After seeing the 90s of the world, I have been more powerful. I interviewed 1,000 young people.

These days have been brushed everywhere, and it is a comparison challenge # 10 years ago.

Some people let them kill the Matt period and the current contrast; some people turned into Jin Gangba ratio from Loli; some people drone and the ten years of love for ten years of love; some people have grown in this ten years, from one text is not worth it. Achievement.

What did you change this decade?

Here, for the 90s of friends, it should be gradually growing from the child to adults who can pick up half of the sky.

One day I saw a Baifu map according to people in 100 industries, plotted 100 graphics, emerging, and traditional, very novel.


At this time, I suddenly took a thought, I want to see the young people in different industries around you, what changes have been given us ten years?

Ten years ago hide with parents playing games

Ten years later, parents gave a computer to play the computer.

I am a retired electrical competition. Now I have lived on a lot of work everyday. I am invited to go to some games. I have explained that I have a special coach in a national team in China.

I have started playing games very early. In 2009, I was on the line. At that time, I didn’t have an electric competition concept. I didn’t recognize it. I have never I feel that playing the game can play a famous.

But now it is different. Today, today, I am, including my people, all in e-sports, especially if there is a live platform, a child I know, from the Watching Pioneer The first transferred chicken and earned millions for half a year.

Playing ten years ago, who said in this kind of letter, that year, everyone’s biggest wish is that parents can accept themselves.

But now, my little child broadcasting the game at home, I have more, my parents helped to increase the speed of the net.

Many people ask my e-sports? Can you play games?

Ten years ago, I can’t answer questions, I can give an answer ten years later.


The answer is yes, as long as you are enough, enough enough enough to play games, it can be eaten as a meal.

The times gave us an opportunity. Now the overall environment of the domestic electric competition is getting better and better. These professional players around me are almost 20 years old.

They are young, the reaction is fast, and it is nourished by the ten-year electricity industry. I will think that I can be able to glory for the country, in fact, it is still quite strong!

Ten years ago, I got the first one in Taobao.


Ten years have your own Taobao shop

I am Taobao, now the store is four blue crown, earning it is also good.

Look at the Taobao annual bill, I found that I got the first one in Taobao in 2009, I bought the four pairs of socks, 10 8 Mao also wrapped.

I turned into a blink of 2019, I did Taobao for 4 years.

I don’t know how to support it, I don’t understand, I don’t understand, I took 5,000 pieces at home, and I rented a small house in the city of Guangzhou. I used a second-hand computer to sell women’s clothing in Taobao. Customer service operators Myself.

At that time, no one bought me, I went to all kinds of forum post, registered a pile of trumpet, and I sent more than 500 posts a day, bringing three or four orders.

That night I rewarded myself a bowl of spicy.

The first year is the most difficult, no friends have no social, the only thing to see is the courier in the next day, the happiest is to hear Wangwang’s “咚” sound, even if no one is bought, I also feel satisfy.

Taobao gave the dream of countless people and destroyed the hope of countless people.


Don’t worry about sales, you can give up at any time, the most painful is our unclear small and small seller, give up, not willing, persistence and feel tired, can only “延 残 残” Not living, can’t die.

But if you want to ask me, I have never regretted, and now there is too much better than the original day. I also bought my parents in the county city. The full amount is paid.

Life, no matter which stage is troubled, it will be fine.

I looked at those nets ten years ago.

Ten years later, I operate those nets red

I am now 500,000 network red brokers.

I have three or forty girls under my hand. The main job is to pack them, helping them to manage business matters, helping them to promote.

The promotion is mainly in the small red book and Weibo, and occasionally will be broadcast live. Last year is Vlog (video blog), and pulling them to shoot Vlog, I opened a studio, please have a professional photographer to give They take a film.

Although it is a truly, Nethong is ten years ago, but the real net red became a concept, and the net red economy officially entered the eye, in fact, it is also these years.

I am very fortunate that I have been caught. At first, I just felt that I met a few girls, I am very love to help them plan some things, helping them to manage Weibo, I didn’t expect to go to today.


Don’t look at our lines look very bright, I said that I can get 500,000 to get into 500,000 seems to be strong, but it is actually very bitter, it is really tired.

Especially in 2017, I am in the big four.

That year is the busiest year, I have only slept for more than half a year for more than half a year, and I will work with various brands. When I have access to various brands, I am alone, and I will be nearly 50 business docking.

At that time, I would also be busy graduating work. Our university is served, big summer running fabric market, acute hypoglycemia is a street shock, but also sent to nearby hospitals.

Now the body is not very good, go to see a doctor, the doctor also asked me that I was slightly sick. I have a good girl who makes me take care of my body every day, saying that I don’t even have to make money.


In 2019, my only wish is that I am healthy, and the money is not so important.

Ten years ago in Shenzhen sports car rental

Two sets of rooms in Shenzhen after ten years later

I ran in the Shenzhen sports car for ten years.

In 2009, there was Santana 2000, and the car was relatively stupid, but it was good to be durable. It was not bad for a few years. When we driver, our driver is Open Santana 2000, or it is open 3000, and I don’t think it is. Now ten years, the car is replaced by BYD E6, and it is a lot of light.

But this is not a focus, after all, in the past ten years, the car is to be updated.

The most emotional change is the change in this era. The car has become charged from the burning gasoline. Shenzhen’s housing prices are getting higher and higher. When I caught it is not bad, I bought two sets before the housing price. In 2005, I bought it in Longhua, and I bought it in Nanshan in 2009.

I am still in sports cars, there are many friends around you say that you are still running in Shenzhen, you still have to run, you can’t get it, or you don’t have a small business, just sell a set of funds. .

But for me, it is still different. It is like running a white class in 2009. It is necessary to charge a white class. It will be charged for seventeen. It is still that money. Different.


I used to make money for more than one thing. I am now idle. In fact, many people think that we are very hard, saying truth, is very hard,

But I think it will always pay more, you can take much more.

The times are changing, but this truth will never change.

Everyone is a few zero.

What changes this decade?

Welcome everyone to tell us.

Source | Interesting youth, Youth Shandong

Photo editing | Guo Xiaohui

Responsible editor |

Audit issuing | Yang Wei








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