Zhang Wei wearing the “letter nightgown” coat is still quite advanced, and the gas field is domineering, too.

In most cases, large

Home will follow the pace of the times to choose the fashion frontier costumes.

Thus, the performance of the individual’s image will also be greatly reduced.

No matter how the fashion trend element changes, everyone can use the individual’s advantages to choose the costumes that suits them to achieve effective wear.


Highlight the charm. Among them, coat costumes can be said to be women’s necessities, and they can be widely used in all year rounds.

How is the mature woman less than “big clothes”, several coats unlock high-grade wearing, good temperament, gentle woman wearing coats is elegant, referring to Zhang Wei’s hipster coat wearing, too charm. Big

There is also a light luxury model of the clothes, and everyone can choose from.


Thereby showing a variable style of the shape.

Stylish and advanced coats

Under the different seasons, the coat clothing has a certain respective respective, and it is very suitable at a relatively warm climate temperature, which is suitable.

In the cold winter, you can also combine the woolen coat and lamb hair coat.

The entire shape is getting more and more abundant.

Avoid bloating feelings

The stylish charm of coats is mainly reflected in the clothing version, the long and loose version of the design can be well inclusive, thus achieving the effect of changing the body.

For the textured woolen coat, it is not so hard to quite, so it will be more casual.

However, it is extremely important to have a colorful color, and the choice of clothing is extremely important.

Generally, the thick coat needs to avoid the bloated feelings of the shape during the process, so the inner and slim apple green knit sweaters will be very good, the fabric of the sweater is extremely delicate, while with the high waist style dark blue jeans Match

From the look, there is an extremely obvious effect on the division of the body proportion, and it reduces the bloatedness of thick coats in the process.



Letters nightgown woolen coat

The woolen coat is basically mainly based on the type of solid color.

The classic black and the gentle and apricot, the khaki is all the usual style.

From the unified effect of color, it will be more temperament, and it can also be a must-have item for a mood.


But it is not very strong with the visual impact, so it is not very strong.

It is more recommended that you choose non-pure colorful printing light luxury woolen coats to create an expensive trend.

, Show a different charm shape.

Among them, the black gray colorful letter nightgown coat is very trend, and it looks light and advanced. At the same time, the effect of the auxiliary modification is also very powerful in the addition of alphabetic elements, and it seems to be very personal. The trend is full.

Coat’s fashion mix

Khaki windbreaker

Khaki’s windbreaker can be said to be a classic style in the coat single, color luxury, elegant,

And it is doped with a high-level texture, and there is no change in color unity, it looks very good. At the same time, the fabric of the windbreaker is also very hard, and under the version of the windbreaker long, the modification ability is also very strong, enough to show the sanctuary, the beauty is full.

Classic cards can also fully show the charm during the process of matching

For example, the skirt is a lady, or the minimalism of the casual shirt and jeans is a good choice. The whole person seems to be eodorous and elegant, very charm.

Black woolen coat

Regardless of the category of clothing, the black style type is classic, the color is dull and does not lose high-level, and it has a hundred fashion charm. It also increases certain possibilities in the process of matching. Charming style.


Black woolen coat with a more practicality, whether it is in what age, you can easily


It is enough to show a sense of light luxury and expense. Black coats don’t have any feature from color, but it can take full play in the process of matching.

Black woolen coat to improve the temperament, enhance the gas field as a premise, take a slim bongeic denim set, the color of the costumes reaches the unified effect


The color consistent is also very powerful, the whole person looks cool again and A, very charming.

Thousand bird coats

The coat costumes are all in the style of the solid color, and there is a good way to show the image temperament of the wearer.

It also increases the dullness of the style because of the unified effect of the color of the costume, it looks old.


So everyone may wish to choose some plaid coats with classic elements, striped coats, and thousands of bird coats are very suitable.


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