size will not hide, and they don’t dare to conceal.


In the smog, Ji Yunqing is thinking. Then, the crowd is that it is not only the home door, and it is very likely that the foreign “running iron stalk” is it to go to Shanghai? Everyone can resist, touched signs and suspicious help the party, and there is no result in the middle of the night.

After eating the night, Ji Yunqing lives first, further investigation, the capture personnel to the large-scale brigade, brothel, swallow nest, said that he and sand army go to Golden Rong, Du Yuexuan, requested them to investigate. Not, he said: “We have to give some colors and British people. On the land in China, only by our Chinese, they can only find the briefcase. Do you want, let them try?”

Ji Yunqing said, everyone shouted “good”.

The next day, there is still no news, Huang, Du, the news returned to the news said that they have their own door, no one gets this briefcase. Ji Yunqing was contemplated overnight, and suddenly thought of a place, decided to personally go to the horse and find a clue. He said to Jinbao: “Tomorrow morning, I took a personal brother Xiao Zhang, ready to go back to Wuxi, come back two days later,”

He gave the Attacular Sand Jun called a phone, asked him to ask for a few days, the British understood that he would rely on the Chinese to chase the briefcase, he won’t pay attention.


Arrange everything in your home, Ji Yunqing took a small sheet, quietly departing. In fact, he is not going back to Wuxi, but bought two inner river ship tickets, head to the middle of the Yangtze River, and the seven provinces in the Daji Wuhan.

Along the way, Ji Yunqing took the eyes of the old rivers and lakes to observe the people who had suspicion in the first passenger. The ship is Zhenjiang, Nanjing, Jiujiang, until Hankou, is already the second morning.

After the teachers and apprentices across the shore, I walked into the Jiangnian family to write “the big teahouse”, the three words, and sell tea upstairs, and sell early downstairs. The two have been eaten early, upstairs, find a seat along the window seat.


This is a greenhouse, which is the Hankou, a young man booted. This person is in Wuhan three towns, many disciples, very powerful, and gratifying, all of them have a green helper, pass or criminal escape passing through Wuhan, always staying for three days, gives a disk, then send away.

The jogging hall in the teahouse is Yang Xiao’s belief disciples, the teahouse is on the pier to explore news and friends.

Ji Yunqing was situated, with the tea set on the table, put out the darkness of the green gang, the voting hall, knowing is the middle of the way, and there is always one.

Ji Yunqing is full of gas, wearing a cloud weighing shirt, a pair of bright leather shoes, combing the brightened hair, and the body is straight. In the green gang, it is also a number of people, and it is a big thing to visit Han, so, he received Yangfu by Yang Xiao’s whistle.

Yang Xiao’s Ji Yunqing, Shanghai, is also a great name, and each other is very enthusiastic.

In the cold, Ji Yunqing said the British in the Shanghai and lost briefcase: “Due to the small feet in the concession, the patrol captures the difference, the accident is in the Bund, and it is a small foot jurisdiction. British eat old, he wants him for a limited time Break the case, otherwise the Chinese people in the patrol room must take off the clothes.

“There is no trail in the Shanghai home, there is no clue. Don’t have, the younger brother goes to the horse, visit friends, two to see the Yangtze River coastal scenery. The big brother is here in the seven provinces, and the news is slightly. Move, must be introduced first in Burgun. “

Si Yunqing’s words, Yang Xiao is very useful.

The predecessor of the green gang (also known as the red gang), starting in the clear clear, Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang takes Hongwu. A batch of anti-Qing Dynasty sons, with “Hong” word name, suggesting anti-Qing Dynasty. Organizational gang, occupied the hill, and repeated armed uprons. They have encountered the cruel suppression of the Qing court.

Later, the huge hugeness is complete, renamed “Anqing Bang”, most of them are the sailor boss of the ship, in order to walk water, in the sailor, collect the disciples, and help organize. After several generations of people inherit, the number of people has gradually penetrated into other industries and some hopers, good, and even develop to the organization that turns into a rogue villain, that is, the so-called “white eyes” to later, ” Anqing Bang “The three words in the three words goes, renamed the green bureau.

The Qingbang Dubstead is arranged in the past, the order is: Da, Tong, Enlightenment, Ji, Jia, Law, Chuan, Bao. By the 30s, the big character is very few, and the tyrant is not affordable.

Yang Xiao and Ji Yunqing are all transcript people, and there is a meaning. He said refreshing: “Things are here, it is both a big brother, I am still in the country. It is the three small feet under my door, passing through Shanghai, and take the shelling in the Bund.

