Wear coat with high heel shoes too rustic, choose “four pairs” shoes, lightweight, fashionable not tired

Once upon a time, coats and high heels seem to be a perfect match. The coat is tall and tall, and the drape is high. High heel shoes are cool, strong and expensive. The two are seamless, and women’s advanced and glamorous perfect interpretation. The peace of the eyebrows hidden the coldness of the sword is cold, and it is really a cold.

After a long time, everyone chooses coats with high heels. Not only is the sharp release of the frosty gas field, but the overall shape is also boring, and it has become a kind of rush. So now I have long been suggested to wear a coat with high heels, really too soil.

1: Sneakers

Among all shoes, sports shoes are most convenient. The modified foot type will not be cumbersome, which has long been the footwear of the public. Sneakers and coats combinations, although it is a mix and match. But more fashion, weakened, torped, more playful.

A loose coat, a layoff and comfortable version. Combined with sneakers, it is perfectly perfectly perfect. Although the coat walking is a profound road, there is now a more posture today. For example, loose straight version is equipped with two large pockets, quite a temperament of the college wind.

Oat color coat, the temperament is more soft, loose version, the cutting of the fork, and the hem of the wind, so that this coat becomes more casual. Combine a pair of white sneakers, more playful college wind, lazy and comfortable, more fashionable.


Even if there is no loose version of the laziness, the plump straight coat can also combine a pair of sneakers. Because the straight coat is more straight straight, the style of sports shoes is more casual. Songye treasure blue coat, combined with loose straight wide-legging pants, is more handsome and handsome.


If the combination high heel is more highlighting the wind of the end, the little sister chooses a black and white sports shoes. Since then, the sharp winds are relieved, and the overall shape is more elegant and comfortable, and the sweet girl is temperament, and the shape of the age-fledged leisure is more intimate.

Two: flat shoes

The flat shoes stand in the opposite side of high heels, there is no strong and domineering, and there is also a sharp and cool. At the same time, the flat shoes will have a gentle and tenderness, not tired, and more warm and comfortable, you can give you enough gentleness.


The season of autumn and winter, a pair of flat shoes became so rare. In fact, you want to warm and moderately dressing, just need to add plush elements to the fleece elements on the basis of flat shoes. For example, routine Muller shoes, usually the most popular single items in the Spring and Autumn Period, the design of the inner plus will be more warm, and it will not feel cold in winter.

A slender black coat, straight version of the slim, tailoring, belt on the belt. Excissions from a high-level precious gesture, combined a blue nine pants, the whole person’s posture is more out of people, with flat Muller shoes, slender 踝 出, the whole style is more trendy.

The flat shoes in the winter will make your dressing more. Although many people think that winter is not suitable for wearing flat shoes, because the flat shoes are not tall enough, they will look more short. But as long as it is matched, the flat shoes also have their own style.

A pair of flat shoes, convenient and comfortable, combined black coats are also impeccable. The inner body skirt is a leopard element, and it is exquisite and restrained and personalized. The combination of flat shoes has more tenderness, but also presented the high-grade gas field of the black coat.

Three: thick shoes

Thick bottom shoes is a relatively thick shoe, just like pine cake shoes, is a kind of thick shoe. The thick-founded design does not have a lightweight feeling, the combination of coats can also add a beautiful color to the winter day.


Thick shoes have a variety of styles to choose, such as small white shoes, sports shoes, boots, boots, etc., can be integrated into the thick-founded design, which is visually improved to improve the height ratio, reaching a more intuitive highlights. . So the matching of the thick shoe is more common in the autumn and winter season.

If the autumn and winter shoes are too light, or too exquisite and small, it is easy to have a soft feeling of light, which makes people feel asymmetrical. After all, autumn and winter is always needed to be more thicker. Thick coat, cotton, down jacket, also need to superimpose a hat, scarf. At this time, a pair of thick shoes can be more matching with the combination of the coat.


Songcake shoes are also a kind of thick shoe, using a relatively thick sole design, combined wide leggings or straight pants, neither cumbersome, but also stretch the leg ratio in invisiting, look more tap. Thick shoes have already become a fashion item that must be a human hand, even if it is a combination coat, it is more cool.

In the season of autumn and winter, more people prefer the wearing of the coat. Especially loose coats, even silhouettes, tailored coats, which is too exquisite to shoes, which is inevitable to have a contrast of contrast. It is also recommended that you have a combination of thick shoes and overall shapes more coordinated.


Four: boots

If the booties are the necessary items that must be autumn and winter, it is really not too much. Short boots are comfortable, you can combine a variety of clothing. Dresses, skirts, nine pants, straight pants, tobacco pipes, no boots can’t match, even if combined coats, more fashionable.

When we choose boots, there are two directions, one is a high-heeled boots, one is a low-heeled booties. Relatively speaking, high-heeled boots are more feminine, and the overall posture is also more elegant. Although the booties are a wild item, we also need to clarify the style temperament you want to express.

Loose black coat, more cool and fashion, combined with a black boots, and the overall style is elegant. Especially the design of this pointed square root, more feminine, is an elegant and low-key and special fashionable style.

Low heel boots will naturally be more handsome. For example, common Martin boots, and ankle boots, hooka boots, will choose low-heeled design, and different temperament of different boots is different. Martin boots are more handsome, and the ankle boots are more elegant, and the boots are more delicious.

The combination of boots and coats is simply perfect. Regardless of the coat combination, it is a double boot, more handsome, the whole style is beautiful, and it is also a fashionable match.

Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now you know what shoes should be wearing a coat, have you shared a small knowledge for everyone a day, pay attention! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)

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