A bottle of three ginger, can care for the shampoo, wash you or the beautiful girl!

Walking on the street to see handsome guy, how do you identify whether he is single?

I heard that the popular method in the young people is that I have a small leather.

“There is a small branch” on the hot search, think about the beautiful sister’s thick and elegant long hair, picking up the small lens, wearing the boy’s hand, then hand in hand, step two steps, three steps, watching the sky This wave of dogs is really fresh and cute.


Beautiful hair is the most important accessories of the girls, and a full-scale hair will have to determine how others have a good feeling about you, and the full launcies can also increase the girl’s feelings, such as

May only have them with love TT


In the past, we were also cleaned and a good Han, and now we feel that we feel in the hands of the handsome hairline. The color of the color is starting from the top of the head. I heard that I have already discussed the hair after 90.

But don’t be so rushed to death, just like life is not only 996, the reason for hair loss is not so simple, in addition to don’t stay night,


It is also worth our attention.


Long-term battle in a homeship SIR of the anti-off line recently discovered

Excellent source three ginger washing

, It is a

Pure herbaceous formula anti-off shampoo


, 0 addition, 0 silicone oil, a bottle of three ginger (

Ginger, turmeric, ginger juice

) The ingredient can repair the scalp ecology from the depths of the hair follicle and reproduce a strong vitality.

I saw a lot of people in recommending this shampoo, “no goddess”

Lin Zhiying


Recommended in the endorsement,

“Beautiful Pretty People”

It has also been very recommended in the program.


Wolf 2

The official designated toiletries.

Although it is the shampoo of the main ginger, the bottle of Excellence


Ginger flavor is not strong


,More over

Faint fragrance

. Squeeze out


Light yellow liquid, apply it to the wet hair and scalp, proper massage, and then rinse it.



After the washing, the scalp is refreshing, the hair is also visible to the eye.




The house SIR has also found some

Real test

Evaluation feedback, is also a full screen,

Unlimited repurchase


A bottle of three ginger: ginger, turmeric, ginger juice

Excellent Source three ginger originated from the Chinese drug giant

“Compendium of Materia Medica”




modern technology

For the most symptomatic, it promotes hair health growth in the most natural way, and the ecological balance of the head skin is reshaped.

Yougee specially added



Top core technology “Nature



By let the herb composition naturally ferment, the maximum herb is retained.



Plant raw material


Natural growth

It is completely non-chemical pollution and a natural ingredients that have been modified.

Low temperature extraction

The essence, can deeply penetrate the head and the core, each time shampoo


Like, you are very happy ~

Del fluffy no silicone oil is more refreshing

Clean is not in place, clear the head washed in the morning, it is likeon to collapse at noon, and the image of the oily fairy is walked. For a long time, the next step may be seborrhea.

Excellent source of three ginger


, Quickly penetrate into the scalp, easy to clean

Scalp oil stains and sweat


, Dandruff, massage head skin effectively promotes scalp


Blood cycle and microcirculation

Recovery of the headcutum group and water oil balance, there is an effect of itching itching, soothes the head pressure, restoring the normal metabolism of the head leather angle layer.

The false killer silicone oil in ordinary shampoo, does not exist in Yixiao shampoo, in addition to this, it also


Mineral oil

Petroleum surfactant

Non-moving raw materials

No gene transformation component

. The ingredients of the injured scalp are treated, and the advantage is an absolute copper wall.

Not only let the scalp zero burden, the excellent shampoo keeps the water and oil balance can also alleviate the hair collapse caused by oil, from the stereo fluffy, so that the hair is full of air, the whole person looks younger.


Washout healthy and removal

There is still one reason for hair loss is the scalp and unhealthy, shrinking hair follicles will not only make hair easily fall off, and it will hinder the growth of new and exports. It is simply the same existence.


And Yiman shampoo has

Eight core components



Ginger extract and yeast amino acid

It can directly reach the head follicular cells, open the detox and transport channels, and wake up “sleep” hair follicles. Large amount

Protein essence

, Can provide nutritional replenishment for the new hair, can improve the hair loss, thus

Promote hair growth

Make the scalp to reach a healthy hair.

More than the hair is safe than the makeup, it is only necessary to shampoo, the hairline can come quietly.

Wash out of soft glow natural shin

Excellent Source three ginger is also rich in nourishing scalp



Hyaluronic acid natural moisturizing factor

Supply the nutrients required for the scalp, while locking the moisture, letting the hair have become from the core


, Repairing damage, knotting, pork, hair, hot dyeing, damage

Beautiful light

In addition, it is added

Vitamin E, H and hydrolyzate β-glucan

, Constantly injecting the source of hair injection

Plant nutrient, moisture

, Just use it once, you can feel smooth and hair improved.


If you look

Excellent planting hair mask

Use together,

Double effect

Hair mask


High concentration raising essence


And quenching

Triple plant microcapsules


, Quickly restore hair elastic, replenish moisture and nutrients,

Improve hot dye damage

Let you bid farewell to the hair dry and dry and other symptoms.

The anti-removal must be early, one-click purchase excellent three ginger washing suit, care for hair healthy growth, returning to your value for changing.

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