How to buy a toiletries for your baby? Infantry mustand care products Raiders

What are the baby toiletries? Shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer, diaper cream, tattoo powder, gold water, baby soap, bathtub, bath, shampoo, water temperature meter … In the face of dazzling full care products, how to buy, this Let the novice mother is very entangled, and the following small series takes you one by one.

We often say that baby washers are given to the baby’s daily care, including shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer, diaper cream, talcum powder, gold water, baby soap, baby oil, lipstick, emulsion.


[Infant Manufacturer Buy] Precautions


1, first understand the baby’s skin characteristics. Baby is thin, easy to absorb external substances, easy to absorb the surface contact chemicals or poisons, and the reaction to allergic substances or toxicities. Baby skin has a low bacteriostatic function, plus itself, and is prone to skin allergies or inflammation. The skin of the baby’s skin is thinner, the skin is very young, sensitive, and the ability to resist the dry environment is relatively weak, easy to dry, peel.

2, the newborn will generally live in the hospital for three days. During this period, the nurse in the hospital will take a shower every day, although they are not as careful, but you still don’t worry too much, no problem. After going home, you have to wash yourself, first of all the baby’s head will have some sebum overflow, it looks more dirty, don’t use too much force to remove it, you can use some brands of toiletries, then observe the change of your baby, if your baby The skin does not appear abnormal, you can use this brand.


3, pay attention to see the main ingredients of the creating supplies. The more simple, the better, the more special spices, alcohol, no more colors, only basic emollients (Vaseline, lan fat, etc.). The study found that the lavender oil contained in the washing article has a role like estrogen, which may generate potentially endocrine disorders on male fetus and children that are in the development process.

4, don’t use adult sewilories; although sometimes the function is the baby needs, the formula and standard are not designed for baby skin, there may be irritation, time to buy, when purchasing the physical characteristics of the baby’s skin, and must recognize The words “designed for baby” because such products have been tested for baby skin. Try to use special baby shower gels and baby soap, choose pH or specialized toiletries.

5. Do not buy the washing supplies containing alkaline, soap, alcohol and irritating ingredients to avoid damage to the acidic protective film of the baby skin.

6, the baby tears is not fully developed, and there is less blinking, you can’t secrete enough tears to protect your eyes, and is easily damaged by stimulating.

When you take a bath for your baby, choose no soap-free, tear-free, shampoo or shampoo, no shower gem designed for baby, so as not to hurt your eyes.

7. Pay attention to the color of the toiletries, the best white or milky white, the color is bright, not buy. The washing supplies can be faint, and the aroma is rich and best.


8, the function of skin care products is simple, such as diaper cream is specifically protecting the bike, the moisturizer is moisturizing the skin. If the skin cream also promotes other effects, parents should be careful. Especially don’t choose to have a role of bactericidal, so excused to stimulate your child’s delicate skin, causing allergies. Don’t buy new products, it is best to choose some mature old products; don’t change your brand: so your baby’s skin does not need to be adjusted repeatedly for different skin care products.

9. Skin care products that have not been used can first apply a small amount of trial on the inside of the baby’s forearm. If there is no allergic reaction for 24 hours, if the baby is allergic, such as the skin is red, a rash, eye congestion , Tears, etc., should also be discontinued immediately.

10. Because the amount of baby skin care products is small, one product is often used for a very long time, so the product stability is good. When purchasing, pay attention to the shelf life, try to purchase small packaging products.

11. The packaging should be complete and safe, and the outer packaging should have a regular logo, manufacturers, ingredients, and validity periods. In general, the products choose the old name, and the product of reputation is more secure.


12. If the baby is allergic skin, it is recommended to use specially designed bathing products to ensure safety. The feature of bathing specially designed for sensitive infant skin is usually: ingredients natural, and has been tested by skin, and contains moisturizing ingredients.

Baby Shampoo: Select a brand-name product, to cover whether the outer package is marked with a red water droplet “tear formula”, only the baby shampoo label marked with this logo is professional. It should be noted that no matter what shampooing, it is necessary to wash it, don’t have a little residual.

