Song Zusher’s wear is completely trend textbook! Pack hip slide is really good, highlight

Song Zuer’s color is also high, the vertical stripe high waist semi-skirt opens the overall proportion, and the temperament has changed.


Compared with Guan Xiaoxiao, in fact, Song Zugue’s face will be more advanced. And some daily wear, her wear will be easier to learn and accept our girls. Select the top plus half skirt, small black pants, jeans and casual pants, separated the beauty you want.

LOOK1: Top + Dird


Color and blue match together will have an unusual freshness, where the mountain is selected is a white casual shirt, and the lower body is selected with a vertical striped high waist skirt, and the sleeve part of the top is also used. The blue splicing and skirts have been correspondingly processed. This is very strong in touch with it, and the fashion feeling is also highly high.


Or the upper body chooses a simple white T-shirt to match, the lower body uses this high-waist bag hip waterpoint spun dresses to handle very wise, use brown and beige as color match, then with white T-shirt, fresh, not too monotonous.

This shirt is more common, and one of the shirts is that the modification is very strong, and it can also play a good aging effect, but this shirt is not a design, so we are choosing Attention should be noted that if the chest is relatively large, but the body is more slightly fat, it is not appropriate to choose such a style.


LOOK2: Top + Jeans

White casual jersey is a dark high-grade jeans, for a relatively thin girl, this kind of matching can highlight your high-level feelings and your temperament, but there is a little fat for your body. For example, such a choice may make you look very bloated.

And this match is highlighting a sexy and youthful fashion, the upper body chooses a white casual T-shirt, the chest of the T-shirt made a color rainbow with a color rainbow, and the lower body chose water to wash white high waist. The trousers of the retro jeans trousers have dotted with dark blue, so that a sense of sex will be more prominent.

In fact, as long as it is the sweater for choosing a hat, then no matter what color age is very good, but for the body has a little slightly fat, the dark blue may be more suitable, because this modification of the effect It is more obvious that there is no problem with the lower body with sports style pants or jeans.

If you choose to match long’s windbreaker or a woolen coat, then in fact, you will have any choices are OK. This one of the best chooses is the t-shirt of casual paragraph, and the lower body is a tight jeans or casual pants. Returning a card with a card, is a typical urban fashion style.


LOOK3: Top + Small Black Pants


If a black round neck sweater is still a monotonous, then try to take a purple T-shirt, the T-shirt, which must be revealed, or in the collar, either in the clothing Some, only this can play a mashup and superimposed role. The lower body is matched with our classic small black pants, so it is also a very year-old youthful.

In addition to the items of these materials we have told, you can also choose this kind of lamb, this lamb, which is not too much, it is a cashmere style, so it looks more soft, Body with small black pants, simple black and white with unlimited fashion youth cute.


Of course, white shirts are also particularly matched with small black trousers, but in order to avoid wearing a very formal feeling, we generally choose this casual model when choosing shirts, summer, thin casual shirts are best. One of the choices.


These two single items are combined, can be used to match, can put the clothes of the clothes to the trousers, can also put them as casualties, no matter how we can demonstrate a kind of sexy, and specially highlight our youth reduction Aged effect.

LOOK4: Top + Casual Pants

White round neck T-shirt is mixed with a black casual pants, the pants have no tight treatment, but the ability to show the power is very strong, and the long-colored long leisure windbreak is walking. The street street, sexy And youth is more obvious.


In fact, I have recommended the daily wear of Song Zu’s daily wear because Song Zurn is not big, and her style is some of the styles of age or small sexy, especially suitable for us. Girl.


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