“Listen to the three little feet, the foreign people use the Chinese language to speak, say this is not good, that is not good, just touch his waist, let him eat some bitterness, hurriedly. The old brother lives here. Day, then return to Shanghai to pay back. “

At noon, Yang Xiaoyan gave a banquet to the Jasper, and had a few grandfather with his head.

Yang Xiaosheng has a wealthy, and the sound is loud, and the sound is very high. The origin is the people in Qinghe County, Shandong Province, teens and old people, with a good job, sitting on the help of the people.

He frequently advised. Everyone in the gangs will not be arrested. Ji Yunqing is a threshing thanks, even gives heavy gold rewards. It was stopped by Yang Xiao, saying: “The season, the rivers and lakes, a phytors, how are you so embarrassed, then thank you, I will not put the latch, what packages you!”

After all, Ji Yunqing is a businessman, always measuring others, see Yang Xiao is so true, knowing that the polite, but not happy, then collect, put the amount and drink, and Yang Xiao said on the rivers and lakes. .


After the break, Yang Xiao accompanied Yunqing chatted, middle, Ji Yunqing said a bitter sincere, he said: “Yang Da Ge, the light I took the stolen goods to go back, I will be suspected of foreigners, if people are traveled, eat more Three months of lawsuits, the surname season is guaranteed here: people are safe and returned, if there is damage or accident, take my Ji Yunqing to reply. “

Yang Xiao frowned and said, “Good! Cool, one words.”


Ji Yunqing lived a day, worried about Shanghai, and insisted on. Yang Xiaoyou called three things under the door, the apprentices worked in Shanghai, told them to share the case with Jumei Bo to Shanghai, all listened to him, and the family members should be taken by him.

The old man said, only the only one of the apprentices, the three people took the three hundred oceans for each person given by Ji Yunqing, and she went home to settle home. Even if they went to the soup, they did not disappear, five people, Going to Shanghai in front of the briefcase.

That Jin Bao Niang, only when the old man really went to Wuxi, so when the Sand Army came, preparing to report the situation to the master, only the master went to Wuxi.

The sand army has not suspected and worried, at this time, the old man has time to go back to his hometown? Jin Bao listened to the apprentice and said, I am in a hurry, busy calling long distance calls, to the home of Wuxi Nanzhumen, the son season carries back to the father did not go home, this, stirring everyone is uncertain. I don’t know where the old man went.

After spent two days in the panic, I gave a small feet of the three bags of the Hankou in the third day of the third day.

Everyone is ecstasy, Jinbao is called to the house, tells the sand army, the old man is back, and retrieved the stolen briefcase.

Sand Jun heard, put down the phone to the quarter gathering.

Ji Yunqing said to Hankou’s situation briefly said that the little feet brought from Hankou said: “This time I went to Hankou, Montmon Yangkou Yang Xiaoyang helped the Lord, and things were successfully solved, these three brothers , In order to help the mid-feelings, with me in Shanghai, the heart is burned, here, this is a one in the season. “

Said, I have to worship, the three people are busy leaving, saying: “Juji is not allowed, things are made by us, fined by us, for the rivers and lakes, we have no complaints.”

Ji Yunqing told the sand army to bring three people, go to the capture of the house, and ask them to drop from light.

Sand Jun is in the outside, the old man is in person with the horse, find the clue, and hosted the thief’s briefcase.

The residential consulate is to obtain the news of the Chinese people to explore the Changsha army.

That young diplomat, these days, I was in a hurry to sleep, seeing the document is well, I can’t help but sigh.

The patrol house inspects Hua Rairf to shoot the sand army’s shoulder and said: “It is still a way to have a way for a few days, and then chase the briefcase and prevent the occurrence of major Fengju. This, Chinese employees in the whole , Each person’s prize Yuan is too a thousand, Sand Director, I do this, think enough?

Sand Army said: “If you are thinking, don’t have anything, just ask us to take off your clothes, you will be interesting!”

Huahaft shoulder, two hands, smile, laugh.

The three stealing bags, because it was surrendered, and was sentenced to three months to deal with it.

Ji Yunqing’s Sand Army went to Xibun Monitoring to take care of the taking point, and she could not let them be committed.

I thought that three times were not long, expanded, and the information was sent back to Hankou. This thing was successful.

Unexpectedly, there are unexpected winds, and people have a good fortune. Can’t arrive in a month, in the three, there is a person’s body that is weak, because the food, health and environment is poor, and has caused disease. Since I didn’t call medical treatment in time, I killed in the registration hall.

