High waist cowboy shorts, in the summer, we must wear this

I want to be beautiful, I want to be playful, I want to be glamorous, I want to be high + white + slim? A high waist jeans is enough to meet your N demand, with solid color T, striped T, wave point T, letters T, chiffon shirt, how to match the air field is full of eye-catching. The following small series is the basic shape of 10 most air fields, the effect is absolutely unexpected ~

Match tips: blue cattle + dark red loose T + brown single shoes + champagne bag


Recommended reason: This color is very bright and eye-catching, and there will be no mistakes. Light-colored bags and shoes make the shape look simple and refreshing.

Match tips: black cattle + wave point short sleeve T + black hat + black bag + black shoes


Recommended reason: Very good shape, with black as the main color, the whole matching clean, very energetic.


Match tips: blue cattle + white cartoon letter T + white baseball cap + deep blue mail difference + white sports shoes

Recommended reason: The hair band in the baseball cap will be freely cute. It is very refreshing to match, absolutely super aging.


Match TIPS: light blue cattle + black belt + black chiffon shirt + rice white shopping bag + black sandals


Recommended reason: absolute goddess basic payment, chiffon shirt with high waist cowboy shorts gas field instant UP!

Match tips: light blue cattle + white vest + white hollow carousel cardigan + sunglasses + black bag + white sandals

Recommended reason: simple and light, energetic, with a hollow car model, add a sweet and cute.


Match tips: blue cattle + black and white striped letters T + black bag + white sandals

Recommended reason: Every women’s clothes wardrobe will have a dress, and it is unbelievable, and the leg is long.

Match tips: blue cattle + brown belt + rice white digital T + gray blue baseball cap + sunglasses + gray canvas shoes

Recommended reason: The colors of the belt are very bright, with the color of the whole body, very eye-catching.

Match TIPS: Blue Bull + Dark Red T + Blue White Geometric Print Shopping Bag


Recommended reason: minimalist, highlight, aggravation essential ~

Match TIPS: Broken Cave Blue Cattle + V Lending Bedley T + Black Belt + Hairband + Ink + Black Hand Tag + Black Sandals

Recommended reason: very Korean hair band Mix sunglasses, casual and handsome.


The following item recommendation:

NO.1 simple atmosphere style, the more simple, the more you do, OL summer preferred items. With skirts, shorts, jeans, wide-leg pants, shopping, go to work, gatherings to make people clear and refreshing feelings, practical wild products, atmospheric minimal TEE, unadiest bats, clothing, unsuccessful Thoracing belly effect is a unique satin color matching pocket decoration. It is also easy to distinguish from ordinary TEE. The fabric ingredients are 95 Kum cotton and 5 spandex very comfortable soft and elasticity. It is also very suitable. M families of the T-shirts are all combed longweed cotton, and the long velvet cotton can be said to be the best cotton with ordinary people. It is a process of veil, removed with a combed machine. Better fibers, remove impurities, can be said to be excellent in advance, whether it is gloss, color saturation, fabric comfort, is not ordinary cotton complimentary focus is Barbie’s offset, the original officers are very strong and detailed.

NO.2 has a very good cotton t, which is also a very “attitude” T. The “attitude” letter of the chest is a designer manual drawing, which is to be a “attitude”! This T belongs to the loose version, is very comfortable and free, as a half skirt or trousers with a waist, handsome face. The summit the more you, the more you prefer this product in Ol summer. With skirts, shorts, jeans, wide-leg pants, shopping, go to work, and gatherings give people a clear feeling. The T-shirt of interest letters is very casual, and the basic amount necessary in summer. Select the cotton material to bring skin-friendly feelings. All applications such as commute, dating, vacation, etc. are suitable. Flightly t-shirt, cool items necessary in summer.

NO.3 style minimalist, completely do not pick your body, pure copper ammonia fabric soft silky and comfortable! With black woody knit harem pants, fashion is not exaggerated, personality is not open! One of the irresponsible equipment must be unable to build a street. For the matching level, it is not required, and it is also a lazy match. Comfortable cotton material makes spring and summer are breathable. This is a super good look, both the knowledgeable and handsome big T-shirt. The rich colored cranes are soft and comfortable. Loose clothes design, popular style, fashion. Personal stripes stitching, brunette with light colored contrast, soft college style. This, absolute, absolute super authentic European and American style. Super simple clothes, very comfortable, let you experience better dressing comfort.


NO.4 is washed with denim cotton, the front is long and long, the comfort is awesome, as wearing underwear, self-definition, high waist design, hip slim, light cowboy shorts, BF vest, white Shirt, a pair of words drag, hot summer feelings. Simple and sexy, emitting enough women. When wearing a meal, the temperament is extremely temperament, and it is very elastic fabric. It is more visually thinner, denim shorts, full of youthful vitality. Washed white design, handsome. The waist is elastic, and the waist line is very thin. The small pantlet is designed in the side of the trouser foot, and there is a little playful. In the hot summer, I will start with simple hot pants if I have a hot summer dress. Comfortable and cool hot pants are also the most eye-catching items in high streets, especially if you can reveal your slim legs, and it is also super simple. Whether it is a simple T-shirt, sweatshirt or sling, you can make you turn around.

