Do you really choose a hand shell? Just for “good look” is not! Need to pay attention to these points

Now everyone likes to give your mobile phone case, the style of the mobile phone shell is also a single product that demonstrates personality. The price of mobile phone shells has from several, dozens of blocks are all, in the face of a wide range of mobile phone cases, many people are easily selected to pick inferior mobile phone shells when they are selected.

Although it is a small accessory, it is the longest contact time in your hand. So when you pick the phone case, you should also pay attention to a little bit, don’t list it as a “good look”.

Let’s talk about the most important “material” problem, common mobile phone shell materials with silicone, glass, metal, TPU, leather, etc.

01 silicone mobile phone case


Silicone mobile phone shell is one of the best use to mobile phone shells, it is featured that it is soft and elastic, the anti-falling effect is good, the price is cheap, even if it is often replaced, it will not feel distressed. But at the same time, the disadvantage brings that is easy to die, and the overall fitness is poor.

02 TPU mobile phone case


The mobile phone shell of the TPU is the current mainstream, and its advantages are impact resistance and scratch resistance. It is an excellent material for the mobile phone protective shell and is strong. However, the TPU phone case has a significant disadvantage, which is easy to “turn yellow”, and wear resistance is poor.


03 PC material mobile phone case

The mobile phone shell of the PC is also one of the mainstreams. Its advantage is that the light transmissive is good, the transparency is strong, can be printed above the pattern, the style is more varied, and everyone is loved. And hardness, anti-fall, can protect the phone more effectively.

But this material is also a shortcoming, that is, although anti-fall, it is not scratched, there will be various scratches.

04 metal / leather / fabric mobile phone case

These three materials are relatively small, the advantages of metal materials are very good texture, lasting wear resistance, and very stable, can effectively prevent the body wear. The disadvantage is that the volume and weight of the body will be increased, and the portability is poor.

The advantage of leather materials is unique appearance, good hand, and good protection. But the waterproof is poor and the price is expensive.

The hand-made mobile phone case is very good, and it is comfortable. And the appearance is fashionable, the price is cheap. But at the same time, it is not waterproof, not dirty, and the protection of mobile phones is also a lot.

After learning the material, let’s talk about work. Although the sale of mobile phone shell is generally not high, since it is a product that is a good job, it is natural. The material is good, the work is not working, and the final product is also flawed. And whether the workmanship is exquisite, you need to carefully observe the front of the phone case, the inside of the side box, if obvious observance is observed, it is still a good product.

Which material do you like most?


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