Baby Shower Gel: Choose brand baby shower gel designed for children. The content and ingredients of the cleaning bathing article must be marked detailed, and the ingredients are not clear, the blurred product is explained, for the baby’s delicate skin, or do not buy better.

Baby moisturizing: Choose a professional product, try to choose some ingredients relatively simple, free of fragrance, alcohol, no stimulation, can protect the moisture balance of skin moisture to reduce the stimulation of your baby’s skin.

Baby diaper cream: The main ingredients of the diaper cream are glycerol, have a good protection for the baby’s delicate skin, licorice essence, zinc oxide, etc. to protect the baby’s ass, prevent baby red butt and urine rash . At present, there is a relatively common conflict cream in the market: pigeon diaper cream, 嗳 嗳 护 臀, Johnson Johnson, yellow duck kemp, etc.

Baby talcum powder: When choosing baby talcum powder, you must pay attention to the authority report of its ingredients and national quality supervision departments.

Mom and Dad should also consider from the credibility of the brand. In short, the more considering, the safer for your baby.

Skincare: For the product of the same brand, you can choose from the moisturizer because it is between moisturizers and moisturizers. If you use it for a few days, I feel that the baby’s skin is too dry, you can change the moisturizer; Oil, use back the moisturizer. If the same brand is not good, the frost is still good, and other brands should be changed. In addition, skin care products should be applied in time when the baby just washing the pores, which is more likely to absorb.

[Infant care products brand] unbearable recommendation

(1) Domestic brand: Yumei, 嗳 嗳, baby, yellow duckling, all because of love, love, etc.

1. Yumei net adopts scientific formula, carefully modulates baby products, and its children’s cream won the highest prize of national skin care products – Guiyou Silver, France Paris International “Jingui Award”.

2, 嗳 嗳 follow Danish ASTMA-Allergi Forbundet (prevention of allergy asthma organization) For the strict requirements of raw materials, launching a brand safe, mild maternal and child skin care series products in the Chinese market.

3, the baby is the world’s famous German Hangao star brand, with a safe and gentle formula, constantly cares for children’s skilled skin. Yellow duckling is very good, novel design, with nature, warm appeal design the most suitable for children’s goods, has been well received by consumers.

4, all because of love uses the essential plant ingredients of the Alps, the Organic Dual Certification of French Ecocert and Switzerland Bio Suisse, the products are strictly followed by international standards, production process and environment via GMPC certification.


5. The caring company is one of the first companies in China.

(2) Foreign brands: Corinedefarme, Johnson, Pigeon, Bum, Avene, Nuk, Bim, California Baby, Aveenoi, Burt’s Bees Zt, Kiehl Baby, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Wonder Music, etc.

1. Currently, the World Health Organization is announced that the world’s safest and most effective baby washing products are French product Outuvi, the most professional and precise production of baby skin care products, has been regarded as a French aristocratic brand, is a famous European One of the baby sewers.

2, Johnson & Johnson was established in 1886, is the world’s large-scale, diversified health care products and consumer care product companies. Currently, Johnson & Johnson’s strong competitiveness, market share Larger.

3, Japanese pigeon is a professional manufacturer of baby products, and baby washes include shampoo, shower gel, lotion, lip gel, etc., fully care for the baby’s skin.


4, Schbamed, is the first brand of German medical skin care products, rooted in a healthy skin pH 5.5 microric acid protective film, which is the skin care concept of Germany. BIMI is a professional baby product manufacturer, which adopts the most advanced technology and equipment, and is accepted by more and more parents around the world.

5, USA Baby, California Baby, is a high-end baby skin care brand in the United States. The price of this brand of California Baby, California, is more than 2 times the general public skin care products, but California Baby California Baby has a lot of supporters, special It is the Hollywood star baby, often being photographed by the dogs to use the brand. 6, Aveenoi is a professional skin care brand, belongs to Johnson & Johnson. It is a pioneer to study the ingredients of pure natural skin care products. It has been recommended by dermatologists and pediatric doctors for a long time.

