Male, you must know the five New York fashion brands

Male, as a high Bigger, you must know the five New York fashion brands.


THOM Browne

When it comes to the New York brand, the first thing to introduce is the Thom Browne, which is quickly blushing in recent years. This red-white blue three-color logo is not just in Europe and the United States, almost is the official wear of Asian males. A brand, has a unique and strong gentleman style, today’s brand introduction, I must span from Thom Browne.

In 2001, Thom Browne founded a brand, launched a custom suit, is not an undergraduate student’s reading is an economic degree, and has been playing artwork, and it has been selling personnel, which can’t cover his design days.

After creating a brand, the suit he designed is like his own style, narrow version, with almost always two, three buttons, narrow version of the lapel, two sides, and the nine suits of the ankle to expose the ankle, The tight suit, the mid-made suit, full of gentlemen, is more influential to the fashion world.


In addition to the attraction of the Collection itself, every show of Thom Browne is a head of it, whether it is to become a retro office, or the male model is all governed, and the creative design is always able to get the media for Thom Browne. The space report, the fashion week, the week of Thom Browne is one of the necessary shapes, which can be seen from the extent of its popularity.


2.public school

Public School is the brand, the style of the New York, the style is more in the street, the designer, and the Maxwell Osborne created in 2008, habits will combine street aesthetics with advanced fashion, combined with art, music, skateboard and other cultures, Exquisite leather treatment, and rate-resistant tailoring, gaining everyone’s favor, and has repeatedly favored CFDA Awards.


However, although public school welcomed the young people, it was not all the way, and once turned off because of the wrong operation strategy, the two emerging designers did not give up, re-adjust the direction and the operating strategy after the strong return in 2014. And invited fashion editing Eugene Tong to participate in brand planning, Eugene Tong with high exposure rate has become a brand spokesperson, and it has also been highly stirred in this brand.

型男,你一定要知道的五个纽约时尚品牌 Monaco


Founded in Canada’s Club Monaco, after being acquired by Polo Ralph Lauren in 1999, it became a US brand. In order to enhance brand fashion, special digle Celine, DRIES VAN NOTEN’s designer, design, has a popular and texture. Lord to play primary color tanning pants, Henry shirt, classic suit jacket and round tie, high quality and practical wardrobe must be prepared.


Low-key Mangang’s Club Monaco Men’s Men’s Men’s Men’s Men’s Designer Aaron Levine is a must-have person, a beard of his face, full of rational temperament, and a calm and low-key, just like the brand he cared. Refer to the brand’s design style, Aaron Levine said: “I will use Fabric, Fit and Finish to describe my style, I am very particular about the material used, because fabric can achieve or destroy the structure of the whole clothes.”


When designing, I will always think about “Is this suitable for my mind?” Or “Do you wear it on this class?”, Aaron Levine thinks Finish is the details of clothes, so Club Monaco Apparel, in addition to the overall contour, the details of the detail are also treated very well.

4.rag and bone

Rag and Bone, which has five stores in New York, started with jeans and men, 2002 is founded by two British designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, the same as the dual group designers, but the Public School is very different.


The designer comes from the United Kingdom and is also full of strong British wind in style. Many people say that Rag and Bone is branded in the United States, British blood. Simple Modern, clean lines and cloth texture will be in love with the influence of minimalism, you can see that Rag and Bone’s design is always simple color matching, whether jeans, T -shirt or sweaters, I like simple heavy feelings for dressing style, and I don’t want to turn over the urban man who is overwenching.


5.kenth Cole

In 1982, he has a legendary story. The designer Kenneth Cole itself is the shoesman. When I started to set up my own brand, I rented two containers because I can’t afford expensive Showroom rent. The car, stopped near the Hilton Hotel, but because there is no application, you can’t put Collection in the container car, you can only play your own promotional movie on the spot, with the model to show, there is a police station from time to time, this two days Actually sold 40,000 pairs of shoes.


Kenneth Cole is full of New York’s style, designed to wear, design with black and white ash, and use special players, wear it stands stands, like most New YORK, Kenneth Cole The simple wind, not boring or a flourish decoration to add points for single product, but a single product that is banned from time to test, so that wearing the brand, people don’t like it.

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