How to buy ukulele novice not pit! Black experience does not blow, to buy the piano must-see

工欲善其事必先利其器, choose a good violin is essential for learning the ukulele. But unfortunately too many unscrupulous merchants! How can choose from a vast sea to a piano for their own good violin? Today, combined with the experience of various piano hand, does not blow black, fair and objective from all aspects of the brand, appearance, price, material, etc. to share with you!

01 brand

Try to choose big brands, big brands in general retail price will not be less than 300, and the degree of your mother can search for formal official website, the official website can be found in a number of agents nationwide sales channels.

02 Appearance


This is basically a matter of personal preference, and like varnish or matte paint, dark or light, wood color or color, large or small wood grain, low-key or exaggerated, ordinary headstock, classical or electric guitar headstock headstock, chipping or not chipping, what kind of knob, with or without mouth round flower and edging, etc., these effects are not large, like to like.


To be noted here is that if the election color piano, be sure to choose

Transparent paint, wood grain visible color piano

, Even those who can not see the wood Caiqin do not chose.

The piano is made of wood, there is no piece of wood is different, they all have their own personality, so sometimes quite see eye edge.

A side note, on

Closed knob and open the knob

Everyone some misunderstanding, I feel like some closed stable, it is not true, open the knob is also good, real good or bad knobs reflected in the gears and other mechanical structure, with no direct relationship seal is not closed.

03 Price

For pure entry-pick for piano,

300 yuan

The bottom line is (I mean the genuine 300, piano brand is the national retail price maintenance, can all be found in, do not worry about the price is pit), lower than the price of this proposal do not consider, is our basic often said Shaohuo up.

Shaohuo even toy piano often there are many fundamental questions,

Whether the Right Tone


(Especially the high-bit),

Chord distance extraordinarily high


(Anxian cause great difficulty),

Rough work

(Frets rower, knobs jerky, open plastic cracking, etc.),


Poor sound



Xiao Tang did not rule out that there may be a qualified small price U, but for the novice, the possibility can pick out there? White is not the most hype is the seller’s statement confused.

Here, too, in particular, noted that many businesses will play a false discount, the price is the first very high standard, and are large discounts or coupons issued every day, some of them marked “today only” so you really feel the original price is more than 300, buy today picked up a great deal, not knowing that these shops are like discounts and deals, this is tantamount to the store every day there are every day, “the last day of clearance,” a clear shop for several years. Identification of such a false discount, just need to pay more attention to a few days.

As a musical instrument, not a toy, not expensive 300 dollars, right? If your budget is not enough, I suggest you staging or bite save save to buy.

Do not be afraid to think their own can not learn, try to buy the cheap, for this and that they first find a good excuse for friends, Xiaofeng is not recommended piano, and that two hundred dollars a pity to waste, not as it is good to eat two meals.


04 Material

Introduce the concept of plywood, veneer and full order.

Laminate refers to a piano case piano is used in the whole plywood, non-wood composite boards. The advantage is cheap cost, almost no worry about maintenance problems; drawback is the relatively poor resonance, volume, timbre number.

Wood veneer piano piano box refers to the use of the front panel, the back side of the plate is still plywood. Advantage is that sound good; drawback is the price a little expensive, the maintenance (wood, after all, the main attention humidity) need a little attention to the next.


Full single piano refers to the overall piano box are solid wood. The advantage is good sound, the volume is large; drawback is expensive, requires attention to maintenance.

Most are between 300-500 plywood piano, piano board a small amount, up 500-1000 mostly veneer piano, piano a small amount of the total bill. 1000 belongs to the advanced up the back of the gradient is off thousand Yuan, gear 2000, gear 3000, gear 5000 10000 + …… gear.

As to how to distinguish the laminate board we can refer to the following:

The following sounds sort for your reference:

Ordinary plywood piano



Sapele wood generally, mahogany, spruce, pine, maple, acacia and other wood species (Also there are still a number of non-wood composite material, such as HPL, etc.), each timber origin different levels at different prices different.

Special instructions

Full HPL materials do not equal the total bill piano piano

Some well-known brands will this false propaganda, do not believe!

Here are several common characteristics of wood for your reference:

Mahogany, darker brown, short and fine texture, sound more balanced, moderate and full, the cost is relatively cheap.

Spruce, lighter in color, straight wood, bright and crisp sound biased, the price is relatively cheap

Acacia wood, wood large, regarded as the most suitable ukulele wood, warm yet bright thick and full, of course, prices are generally more expensive

Wood differences caused by different sounds, this parameter is more subjective, everyone preferences are different, the same grade piano can only say that their own personality, not the wood best, only favorite.

05 feel

General recommendations

Priority pick novice piano feel

, Fret not draw rower, according to them a comfortable, (right hand plucked the case of the left hand not Anxian, no strings on the frets pumped noise) in the case of goods not playing, chord distance (the strings fretboard and distance) as low as possible, generally within a product string from 1mm, 12 products of about 3 mm chord distance is acceptable, the subsequent piano chord distance great impact on the level, the evaluation criteria are relatively objective, we selected the piano when we must pay attention, of course, fly piano brand in this area are in line with the general standard of conscience stores will help you try piano tune piano.

06 Dimensions

Ukulele for very many, the most common are three sizes.

Classified by shape, mostly guitar-type and a small amount of pineapple type and a handful of special-shaped piano, suggest that you try to select the type of guitar, piano and more convenient to hold, sound is more orthodox.

Sorted by size, the most common is the 21-inch S-type, C-type 23-inch, 26-inch T type, there are relatively more common 17Mini piano (piano pocket), as to the fact of election which the piano is no absolute statement, mainly look at yourself. They differ mainly small character in 23-inch and 26-inch type S than 21, it will be narrower range (with the elongated neck 21 inch piano type S), some small interval of character, voice different bias (high frequency projecting; supplement low frequency, etc.), with the larger volume of the tank is greater.

As for what level of height, hand size hand not worry too much, in fact, really is not too much difference between them, for everyone to do the following tables, we condemnation of it

07 strings

Now available in more common mainly ordinary nylon strings, strings of carbon and titanium pigment strings.

Ordinary nylon string

Is the most common, white, made of ordinary nylon strings are generally the least expensive, shorter sustain, volume moderate. Imported ordinary nylon strings strings Aquila is common, slightly more expensive than domestic, sounds slightly better than domestic.

Carbon chord

It normally transparent carbon carbon chord strings and red wine, crisp and bright tone, sustain long durable, transparent carbon more expensive than ordinary strings nylon string, red wine has a lot of expensive carbon chord is commonly used in the full single piano.

Titanium pigment chord

, Launched by the United States Daddario company, generally slightly thicker, tension is relatively large, feel more rigid, the volume is large, durable, transparent carbon price between wine and red carbon chord chord.

The latter two in the selling price and the cost to be much higher than ordinary nylon string, it is generally a little better piano factory will be accompanied by more advanced strings.

If you have a thorough grasp of the above knowledge, I believe you can really choose to become a piano expert, I hope this article will help you distinguish right from wrong, to choose an ideal piano! There is a need to stroll Oh Tang farm, you will be able to choose your favorite Kin Kin



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