Ji Yunqing heard this news, can not help but urgently, I want to start in Hankou, I took my chest to Yang Xiao’s guarantee, and now there is a life, according to the gang’s gang, non-alignment.

Ji Yunqing sings the sand army to the Xilian, and the death of the dead is punished, what is the cause of death?

The results of the visit, the deceased did not be protected, but after the onset, it did not treat it in time. So, I can only buy a burial, and I have been buried in the talents of the suburbs.


When you come out, the Attacular Sand Army is anxious to be uneasy day and night. How do you want to do your old age? Ji Yunqing did not speak all day, and he was heavy. The entire quarter museum is shrouded in an uneasiness.

On this day, Ji Yunqing said to his wife Jinbao: “Now, I have to go back to Wuxi.”

“Do you want to bring a small sheet?”

“No, I will go back alone.”

Jinbao see the old man’s face is gloomy, I don’t dare to say anymore.

Ji Yunqing did not return to Wuxi, but the boat went to Hankou, and I went to Yang Xiao with an account.

When I met, Ji Yunqing said: “Yang Da Ge, I am coming to miss.”

Yang Xiao Wen listened to the shock, asked the original committee to say: “Season Brothers, you first temporarily on our house, I will give you another reply.”

The answer after three days is: “Little Hubei died, because of death, death did not die; this is a natural disaster, no one can be expected, it is independent of your season, you can return to Shanghai. This small Hubei family, I will take care of it. “


It turned out that Ji Yunqing said that Yang Xiao sent people to Shanghai, and proved the cause, so this reply. Finally, Yang Xiao said: “The British’s Xun Dunner is really too bad. We should teach them, how to learn, the quarter is going back to Shanghai!”

Ji Yunqing took out a thousand dollars of cash check, said to be the small Hubei, who died in Xili, a little compensation. Yang Xiao pushed, but he didn’t return to Shanghai without receiving, he would have to accept it.

Ji Yunqing returned to Shanghai, urgently looking for Sand Army, and he gave him to the deputy, patrol room Chinese detective, and all the courtesy in the tour, resigned to the capture.


Sand Army understands the intention of the old man. When he returned to the brothers, he led him, and raised the collective resignation to the capture authorities, and the clothes were taken away.

The patrol housing is surprised, and the inspectors of Hua Rair is very surprised: this diplomatic official document can recover, it is lost in these Chinese, if there is no such border, it is equal to the loss of eyes, how do you work in the future?

When you please translate to talk about it, explore the Changsha army to say: “It is the old man, we are not doing, we must not violate the martial art.”

The translation is to study with the capture authorities, and believe that the diplomat is lost, it is Qingbang old man, Ji Yunqing personally went to Hankou to detect, and now, the apprentices have resigned. It seems that the old man has great advice on the capture.

So, as a side of the authorities, it is, ask the sand to ask for an old man, there is any dissatisfaction, you can come out to discuss.

The next day, Sand Jun put the views of Ji Yunqing, brought to the inspectors of Huawu. First, improve the life, environmental hygiene and medical equipment in the Xun Dynasty, and may not apply penalties, increase labor intensity and time, to speak humanitarian, otherwise, Chinese people are reluctant to cooperate with your British.

Wallace immediately reported to the consulate and reported the above requirements of Ji Yunqing. In order to take advantage of Chinese, the consulate approved the request of Ji Yunqing and implemented in the west.

Since then, the bridge of the bridge is greatly changed, and the cleaning is cleaned, and the doctor will increase the doctor and set up a health care office. There is a lard fried rice every week.

Difficult Friends can call the quarter of the season, and the conditions proposed by the British, they prompted the British to do so, and the sentence was released from prison, spread to the society, Suddenly, Ji Yunqing was in the Shanghai beach reputation. Golden Rong, Du Yuyu, Zhang Xiaolin, etc., almost look like it.


After March, the two people were sentenced to prison, and Ji Yunqing was prepared. Everyone had a new dress, five hundred tolls, and the policeman sent to Hankou, and the deceased was dug from the place of the deceased, and she also hired to return home. Announcement, and gave a pension in the home of the deceased.

Since then, Shanghai has a close relationship with Hankou, and Ji Yunqing and Yang Xiao have become a friend.

Unfortunately, Ji Yunqing is not guaranteed, and after the anti-Japanese war broke out, after the army occupied Shanghai, he gave a brilliant government and became a hardcore traitor.

One day in 1940, Ji Yunqing was killed by the leader of the military, killing his doorstep, and ended his life.


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