Zhang Yixing brought a tide male jacket, lamb hair patch the denim to wear fashionable and neat, quite a sense of youth

Share the story about beauty together, do not worry about the life of the migrant workers, use fashion to make you resurrected with blood, and become the most beautiful fashion tide on the street. It turns out that it is not difficult to become beautiful!


#Zhang Yixing#

The type of jacket in spring is still the most abundant in the type of jacket. The jacket is also the first choice for male coats. Different types of jackets can create a different sense of image. Men should also pay attention to wearing, to maintain a sense of fashion and vitality. Make your temperament better.

When men wear jackets, don’t just stare at the cowboy jacket. The fabrics and styles of the jacket have various changes. Dare to try fresh models, the image charm can be better displayed.

Men around 30 years old must learn from trendy elements to express their image characteristics and advantages. Do not let their own temperament be buried by wearing, and want to become more temperament.

Zhang Yixing’s jacket has a lot of shapes. Different styles of jackets combine new design elements, set off the sense of fashion and personality together, and have a particularly charming charm. His temperament on his body also has the charm of teenagers.

Zhang Yixing’s dress is getting more and more mature, but the temperament is still unabated, and the jacket shows the chic and fashionable fashion. Zhang Yixing brought a tide male jacket, and the lamb hair poured off the denim to wear fashionable and neat, which was very young.

Zhang Yixing’s lamb hair stitching jacket

The design characteristics of lamb hair stitching denim jacket

There are many ways to stitch the lamb and denim fabrics in spring. If you want to ensure the temperament, you must not be too thick and heavy, you must use it.

Denim fabric

Based, will

Lamb wool fabric

As a decoration and supplement, it not only enriches the sense of surface design, but also ensures comfortable dressing and not bloated.

Lamb hair


The form decoration on the denim jacket shows the exquisite and simple design effect, which increases the three -dimensional decoration. The raised lamb hair stripes make the dress fresh and cute.

The matching of stitching jackets and shirts workers

The color of the jacket is white, which is matched with


The decoration highlights the charm of the trend design, and the dress looks full of personality and trend characteristics. With a white sequined shirt inside, the trend characteristics are improved.

The white shirt is simple and simple, and it can show a good image temperament in any coat.

Sven, atmosphere

The charm of the male dress, plus


The modification, the basic shirt shows the trendy personality, increases the jacket matching

Age -reducing charm


Instant pants are

Straight -type design

It is not as loose as wide -leg pants. Pocket decoration is also a delicate and simple style. The overall matching shows the lively and relaxed fashion characteristics, which is sharp and atmospheric.

The jacket is relatively large and suitable for open wear, so it can be generated before the straight tube workpants

Loose and slim

The contrasting effect makes the image tidy and chic.


The shirt is stuffed into the pants, plus the open dressing form of the jacket, the figure charm is not limited, and the dress looks very aura. Although the design is strong, the mature image charm is not affected The attractiveness of temperament is still very strong.

Zhang Yixing’s other jackets wear

Worker jacket


, It belongs to a coat that can highlight the charm of personality. In addition to pockets on the jacket, there are zipper elements.

metal element

The decoration makes the personality more rich.


Working jackets are suitable for simple design, such as

T -shirt

, And the lower installation can be matched




casual pants


The personality and characteristics of dress are strong.

Motorcycle jacket

Everyone must be familiar with the locomotive jacket, this is

leather jacket

Among them, the most attractive one, chic and stylish design makes locomotive jackets the favorite jacket of trendy experts.

The locomotive jacket is fitted, the male jacket is


, Modify Zhou Zhengyou’s shape, will also add on the jacket

Shoulder chapter belt, hem belt, metal zipper

Wait for the decoration to make the breath of locomotive strong.


Embroidery jacket

Basic denim jackets or shirt jackets can be paired

Embroidery pattern

The embroidery pattern can highlight the attractiveness of art, and at the same time, the color of the embroidery pattern is also particularly rich, which can show the visual charm of wearing.


When choosing an embroidery jacket, pay attention. Do not cover the entire jacket to avoid the visual sense of messy. You can choose the embroidery pattern

A certain area

The jacket, such as the design of the shoulder or a unilateral design.


Leopard jacket


Leopard jackets apply the most trendy animal pattern elements to jacket design, highlighting the trend characteristics, but

Traditional color

The matching degree of leopard jackets and male temperament is not high, so if men want to control leopard jackets, it is best to choose color models.

Rich color will


Incorporating can also improve the trend of image and modern fashion, so that wearing is not dull and old -fashioned.

Various types of fashion jackets have different effects on the image. If you want to be a street tide, don’t just pick the basic jackets, stitching design or multi -color design jackets, the fashion charm and personality of the jacket are more sufficient.

Everyone will be fashionable, everyone understands fashion, does not play tall, but only talks about the most grounded drying skills, making you get closer and closer to fashion. If you are also about fashion and stories about fashion, welcome to share!

Worker jacket


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