The gentleman male will not miss the Navy coat (PEA Coat)

Pea Coat is the same as many classic single items, from the military background,

As early as the 16th century, the Netherlands is called Pijekker, which is a jacket made of a thick blue twill fabric.

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

The PEA Coat was also adopted by the UK Navy and has been promoted, and PEA Coat in the middle of the 19th century also became the US Navy’s uniform.

Navy coat English name is PEA Coat, because the collar of the clothes is like two cases of peas, so it is also known as “pea coat” in English.

The initial PEA Coat in order to meet the needs of the Navy,

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

With warm wool fabrics, the two-breasted design is also more warm, and the short design activities are more flexible. The characteristics of high-necked and big lapels are all warm in the cold weather.

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

Today’s Navy Coats still maintain a classic characteristic, one of the warmth of warmth,

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

The design of the double-breasted naval coat is the characteristics of the wool fabric. It is the best choice for business fashion style. It can make shapes and gentlemen like the polo coat.

The shape of the jeans is slightly leisure, and the shape of the trousers is completely displayed.

The shape of the naval coat is generally mature, so it is the best choice for the old school. Of course, the naval coat can create trendy personality.

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

Army green coat has always been the favorite Icon’s favorite, and the stack is also more exciting.

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

The deep blue conditioning type of the whole body is very wild, and a straight jeans has a retro feel, and the folding of the foot makes the shape more refined.

The most classic color of the color navy coat is of course indigo,

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

The feature of the double-breasted makes the shape look rigorous, and the collar shape of the white shirt is very stable when the business is matched.

In winter, you can match a pair of skin gloves, colors and shoes echo, and the shape is also very good.

With a light blue jeans, the shape is very good, and the shape is planetous when the button is unwritten.

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

The shape of the business is more rigorous, whether it is daily commutation, or needs to see such a model that can be seen such a mature and stable feel.

When you go out, this “pea collar” can play a role. If you stand up, you can protect your neck, and put the cold wind to make your neck are warmer.

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

A wool trousers and naval coats are also very good, and it can also be warm through the clothes, sometimes in ordinary business modeling, and is also formally formally formally in a suit, with shirts and tie.

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

With the suit suit, the shape is warm and temperament, in addition to the combination of the polo coat energy and suits, the navy coat can also do it.

绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

By superimposing the shape of the shape, it can make the shape will not be too boring. Of course, when the temperature is low, pay attention to keep warm, and the button on the button is warm and rigorous.

With a high-waist trousers and a high-necked sweater, the shape is simple, such a model is required for business Fanqiu and winter, it seems that the shape is very advanced, very tasteful.

For small children, short coats are the best choice, and the overall proportion of the shape can be controlled to wear the gardens.

Of course, the naval coat can also build a street fan, and the street trendy feelings of “Hundreds of Kings” hidden sweaters will be strong.

Change the classic gentleman’s shoes into a pair of youthful sneakers, and the style of the style is changed.

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绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

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绅士型男绝不会错过的海军大衣(Pea coat)

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