Has been evacuated to the store, exit China’s good time chocolate “good”?

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被传撤柜关店、退出中国 好时巧克力还“好”吗?

2022-02-12 14:35

被传撤柜关店、退出中国 好时巧克力还“好”吗?

“Small figure is taste”, with this classic advertising word, American chocolate brand has walked into China’s thousand households. However, recent frequent news is exposed, so when the chocolate line is on the line, there is no warning to decline. What is going on?

The reporter visited some offline supermarkets and convenience stores to find that the chocolate products can still be bought, but in some e-commerce platforms, sales have indeed abnormalities. On the Jingdong platform, the goods of the official flagship store can still purchase normally, but one-third of the goods show “sold out”; and on the Tmall platform, there is “good” in the keyword, except There are no flagship stores or designated name stores in some personal stores.

被传撤柜关店、退出中国 好时巧克力还“好”吗?

When the official microblogging of the chocolate responded to netizens, the Tmall’s flagship store “is being renovated”, and will return to the operation after adjustment. However, good time chocolate official Weibo has recently updated on January 28th, and the Weibo is now comment. At the same time, there is no way to open the official website link provided on the official Weibo of Chocolate.

被传撤柜关店、退出中国 好时巧克力还“好”吗?

In addition, from December last year, a WeChat public number called “Good Dessert Concept Shop” continued to disclose, and it is better to streamline the personnel in the Chinese market. The article also shouted the foreigner, hoped to be kind to China dealers. , Properly handle the relationship between the brand and the dealer. In the article, a company named “Shenzhen Xincu Industrial Co., Ltd.” has become a good company’s supplier since December 21, 2015, but in the near future, there is no reason, no warning, Requires the relief relationship.

被传撤柜关店、退出中国 好时巧克力还“好”吗?

This dealer currently operates three desserts of “good” signboards in Shanghai, can be searched on the public ratings website. This morning, a person in charge of a dessert shop told reporters that the operation of the dessert store is temporarily normal, but it is currently unable to obtain contact with good China and the United States. The person in charge also said that some dealers who have a good retail trade cooperation have not got the fee of returns, and jointly fight the lawsuit.

Various signs show that the company is experiencing what. There are industry insiders to speculate that the truth of the so-called “good time to close the store” should be a dispute between the brand owners and some dealers, rather than a brand that it is necessary to withdraw from the Chinese market. In this regard, the reporter calls China’s customer service phone call this morning, but the phone is not answered. However, when China recently responded to other media, it did not quit the Chinese market. At present, the offline and part of the online channels are still under normal sales, and some channels are closed due to business adjustment, and some channels are short-term due to the Spring Festival. Subsequent followers will follow.

The public information shows that there is a 105-year-old chocolate and candy manufacturer in North America. After entering the Chinese market in 1995, it quickly won the favor of many Chinese consumers. However, in the past decade, the company has declined in the overall performance of the Chinese market, and the 2015 to 2017 fiscal year is in a lossful state, and the results of the 2018-220 FYRMIC have also declined. At the same time, it is still a small challenge in China’s chocolate market, and the 2020 share is only 3.2%, ranking in the fifth, far below Macashi, Ferrero, Nestle, PLADIS.

被传撤柜关店、退出中国 好时巧克力还“好”吗?

Industry insiders pointed out that good performance declines, with the changes in China’s chocolate consumer market, and the company has no timely adjustment positioning, there is a close relationship. When I have just entered China during 1995, there were not many chocolate brands on the Chinese market, and there were fewer imported brands. Therefore, there is a characteristic product and the marketing slogan of Lang Lang’s top, soon “capture” a lot of consumers. China has also rapidly become a maximum consumer market outside the United States.

However, in recent years, China’s chocolate market has emerged, and more well-known brands have been added, and some domestic chocolate brands are also ready to go. Diversified brands bring diverse products, chocolate products are no longer limited to traditional chocolate candies, chocolate beans, but together with desserts, toys, exhibits, the theme shop, concept shop, museum, walk up Cross-border marketing route. However, for these changes, “Good” does not seem to be adjusted in time. The high-end products are not as good as other high-end brands, the promotion of products and the marketing efforts are not as good as the price, showing the situation of “upward downward”.

It is worth noting that the industrial and commercial data shows that its good time (China) Investment Management Co., Ltd., established in April 2001, has been liquidated in November 2021. The company’s legal representative is Rohit Grover, with a registered capital of about 840 million US dollars, wholly-owned Hershey International LLC. Risk information shows that the company has more than ten cases of litigation cases, and the case is involved in the dispute dispute between the sales and purchase, sales agent contract disputes.

In this regard, Cui Lili, Executive Director, Executive Director of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview with the news KNEWS reporter that “liquidation” means that the company will end the operation and disband the end, but does not mean that this brand will completely exit. The Chinese market is still eligible for the future, and it is possible to continue to register other companies to operate relevant business. According to existing information, what happened between the company and Shenzhen dealership is not able to restore a good time. It is possible to make adjustments to the company’s business strategy, but it is not possible to communicate with the former contributor, resulting in disputes between the two parties.

被传撤柜关店、退出中国 好时巧克力还“好”吗?

Cui Lili also said that chocolate as a candy food, its production and sales volume is very affected by consumer demand, and the chocolate brand has only constantly conforming to consumers, and it is possible to neutralize in many competitors. For companies with higher share in China, companies that have a good reputation have declined, adjusting the business strategy is necessary to keep up with the times, only do well, it can stay in China for a long time. Live better. However, the development of any overseas brands is inseparable from the joint efforts of local suppliers and dealers. When the brand is placed in adjusting the business strategy, it should also communicate with these partners, try to protect the common interests of the two sides and avoid disputes, and encounter disputes to properly handle according to law, and do “failed”. “

被传撤柜关店、退出中国 好时巧克力还“好”吗?

(Take a look at the news Knews reporter: Jin Mei Yan Liqi)


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