NO.5 is casually with the vest or T-shirt, can retro fashion mix and match four seasons! It’s just a matching artifact, and the tide girl is absolutely in hand. I really like this series of shorts. I am very very good to wear myself for two or three years. High waist shorts are very good. It is absolutely, when the body is not good, this is not a timidity, this The pants will definitely only put your strengths, cover up the disadvantage, add points to the lower pendulum, there is a gap, not ruled, not ordinary shorts, version is also very good. The classic and wild features of jeans can still have a seat in the times of fashion trend. Slimming thin classic trousers, playing the role of a good abdomen waist, exquisiteness. Unique old crafts, blooming charming. The foot feet is designed, revealing the taste of fashion retro! Psychicity of pants, easy to shape a beautiful youthful, it is very good to look at it.

NO.6 minimalian lead neck design, classic practice, modified neck line, modern fashion. Fashion pattern design combined with rivet design, with a street fashion art atmosphere, wild fashion. The loose version is designed, smart covering the waist, showing the fiber waist. The sexy of the sash is hidden, and the sexy is displayed. The high-quality high-grade fabric, the fabric quality is smooth, breathable, and naturally comfortable. Elegant round collar design, perfectly modified clamp lines, simple fashion, more comfortable. Middle sleeve design, refreshing and comfortable, neckline webbing design modified shoulder type, looks more spiritual. Loose version of personality is casual, interpretation of comfortable time, wearing your own unique taste …


NO.7 King 15 years The latest simple TEE Lian Carto, I arrived, I just hit the horse, I can’t do it. I love to wear this TEE. I am so comfortable and a whaterelling for struggle and the original version 1: 1 We specially customize a batch of imports Silk cotton, hand-sensitive dip and comfort are very perfect, I don’t even feel better than the original version! That kind of high-level sense is to take it in his hand. I often see the street shooting model to wear it to match all kinds of jackets, coats, sweaters, if you are hesitating, try it, guarantee Will not go wrong, black and white gray 3 colors are classic, and they don’t pick people. It is recommended that people do 2 colors from doing a single dressing. It will become the highest use rate in your wardrobe.


NO.8 classic small fragrance rare red and black must be combined into classics, the fabric contains silver silk as a sparkling star, the rays are unable to be ignored, the radians are short section small top clothes + slim, the classic combination of waist pants, never have time cuffs, The hem and pants must be sidelines, all hand-oriented sewing, so the effect is fixed, not inferior figs, gently pull it, keeping the style to choose the style Designed such a style, I didn’t think that everyone can wear it to Hong Kong. Many people ask me that I am a new year. I know that Chanel suits are very proud of the very proud designs of the best. I recognize that even if I am misunderstood is a small-shaped style, the workmanship and quality, I have enough confidence. I have only sure to get my own design. Everything I think I think now, almost no one likes to wear, unique, personality, temperament It is often easy to distinguish between a suit. So you choose it to show your eyes Nice. If you can control it, you must be a person who is equipped with a gas field and temperament. Personally recommend!

NO.9 Paris velvet is more delicate and comfortable, wearing absolutely good-looking ~ full body love ~ There is a butterfly collar ~ playful age, sweet people ~ If you are a button, it is a good presence. ~ Is the kind of soft material ~ very skin-friendly ~ summer wearing refreshing breathable ~ below with small feet can be very professional ~ long, short skirt can also be very soft ~ one can wear in spring and summer, simple and generous, classic The head collar, casual naturally does not pick the body, loose cover meat version, the print pattern is fresh and cute, fashion hundreds, classic print patterns, wardrobe must be income. The workmanship is in place, the detail of the neckline reflects the professionalism, the material is thin, the chiffon is soft, there is a feeling, refreshing and breathable, simple and simple, exudes a lazy atmosphere.


NO.10 fashionable denim shorts, joining the Pop printing pattern personality 点 设计 丰 丰 丰 丰 不 不, 气 气 气; 穿 气 气;;;;;; 部 部 部 部 部 气 部 气 气 气 部 部 气 气 气; 气 气 气Delivery characteristics, comfortable fabrics, suitable for close-fitting, casual and youth fashion, is an indispensable wild single item in summer wardrobe. Help you create a neutral modern fan, super-personal big broken cave design, this year is an indispensable bright spot, breaking the ultimate is beautiful! The wide-leg leisure version not only makes the waist look thin, but the legs are also slept. There is a slightly relatives, and there is no tight binding sense. Let you be comfortable and comfortable, a casual shortage, simple profile and stem line, simple matching, you can wear sweet and vitality.


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