Summer dress all kinds of discount autumn clothes, all kinds of good girls, gap, girlfriends, go shopping.

“Women’s Examination”, “Sale”, “Summer Delivery” … When the reporter visited the market yesterday, it was found that Eurasian Shangdu, Eurasian store, national business department store, Changtai Building and other big shopping malls, summer dress is a comprehensive discount Hot, some autumn clothes have been quietly launched, and began to be a product in the mall. Dresses, long skirts, thin weed sweatshirts, seven-point sleeve denim jackets … models have all been replaced with new autumn clothes, and there are many varieties, which make people look at it.

Summer dress “folding waist” was snapped up

After entering the sky, in the mall, whether it is a clothing or a footwear, “summer out” has become the main melody, “50%”, “specials”, “Sale” label. It can be seen everywhere. “The original price of more than 600 yuan, now there is less than 300 yuan, I feel very cost-effective.” On the 23rd, Miss Li bought 3 summer clothes in the Vero Moda counter, Miss Li. “Now, the two are equivalent to the previous price.” Miss Wu, Miss Wu, tells the reporter.

Summer goods in the middle of July It is understood that there are currently, many brands have dropped the discount to 3 fold and below, the lowest is 15% off. Previously, the discount of Xiarong Qing passed a band, and the discount of 5 to 9 fold in July, in mid-July, the discount was reduced to 3 to 50% off. In addition to the discount of all major shopping malls, many local online shopping malls, portals, etc. are also in the summer goods, on the 58 city, the market and 58 turn APP, the reporter also found that many merchants and sellers are in low-priced sales. The big-name summer goods make the “online shopping” couldn’t help but buy.

New autumn price “firm”

In addition to a large amount of summer, colorful autumn clothes are also a highlight of the mall: long-sleeved T-shirt, thin weed sweater, small suit jacket, short denim jacket … in Eurasia 3F, 4F mall, a lot Brand clothing puts the autumn clothes to the shelves. In the interview, the reporter noted that the autumn launch in the Changchun Mall in the past two years has been listed in the summer, and the new new products are still launched in the summer. “Beginning in mid-July, we have set up in the autumn in our store.” Brother brand clerk said. In addition, many of the staff said that with previous years, this year’s autumn launch has been in advance for nearly half a month.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Eurasian business capital, in order to seize the market share, the merchant has gradually become a trend; from the current autumn clothes, sports clothing and fashion women’s overall should be more, according to previous years Formulations, autumn categories will start a lot of listing in early August. The reporter learned in the visit that the autumn price of the previous autumn is strong, with a 50% discount, although it attracts a number of young people who are not sensitive to price, pursuing trend, but most of the citizens have a wait-and-see attitude towards nearly discounts.

Anti-season autumn clothing

With the listing of new autumn clothes, I believe that many consumers have already perceived that some old autumn clothes have also taken hot “windmills”, which ushered in “second spring”, but sales price is very low. In the European store selling area, the reporter saw a lot of autumn discount costumes, and individual goods were even as low as 1 to 20% off. Ou Shili brand salesperson told reporters that in July, the manufacturers will carry out the final strength discount promotion of the backlitted spring dress or last year’s autumn clothes. “The new style of brand clothing is generally modified on the old model. The overall change will not be too big. But the price of the old model is very low, so the new costumes, the new costumes, and the old sales Better some! “The sales staff said.

Miss Wang, who is purchasing thin windbreaker in the sale area, said: “I think this is simple, very classic, not easy to obey, the most important thing is to force, only 20% off! So hurry, left a day It’s cold and then wear again. “The reporter saw at the Sale District site, many consumers were” heart “shot due to prices.

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