7, Burt’s Bees ZT is related to the bee, in the United States has become the first natural skin care brand, the baby series of small bees is called Baby Bee. With its advanced separation and purification techniques, it is known as a vitamin and mineral mixing, called “skin care products”. Its products are all of the people’s routes, the price is cheap, all of the old, and the whole world has many support and fans.


8. Kiehl’s for some young white-collar moms may already be familiar with personal care brands, which is a hundred years of nursing old names. Its baby series products use the most pure apricot oil, butter resin, olive oil, honey, sweet almond oil, but also contains Cilt Classic avocado ingredients, providing a full range of clean, moisturizing, repair and protection.

9, Earth Mama Angel Baby Earth Mom Angel Baby, is the most professional high-quality organic baby skin care brand, always insisted on using pure natural and perfect organic plant formula to solve the discomfort of natural production. 100% free of charge, preservative, fragrance, pigment and dye. In the whole pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, baby care and growth, Earth Mama Angel Baby can give mothers and baby a complete safety care.

10. French Miao Si Le specializes in professional skin care products provided by newborns, infants and children, including cleaning, bathing, skin care and diaper series daily. Its fragrance is unique, refreshing, is known as baby fragrance in Europe, helping to enhance the intimacy relationship between mother and son.

In addition, Italy’s top brand Fissan is a leader in the baby’s diaper cream producer. It is mainly for the use of paper, “red butt” is stimulating the skin, forming a protective film, protecting the baby’s young skin baby. US Desitin is the top baby supplies brand, the most famous is Desitin baby diapers + diaper ointment, it can be said to be the world’s best to treat and prevent baby urinary rash ointment, and the first American pediatrician recommended Filip ointment. Bepanthen is Australia’s number of diaper cream brands. The ointment has a double function, which can help prevent urinary rash from helping the baby’s delicate skin natural healing (urine rash). US Episencial Baby Organic Wanji Cream, E is a skin care brand that adds probiotics. This product can not only sterilize, improve skin immunity; more effectively alleviate eczema, itching and dry skin, preventing scorpions. Value is higher than that of California, the taste is also good.

No baby warm [Tips]

1. Baby daily washing, bath, bath, shampoo, water temperature meter, bath towels are also often used. Most baby tub dimensions are suitable for babies within 2 years. When purchasing a bidet, be sure to purchase suitable according to the current age and development status of the baby, see clearly the size is purchased. The bath towel is tryable to choose, choose the cotton big brand, quality assurance, and use it with peace of mind.

2, do not give your baby a bath or apply it directly to the baby with the insecticide to mosquito repellent or treatment of skin diseases.


3, the baby takes a bath before the year, try to use the baby within one year old, itself has a sebum film that protects the skin’s effect. It is recommended that the parents only use water to give the baby.


4, before giving your baby more skin care products, it is best to apply little on the skin of the baby in front of the baby, and observe the phenomenon in two days, if there is no response to the face. Don’t use skin care products for your baby: Generally I take a shower, you will give your baby a whole body to some skin care lotion, but don’t use (especially in the summer), otherwise it is possible to block the sweat pores, causing skin allergies.

5, the amount of shower supplies should be strictly used in accordance with the instructions, should not be more suitable, and can not directly apply it on the baby or small towels, the correct practice is to directly drop the water, dilute.

6. Parents are going to regular big shopping malls when purchasing infant skin care products, and avoid choosing to add flavors, colorants or pearls. At the same time, to confirm the production license, health license, implementation standards (suitable for skin use, such as oily, dryness, neutral), and see the shelf life.


7, no matter which baby tub, bathing chairs or shower racks will be used for your baby, don’t let him stay in the bidet in the case of no one. Prepare things you need to use before taking a bath: towels, toiletries, clean diapers, pajamas, etc. If someone knocks on the door or ringing in the bath, you must wrap your baby with a bath towel and hug to the place where you stay away from the pool.


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